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Scotland / Kittyloveinlove Glasgow
« by 7iron on November 25, 2016, 03:35:47 PM »

Punt took place a couple of weeks ago

30 minutes £60

Decided to book this girl a after reading good reviews on here. Plus plenty on AW

Comms were good to start. Until the meet was to take place called and texted 10 minutes before. No answer. Continued to call at and beyond the time. No response around 25 minutes later I decided to check out a plan B. When she texted as if nothing was wrong. Decided to go for it due to good reviews. Was given the flat details (off Paisley road west) up the stairs chapped her door, whilst waiting for her to come to the door, I hear footsteps coming in the close. Up comes what is very obviously another punter! Just as she opens the door. I pop in, thinking WTF. I went to the toilet then a text comes through. "Wait" she had obviously tried to put me off. Fuck me! I bit my tongue as she did look great. A wee bit heavier than I like, but really looked like she would take a good pounding. Wrong!

Got the paperwork out of the way. Strripped on to the bed. (No diving on top of me like a previous review on here) straight on to OWO which was decent at best. Then on with the condom for what can only be described as like fucking a pillow. Jeebus, no enthusiasm whatsoever. Plus for my 1st time, the trick of positioning at awkward angles to stop full penetration. Went through the positions, but unusually for me I had to try and come. Which I did, as requested in her mouth, took the load, but spat it into a tissue.

Very awkward after that, not much conversation. Maybe she was thinking, hurry up I have another £60 to come through the door. Revolving door doesnt describe it best. More like1st up the stairs.

Plus points. Great rack on her, nice enough looking girl

Will I be back? Nope
Scotland / Kitty (Romanian in Glasgow)
« by thomson2k16 on October 21, 2016, 06:43:00 PM »

Meeting was arranged over the phone last weekend and she is situated in Ibrox area like many other Romanians.

The flat is in a really poor area but that's is not what I went for. Arranged for 1 hour and was told as many pops as possible in the hour and it sounded like a challenge.
Entered the flat and got papaerwork out of way and freshened up. Kitty is overly enthusaistic and seems eager to please as she jumped on me and threw me to the bed and started peeling of my clothes whilst DFK. After removing clothes she went straight to deep BJ without any instructions and sucked away hard. She almost had me popping within 5 minutes and i asked her to slow down which she did. We then switched to 69 and she continued with a wet BJ whilst i worked away on her fresh and shaved pussy. When i was ready to cum we stood up and i began to facefuck her until i couldn't hold back and she swallowed it all down. She went away for a few minutes and came back and started with more DFK and playing with herself. She seemed really turned on and she made herself wet.

Round 2 on with condom and we went at it in numerous positions until i came again whilst in doggy. Whilst i was taking the condom off she started sucking on my dick which was almost limp and almost vacuumed away which made me tingly.

15 minutes left in the booking and she asked for round 3 whilst i was knackered. So i left her to it and she gave me more OW until completion and she then asked me if i wanted to shower with her which seemed unlike a WG as the time was up. I had to be somewhere else so i declined and left.

I would definitely be back to see her again if this is the way she treats everybody as i was made to feel dirty after the end and i wanted to go back the next day.
Scotland / KiTTyloveinlove90/Glasgow
« by Clattypats on August 14, 2016, 01:37:06 PM »
Seen kitty about 4 months ago...https://www.adultwork.com/3561038 30 mins £60
Contacted kitty by text and was replied to soon after,and arranged a time to meet.
Got the subway from partick to cessnock- which she is only about a 5 Min walk from.Arrived early so had a wee pint in the Kensington.
Anyway,texted and got flat number so proceeded there. Chapped door and as per she was behind the door..walked in and was greeted by a sexy blonde girl in lovely black underwear..
Wee bit of Dfk then both got stripped and she gave me oral,which was great,with plenty of attention to the balls(feeling and sucking)..69 next which she seemed to enjoy..onto mish followed by doggy and a bit of spanking her lovely arse..onto a bit of fucking in the spooning position then cum on tits to finish...she has  a really nice set of tits on her..
Had a wee chat as I got dressed..Her English is pretty good and she has a nice personality..She was down as Spanish back then and is now down as Romanian..But she did say she had stayed in Madrid at one point.
Good punt and will defo see again some point.
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