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West Midlands / Maya Leigh - Birmingham
« by Littlefoot on Yesterday at 03:33:39 PM »
THE GIRL & LINK: Maya Leigh https://www.adultwork.com/2858302 or https://www.adultwork.com/Maya+Leigh

COMMUNICTION: 10/10 rang the maid in the morning, for an afternoon slot. She texted me address details!

LOCATION & VENUE: 9/10 The usual apartments, on a side street off Broad street. I must say it was spotless inside!

FEE & DURATION: £70 for 30 mins.

BODY: 7/10 not too bad, decent sized tits, arse was not as rounded and as firm as I was expecting! Could do with doing some squats to tone it a little! She's small in the height department. (I prefer that though!) has nice curves, but I think her tummies a tad flabby! She kept a black catsuit on! But I did catch a little glimpse of it!

FACE: 7/10 not too bad! Not a stunner though IMHO!

PERSONALITY: 3/10 not the most friendly! I understand her English was limited but she made no effort to converse with me! So I gave up on that after a while!

SERVCES: 5/10 very brief, light kissing at the start of the punt! (More closed mouthed pecks!), OW (I was given the option of either with or without, I went with, with! Just playing a bit safe, these days when I can!), protected sex in CG, doggy, and massage

ATTITUDE, ENTHUSIASM & ATTENTIVENESS: 2/10 started ok, but her attitude got worse as the punt progressed! Not really attentive, lacked any enthusiasm!


DETAILS OF PUNT: Arrived at the venue on time! Rang the maid for apartment number. Had a right game getting in, you have to push the door really hard!   :unknown:

Apartment door opened! She hides behind, and in I go! Was reasonably happy when I saw her. Apart from not wearing what I'd requested! (School uniform). She had a little black dress on!

I'm shown through to the bedroom, very clean and tidy!  :thumbsup:

I ask about kissing, got an unconvincing nod! Pay my fee, then I'm requested to take a shower.

Now the bathroom was spotless, but there was no shower curtain on the bath, and I had to hold the shower head in my hand, (no fixings on the tiles).  :angry: So as you would imagine, very awkward to keep the floor dry! But I did do a good job, or so I thought!  :unknown:

Back to the room, where Maya's now wearing a tight, black catsuit!

We approach each other, and I go in for the kiss! Which was disappointing to tell the truth! So gave up on that, and lifted her tits out the top of her suit thingy to kiss and suck on them!  :kissgirl:

I'm getting hard, so on with the jacket for a bit of OW! And it was a bit, before she whacked a load of lube on me knob,  :dash: then stacks more lube up her cunt, then she jumped on CG, then doggy, where I fucked her as hard as I could for ages! I was having trouble popping, because she kept fidgeting. Then she lifted her head really high, making it difficult for me, so I pushed her shoulders back down, and got a little tut!  :manhater: Then she moved my hands off her arse,  :unknown: most strange. So I just grabbed her hips and blasted her till I came!

She has to leave the room to fetch tissues, to clean me, and herself. I request a massage, weren't the best, very light, and mainly tickling with her nails!

After a while I get fed up and ask for another shower. She informs me there's not time I've had my 30 mins! I'd had 25 mins and I let her know!  :P My clothes were in the bathroom, so I take another shower to get the cream off my back!

When I'm fully dressed and about to leave, she has a look in the bathroom, and starts having a hissy fit! Pointing at the floor, with a face like thunder saying "what the fuck you do?" Etc etc!  :dash: :dash: :angry: :angry: It really wasn't that bad!  :unknown: I pointed out there's no shower curtain!! Wtf do you expect!!  :dash: :dash: :dash: Floor maybe slightly wet, but what do they expect with shite shower facilities! I did my best! I swear it wasn't that bad!  :unknown: She was in a right old mood though! Two minutes mopping would have sorted it, Moody cow!  :unknown: :mad:

The last two punts I've had, have put me off punting a bit, if I'm honest! But I suppose I'll get back in the saddle in a week or two!  :thumbsup: :drinks:


Just one of those days I had an urge to jiggle and play with a large set of breasts. Hot Sophie was on my HL quite recently after a reading a couple of positive reviews here.

Location: Clean little apartment just around the corner from Great Portland Street tube station.

Comms: Quick and easy, short notice booking done in a couple of hours.

Price: £70 - 30mins

Physical appearance and service: She looks as in the free gallery. I didn't find her face attractive but that's not the point of this punt, I'm after a quick shag and those breasts. She greeted me in some kind of corset and her tits were bulging out. However the greeting wasn't friendly, far too businesslike imo. It was more like, hi what do you want to do, how long, pay me first, wanna shower or not?

Her skin and general physique is good, no flab, tight and all around but still with a bit of a stomach and she isn't that curvy. However, once her tits are out of the brabag it looks like they had long lost the war against gravity. Very large, very heavy, soft but kind of stretched out like Miss Chokesondick from Southpark.

After washing up she was waiting on the bed looking rather disinterested, but thank god things got better from here on as we proceeded with a small massage, BJ and all that. Sophie is defintely willing to please and do whatever you ask.

Good BJ, soft gentle and pleasurable, not toothy at all. I got quite annoyed when her pimp phoned her up and she left the room for a couple of minutes to sort whatever it was while I was just lying on the bed with a raging hardon, but at least she was apologetic when she returned.

RO was excellent, we 69ed, her pussy is immaculately clean. When doing cowgirl her breasts are so big and quite low down there I had to dip my head right down to suck her nipples.

Doggy, mish, not bad and her pussy is a snug fit, but she was more of a close her eyes while getting fucked kind of girl rather than going full on GFE. Detected smokers breath so I had no interest in DFK.

Shot my bolt, showered and got out. She's polite, but not chatty at all. As the other reviews strongly indicate, Sophie is rather distant and mechanical so this could well be something you have to put up with if you decide to try her out.

Mixed opinions on this one, as a backup punt I would consider going back but Bustyangel DD Laura is way better, better firmer giant tits and more fun, and a bit cheaper too.

Neutral: recommended with reservations.

London / Arabella: Kensington: Stunning
« by Yeboahsleftfoot on Yesterday at 03:05:23 PM »
My research for a low risk, good looking, all services girl found Arabella who has a history in this business. She started as a student in Birmingham at £150, moved to London and worked for Allure where girls charge £300 plus and Decadence where the price is an eye watering £600.

Her one review on here is bordering on unbelievably good and her profile contains language that will make many members of this forum reach for the sick bag. However, the photos look great, she appears to have a quality pedigree, is in my punting zone, so I figured that a British girl at 23, 5’3” with long brown hair, green eyes and £220 (used to be £300) she was worth a shot.

https://www.adultwork.com/3649800 or https://www.adultwork.com/Arabella%5Faw

Comms: AW messaging, booking request, got postcode and number, when she checked in she discovered the hotel had keycard entry, asked if that was ok, I said no problem and she agreed to come down and get me.

Venue: It’s a well known working hotel off the high street, adequate bedroom and ensuite bathroom.

Girl: She greeted me near the lifts in civvies with a huge smile, she’s a slim size 6 to 8, stunning facially, great teeth, dimples, big flashing eyes, substantial soft, natural feeling bolt ons, pumped lips, made for sucking and a lovely arse. Absolutely the girl in the photos.

Meeting: Up to the room, nice chat then she asked me to freshen up while she changed into something more alluring.

I emerged be-towelled to find her in well done make-up wearing a short, see through white baby doll and tiny knickers, ding dong. She has some Indian heritage so there is a dusky shade to her skin and complexion.

Onto the bed for deep French kissing, groping and undressing then she looked up at me with her big green eyes and said “what do you want me to do? I’m quite submissive”

I said “you can start by sucking my cock” which she did, deeply, with nose to the belly gusto, plenty of attention to balls and shaft and almost constant eye contact, interspersed with more groping and snogging. Twenty minutes or so of this and I was ready to blow so I asked her to kneel by the mirror. I stood on tiptoes and semi straddled her head as she treated my balls to a damn good sucking and wanked me vigorously then took a facefucking until I delivered a strong cim/facial combo, no dodging or pulling faces or stopping early or avoiding swallowing or saying don’t get it in my hair (which I did) or hey eye (which I’m ashamed of) and when I stopped pulsing we retired to the bed for a clean up and a chat, bodies entwined.

She is a very cool girl, relaxed and charming with none of the hard faced cynicism so prevalent these days, she was fully engaged throughout.

She noticed I was hard again and went back to her favourite, sucking cock then I told her I wanted to fuck her, she produced a condom and jumped on in cowgirl which built slowly then jackhammer intensity then deep grinding then repeat for a long time, with lots of groping, slapping and deep kissing, it felt good inside her and I was ready for a repeat money shot which was executed in the same way.

After a clean up we chatted, on the bed, stroking and groping about whoring and business and the whoring business until I realized time was more than over and I had to be somewhere else soon.

I showered and dressed as we chatted some more and I walked out of the place thinking that this would be an easy game if all the girls had Arabella’s attitude.

East Midlands / Hot Meg Mansfield
« by Hard shagger on Yesterday at 02:59:20 PM »
I visited Meg this morning as I had a bit of spare time on my hands, it was a spare of the moment type of booking Ya know the one where you're feeling horny as fuck and just need need to release some jizz from one's knackers, anyway I text Meg for a ten o'clock appointment she said 10:20 that was fine for me, I got to her flat in Mansfield and gave her a ring to let her know I was there, she let me in and I was very pleasantly surprised when she answered the door naked, I asked to use the shower for a quick freshen up after I'd sorted the paperwork out (£60 for half an hour) onto the bed after very quickly drying myself off where she started wanking my cock then when she'd got me nice and hard she started giving me owo it wasn't the greatest I've ever had but it certainly wasn't the worst, on with the rubber and she climbed climbed on and started bouncing around for a bit then onto doggy, I flipped her over as I wanted to give her some oral, she has got a really nice meaty minge that tasted rather good and after a bit of light kissing (no dfk) and nipple sucking on her small but really nice tits it was onto missionary where I filled the bag, she was very surprised when she saw how much spunk was in the bag I jokingly said that could have been over your face and we both laughed I cleaned up got dressed and after a bit of a chat went about my day, so all in all not a bad punt at all and I would definitely return

North West / xxLexi.SSxx incall April 2017
« by piz111 on Yesterday at 02:42:56 PM »
Date -April 2017
Location - incall - Salford
Duration - 1.00 HR
Cost - £140

Really good, one hours notice it was all done, she has  a receptionist very professional.


Salford towards Worsley in a new build apartment block very discreet, receptionist lets you in asks you to get  shower everything is immaculate. Towels and beverages on offer

Facially very pretty milf i would say very early 40's. Great 32e fake breasts , with a lovely pussy and ass, and a flat stomach. i would say about 5ft8 in height

Very friendly lovely scouser.

I arrived 20 minutes late but via text she understood and was really nice about it. I advise to leave early if you are going to see her because traffic at her location can get bad.

Was buzzed in and greeted by the receptionist. She gave me a towel and asked me to shower and told me lexi would follow on shortly. Had a nice shower all toiletries available, clean towel!

Went in to the room and was met by the lovely lexi dressed in her sexy thong and bra. She quickly removed this and gave me a massage. Lovely body to body massage she uses her breasts to rub you very sensual and sexy. I asked her to tease me and she did!

Turned over for OWO, very nice slow technique and asked to return the favour, lovely clean pussy licked her for quite a while she got quite wet! She went on top in a slow sexual manner and i couldn't hold on any longer. I told her thank you but it had only been half an hour and i cant cum twice so i asked for a massage, she told me she will get it out of me and she liked the challenge.

Had a nice chat and a cuddle and somehow i was hard again, this is where the bunt goes from a 7/10 to a 9! She gave me the best blow job of my life, changing and varying technique throughout and ending up in DT at a very fast but perfect pace gave me a great prolonged orgasm in her mouth, she carried and got every last drop before quietly spitting it out.

It was fantastic and although i have seen lexi a handful of times at sandy's before this was by far the best punt with her i have had, she really suits being an indi and deserves more reviews. will def see her again very soon..

RIMMING on her

Scotland / Laylamoris23, Rosyth
« by Poopster on Yesterday at 02:34:23 PM »
First on the agenda, I called bullshit on Layla's return to punting based on the fact that her piercings and tattoos appeared to have disappeared, but it's true, she is pregnant and is seeing punters again.  The photos on her profile were old but have now been replaced with up-to-date and accurate pics.

So onto the review.  In contrast to my previous positive review, a little of the enthusiasm has gone.  I don't know if I was expecting too much after the previous but I just didn't feel like she wanted to be there this time. 

Still sucks like a champ and is a pretty girl in physically nice shape, a few stretch marks from the pregnancy but otherwise lovely.  However, this time it was all very mechanical and with little of the engagement of before... she DID try but it just simply wasn't there.  Whether as a result of the pregnancy or simply becoming jaded with the whole escorting thing, I don't know, but the end result is the same, a dip in the quality of service.

The rating of this could go either way, could be a positive if all you are after is to shoot your muck in a tidy young pregnant lass and could be a negative if you're into the GFE stuff.  From my point of view this wasn't as good as my previous punt so I'm going to sit on the fence with a neutral.

https://www.adultwork.com/3712000 or https://www.adultwork.com/laylamoris23

West Midlands / Diamond Spa Birmingham
« by Willy_regal on Yesterday at 02:30:35 PM »
Use to love this place. Been going since last year but the last to experience has made me not want to go again.

The first  bad experience is I think a man dressed up as a woman was assigned to me.

The second one I was told that no one does extras at the spa anymore.

Too bad.

North West / Sabrina Foxxx
« by piz111 on Yesterday at 02:23:58 PM »

Date -February 2017
Location - incall - Cheadle
Duration - 1.00 HR
Cost - £170

No problem with communication booked her with 2 hours notice through text and phone.


Cheadle, in a block of ex council flats not the nicest entrance. But i guess discreet enough a lot more discreet than sandys

I used to see Sabrina often when she was at Sandy's, she actually looks better now, massive fake boobs, with a pretty face and curvy but slim body, mixed race.

Very friendly a typical manc lass if you will.

This is why it is a neutral and probably why i will not return again. I have seen sabrina maybe 15 times previousley over the last ten years and i always got what i needed, she is very raunchy very loud and very full on.

This time however i just wasn't attracted to her, i hated the incall location. I went through to the shower and i saw baby toys in the bath, for some reason this really freaked me out. She rents the place off a friend in the day and i felt like i was shagging in the master bedroom which just felt uncomfortable to me.

Asked for a pse all holes covered. She sucked me off owo with too much spit and a little bit aggresively, rimming on me was fine but also a little aggresive, dfk was too full on, sex was great anal didn't feel so good. Her pussy was clean in RO.  I dont know if it was me but i just didnt enjoy the session. I felt like it felt very forced and fake and i have maybe matured to not enjoy this level of a pse punt or she was just not as good as her sandys days and maybe gone past her prime.. 

All in all all services were provided with enthusiasm

A Levels

I felt like it felt very forced and fake and i have maybe matured to not enjoy this level of a pse punt or she was just not as good as her sandy's days and maybe gone past her prime.. Dont usually like leaving a bad review but got to support the community here. If you just want a quick filthy shag this is for you but i think as a regular you can tire of her obscenities and eventually they put you off e.g "give me that bastard spunk" gets boring after a while.

Scotland / Exotic Indian Reena
« by tinytim31 on Yesterday at 01:59:44 PM »

Comms: Phone call few hours before the deed, text at door of rented flat
Location: Touring. Clean, rented apartment, easy access and fairly subtle
Looks: Very sexy girl, nice set of fake diddies, long legs and dresses to suit.
Service: Outstanding, made to feel at ease, quick chat about punt and on to the deed. Very nice OWO, sex in few different positions, really gets into her work. Was £140 an hour well spent, which is a bit steep but still feel I got good VFM. She broke my punting cherry and even gave me the "be careful not everyone is as nice as me" speech which she really wasn't kidding about. Would return 100% if I felt flush.

Last minute switch as girl i texted was busy and so searched Farnborough and this lady popped up. Extensive profile so from what i read felt fairly confident. Texted back straight away said call, which i did, sounded exotic on the phone and sent address for later meet.

Texted her to request outfit about half hour later and she said she was touring and did not have everything.

Modern flats - you know the ones!

Walked in - holy shit - just like her photo where you see her reflection in the mirror - yes she is five foot eight so with heels on meets me at six foot.
Black fishnets, wet look dress, heels and light makeup - she looked stunning and FAF! Tiny waist, wide butt, small, natural tits for a change - but quite small, with small nipples, very long legs, great smile with nice teeth (sound like i am judging a racehorse!)

Straight into light sensual kissing and this was how it progressed really - real GFE with a sexy, softly spoken sensual woman. So not the rampant nymph of her profile but she had let me take the lead and i made sure i spent lots of time pleasuring her before she gave me a fantastic stroking in my pants, ll over, which was great, then sucked me off gently pulling out every so often - gentle but great. Played with her, got her off on RO and fingered, although she was trying to limit fingering, but after a certain point let me bring her off on her G spot.
Had sex doggie, then her riding me and i was set to explode when she opened the door,m so did not last long - at least i had satisfied her, which is something i like - i know i am paying her to satisfy me, but she did anyway!

Shame she works in Baker St London - i was lucky, but i would say look out for future tours

https://www.adultwork.com/689453 or https://www.adultwork.com/Tanya+Espana

Scotland / Thai Hot Oil Lisa
« by tinytim31 on Yesterday at 01:51:56 PM »

Another from the olden days (last summer)

Comms: Passable, English fine, usual "call me when u on street" "call me when u at door" stuff.
Location: Tollcross, not the most subtle and going up a dark stairway once inside can give you the fear
Looks: Same girl as in pics but time hasn't been kind, short, dumpy - can see why she likes soft lighting
Service: Awful massage, majority of it tickling balls, body2body non existant, stopped tugging halfway into orgasm to catch my jizz in a wee tissue. Extras were hinted at but never materialised.

Simply not worth a go unless your utterly desperate to pop.

Scotland / xxScottish-Blondexx Glasgow
« by tinytim31 on Yesterday at 01:35:19 PM »

One from a while ago before I knew about this site.

Comms: a LOT of texts.
Location: high flats in Clydebank - seen worse
Looks: As in pics, very spacey and pale, but nice enough and nice body
Service: Below standard, faint whiff of BO, disappointing OWO (the mirror by the bed doesn't add value if it doesn't reflect effort) mechanical sex in a few positions. Ran out the room like her arse was on fire when I shot my load on her hair by accident.

At £75 an hour you may be thinking I got what I paid for, I tend to agree. So Neutral.

Scotland / Scotland /Aberdeen - RossaXoXo
« by bt1885 on Yesterday at 01:33:34 PM »

Every now and then you come away from a punt hating yourself because you ignored your gut feeling, well this was definitely one of those times.
Feeling horny at lunch time and seen this profile newly on AW for the Aberdeen area, all positive reviews... Well there's no doubt in my mind that they are all fake. In fact the only thing that was true about the profile was the phone number!!
Comms - Easy, called, then sent a text, usual routine.
Obviously not going to say the address, but it was a hop and skip from the Spar, well up Victoria Rd.
Got there, let in straight away only to find this scruffy lass in a tracksuit that didn't look like she's washed in a week, she then barks "come to next room" so followed her through only to find another young reasonably fresh faced looking thing.
It was at this point I should have just walked, but the cock over ruled the head and I hand the cash for h/h.
Well what I got was time spent with a mute that didn't speak a word of English with a reasonably pretty face, and a 4/10 body.
Started with a hand job, but it was more like she was shaking a babies rattle, oral was terrible and the sex was, well I think there would be more life in a corpse. In fact it was that bad I lost all interest and went soft...

As I left I noticed a third girl that looked as bad as the first one. So my guess is there's probably a few fake profiles on the go just now that'll take you to that address.

Oh and yes I did notice her nationality was Romanian and yes I should have known better but in all fairness some of them are a great punt..
Aberdeen lads be warned!!!

London / Lady Audrey Love, Wimbledon - London
« by Bud$ on Yesterday at 01:31:01 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2708682 or https://www.adultwork.com/LADY+AUDREY+LOVE
I've been thinking about going to see her for quite a while. Sometimes I feel like the sexy Milf type and she seemed to fit the bill exactly. So, I paid her a visit yesterday - Wed 26th April.
Venue - small terraced house, centre of Wimbledon - it felt like the old days; got led upstairs to a small bedroom with a bed in it, believe it or not, but that's about all - so a bit of a let down there.
Price/Time paid £80 for 30 minutes. If she had been 50 or 60 I'd have said that was about right.
Looks - she's old. In fact I'd say GILf age and her photos make her look much better than she really is.
Comms were good once I'd made contact.
TBH I was going for the short time as a tester to see if she was worth being with for longer. Answer - No.
Why neutral then? And not negative. Because her service was alright and average. I just went for a hand job with some OWO and she's just ok at both of those. She didn't try to get me to come well before the 30 mins was up and some do, so that's a positive.She's a pleasant enough lady but I think she's been doing this for too long to remain very enthusiastic.
I won't be going again but did wonder if some other Hungarians shared the house who might be worth a visit - e.g. Sexy Laurra.
Just adding this note - her 3 positive reviews are not recent, so maybe she's gone downhill since then. I definitely would not describe her in any way as 'gorgeous' as another reviewer did. Nor did she 'hug me at the door' or undress me.

North West / HappyEndingMassage - Preston
« by Jti1993 on Yesterday at 01:25:58 PM »
Price - £85 for 1 hour

Location - Small house on the end, pretty easy to find, lots of parking, not too far from the train station (Few minutes in a taxi)

Comms  - Nothing to fault here, is English so wouldn't expect anything else.

Decent looking lady, great set of tits. Good massage, great b2b. Paid £10 extra for oral, which is why its £85 not £75. Didn't feel rushed, did everything to a good standard, got her tits involved when needed, asked me to let her know when I was about to finish as she doesn't offer cim. Wipe down and done, even offered to call me a taxi. Great service.

For me personally the only downside is that I don't drive and she is located up in Preston while I am Liverpool, otherwise I would see her on a far more regular basis.

If your looking for a middle aged milf, with a fantasic pair of tits who offers great service, and amazing b2b and massage. Definitely give her a try.

East Midlands / Candy and Lucy Spangles Nottingham.
« by Itsnotshy on Yesterday at 12:51:11 PM »
Phone number 0115 9791901.
Discreet entrance behind row of shops on Derby road.
Cost £15 door fee plus £60 in room......x2
Considered going for a 2 girl rather than one after the other,would of saved me £10 as door fee would of been £20 rather than 2 x £15,but considerations of space and how exactly a 2 girl would work in the very small rooms put me off.Plenty has previously been said on the small rooms etc so I will not dwell overlong on the only real negative with this place.
I have delayed ejaculation,don't laugh please be kind to a sufferer,so tend to binge big time,damned costly :cry:
Anyway back to the girls,opted to see Candy first as Lucy was busy.very pretty girl,early to mid 20s,short dark hair,good slim body with small firm natural breasts,better IRL than the pics IMO.Won't go into too much detail but would happily see her again :)
Next up was a cup of tea,milk no sugar,then on to Lucy.Indian girl,pretty I would say late 20s,early 30s,woman's body with curves in all the right places.Only works every other Sunday and occasional weekdays.She doesn't do OWO,which is a shame,but I soon forgot about that,excellent body to body,her skin is delightfully smooth and she just exudes sex with very suckable nipples.She's smart and loving too,we finished with a cuddle lying down and a chat,so fluffy of me but I do love a cuddle.
No time for another cup of tea as they were getting busy and try to avoid punters meeting in the reception.
Did some shopping in Nottingham went on to Bubbles had a cup of tea there.

North West / Sweetsexysuzi Bolton
« by Durch69 on Yesterday at 12:20:35 PM »

 https://www.adultwork.com/801096 or https://www.adultwork.com/sweetsexysuzzi - Get QR Code

Finally got to visit sexy suzie today , was worth the wait!! Been trying for a bit but either I was busy or Suzy was.
Comms great and easy via AW email , address given prior to setting off with advice to ring when parked up.

On arrival talked into property which is discreet and easy to get to, met at door by Suzy wearing a little black dress and heels 😛 Followed her up stairs which always gives a nice view. Paper work handed over.
Drink and shower offered which was accepted , into bedroom where kissing and good feel all over, she has a great body and looks great.

Suzy has been review many times so won't go on and on but will say she tastes great gives cracking bj and I enjoyed fucking in doggy posn, just a pity I can't stay hard in condom !!! Might have to invest in some blue pills 😂😂

Services provided : kissing , owo, reverse O, penetration protected, shower before and after, nice clean discreet and safe area, will deffo visit again

£80 for half hour, went slight over no clock watching

https://www.adultwork.com/lilywhiteslut or https://www.adultwork.com/3246741

This is my first review so be gentle with me!

£120 for an hour incall

Comms were very good through AW, with my initial email answered within an hour, and further emails within a couple of minutes when we were sorting out the details. Given address and told to text when on her road for the house number. Private house on the outskirts of Sheffield which felt very safe, no curtain twitching etc.

Met by Lily at the door, and she is  facially extremely attractive, although she is a larger girl so not to everyones tastes I know, I found her very beautiful though. She is a size 18 as stated on her profile and is very tall at 6 foot with no heels on.

Lily was wearing a black top and black skirt showing off her massive cleavage well, with a very nice matching underwear set underneath.

I'm very vanilla when it comes to likes, and we started off with some good passionate kissing before getting undressed. Lily was already soaking wet by the time my hand ventured down there and she was very responsive to my touch. After some finger action I went down for some RO which Lily seemed to enjoy. We then switched roles and she gave me some very good OWO. Lots of eye contact and toung action on the head which I love. After a little while I told her to stop as I'm definitely a 1 pop kind of guy.

On with the condom and I took her doggy style, which she seemed to really love - very enthusiastic making all the right noises. This only spurred me on so I gave it everything I could before filling the bag.

Cleaned up, lay together for a bit chatting, then had a shower before going off to work.

I would definitley recommend Lily without wanting to sound too fluffy.

North West / Xxx angela middleton
« by Pg1972 on Yesterday at 11:13:15 AM »
Ok first review on here decided to wait a couple of days and think about things.

First off please excuse me I am unsure how to put a link up so if someone could help with that be much appreciated.

I am very much a creature of habit I like what I like and tend to stick with the same girls who I trust and know deliver the service I want and like, however from time to time I will branch out and try something new, after doing a fair amount of research I settled on angela and that is mainly to the reviews on here it was an excellent choice.

Comms were excellent I always plan my punts a good few days in advance I was given the post code after my initial enquiry and once we knew we could meet.

The place easy to find with lots of easy parking to be honest the front of the block of flats is not that inviting and neither is the communal stair ways but we are not going for the decor and certainly during the day it felt perfectly safe.

Looks wise I liked what I saw slim without being skinny something to hold and a nice set of perky tits and a great arse.

Service wise I go for pse and sensual domination on me not really interested in gfe this was explained to angela and overall I certainly got what I wanted a full on dirty pse experience she was dressed in very little very nice thigh high boots and a lacey thong which I did ask for and not really sure how to explain what she had on tip a short dress with slits were her very nice nipples poked through.

The action started with good dfk and some groping angela pushed me onto the bed and teased me by squatting over my face just out of reach and every so often sitting firmly over my face I do like that. Bit by bit my clothes came off she then teased my by now rock hard cock gently scraping her teeth over it and licking my balls before pushing my legs up and putting her tongue where the sun doesn't shine wonderful and I can now see why people rave about this ladies rimming technique.

More face sitting this time I managed to get a taste both front and back doors plenty of dfk. Then angela said right get in the bathroom something I want to do yes I love my watersports I got myself in the bath she perched over me and as I asked for delivered straight through the lacey thong perfect she is certainly not shy and once finished she licked and sucked her piss of me and we shared it I found that a huge turn on.

Back in the bedroom lots more owo reverse o and rimming she asked if I wanted to fuck her and I did on with jacket she bent over the bed so I could get doggy as I entered she said don't come in me I want it over my face which I really liked gave her what I could before i felt the build up pulled out she slide down mouth open and she took every drop I had it was a excellent finish to a top punt.

I was offered a drink and shower at both the start and end of which I excepted both at the end no clock watching at all never felt rushed and I was there my full hour.

Yes I will return angela is a good girl and gives a excellent service.

South West / Fit Sarah Bedminster bristol
« by Blue Suede Goo on Yesterday at 10:21:19 AM »

I've been tempted to see her for ages by the reviews here.
Friendly comms and good directions to her flat.

She is a very tall girl, quite Amazonian.
Any bigger though and she would be intimidating  :D

Paid and showered.
She was quite submissive and let me lead the punt.
Her body is amazing, tanned and tight though she told me she had put on weight.
Very good owo and she was responsive to receiving oral.
Great fucking in several positions and she's quite flexible.
Great CIM finish.

Really enjoyed seeing her.

I've also visited her for a 15 minute quickie which was good though she was a stickler then for timekeeping.

South West / Welsh Tattoed Sophie bristol
« by Blue Suede Goo on Yesterday at 10:05:30 AM »

Saw her at a hotel near Templemeads.
No problem with communications or directions.

Was disappointed with her looks when I arrived as she had put on a lot more timber and was no where near as attractive as her AW profile suggested. More of an annoyance than a reason to walk though at that time.
Very friendly girl with a bubbly personality.

Showered and got down to it.
She charges £90 for a half hour with limited services which is listed on her profile to be fair to her.
However, I don't think her performance justifies such a price.

OWO was ok. I didn't go down on her cause I noticed she had wet hair when I arrived but her body smelled of sweat up close.
Good job I didn't cause she bled/came on when we started fucking

she clearly trades on her profile looks and AW reviews.
I wouldn't recommend her and wouldn't return.

A negative for me as she should charge less for such a limited service.
There are much better WGs out there.

I'm also dubious as to whether she had come on before the punt.

Scotland / Glasgows Celine CC
« by scotyguy on Yesterday at 07:59:57 AM »
Celine CC https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1706767

Easy Comms
Very Tiday Flat
Easy on the Eye
Great Sex

Honestly there are none

Coms were great directed to a flat in Deniston.  Plenty of parking and easy to find.

When the door opened I was greeted with the sight of a good looking milf dressed in business attire.  A kiss on the cheek and shown to the bedroom.

Offered the use of the facilities and the paperwork out of the road Celine went to get a drink for us both (just a soft drink).  I watched as she left the room admiring her body as she left.

Perfect stockings and sling back black patent heels do it for me every time.  The sex was fantastic and we overran the half hour by quite a bit.

Would I go back?  Most certainly!

Great Girl.  Stunning body.  Pretty face and fantastic sex.

East England / MissBustyVanessa xx - Borehamwood
« by Sanjay Kumar on Yesterday at 07:20:18 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3097559 - This is the profile link, which not active at the moment. But it becomes active, when she is back in action.

£100 for 1 hour.

Almost everything is positive about this punt, but I did not have a good feeling after this punt. Not sure why, but may be it is that I was not attracted at all to the lady. She was a few size too big for my liking . I was put off punting after this one, even though nothing was majorly wrong.

Positives, for me: 
- Hygiene: extremely clean and can be a little difficult to deal with. But is a positive for me
- attractive eyes
- excellent oral technique, the best

- Is fatter than in the images in her Gallery.

Entry to the Borehamwood hotel was very discrete and good paid parking available too. She was okay to kiss, but reluctant for OWO. I anyways prefer OW, so that is okay. Massive boobs, played a lot and had a bit of tit wank. And then sex in different positions. Came twice She provided a good service and did OW till I came the second time, which took a long time. So kudos to her for the service.

Visited yummy + sweet yesterday good comms, , £60 half hour , body not to bad for her age, nice big tits, face well no  black bags were available lol quick rub on my back with talc , turn over OWO nothing special , plenty of kissing , fingering her pussy , made a change to see a hairy pussy, missionary shagging didn't take me long to fill the bag, nice friendly woman, would I return , NO, nothing personal, a bit rushed I felt as she cudnt wait to get back to her farm, in and out in 20 min, I just don't return wen I've seen em, to many out there .

[Link added by admin]

London / Maria - Fantasia, Charing Cross Road
« by LLPunting on Yesterday at 03:58:45 AM »
OK, so 3rd girl of the evening and hoping this would be the charm.

I have seen her before a few months back and that went quite well (she allowed RO and actually came).  For those who don't know her she's about 5'6", short brown hair, plainly pretty, A/B-cup boobs with small nipples, pale smooth skin, 23, good English and a friendly pleasant way about her.

Things started shaky because she wanted 25 for the 30 when I was expecting 20 to extend my stay by 30, I couldn't be arsed to argue and let it slide.  She went off to pay the cashier.

Although she didn't mention our previous tumble she did remark she recognised me and I reminded her we'd had a good time before.  I decided to cut to the chase as I was already oiled and primed thanks to Victoria so I asked Maria for body to body and I would massage her.  She agreed without blinking, shucked her clothes and hopped on the table and lay face down.

As I oiled and massaged her she allowed me to kiss her body, squeeze her pert bum and part her legs without resistance.  She'd relaxed and we were happily chatting as I finished easing some of her aching muscles and she didn't flinch when I lent in, parted her cheeks and took the lightest lick of her lips and cornhole.   :thumbsup:  I did this a few more times and then she flipped over so I could work her front.
I oiled her up some more, kissed and licked her body, boobs and nipples, all received again without any complaint.  As I made my way down her belly she readily parted her legs then with a little encouragement raised her knees so I could get to her pussy.  She has a nice, fleshy one that had only a couple of minor drawbacks; she was coarsely shaven so it was a little bristly there and she hadn't freshened up so her flowing juices were very tart.   :(

RO went well and she allowed me to insert 2 fingers to work her G-spot.   :dance:  She was getting worked up and when I took a brief respite from licking she used her fingers to keep her clit going.  :thumbsup:  She was starting to writhe and I withdrew my fingers to change position but she asked why I did that, "put them back in!", so I did and together we got her off, her walls spasming strongly around my digits, at one point it felt quite cool on my fingers and I thought she may have squirted but as they later came up creamy it must have been the air she was shifting with her clenching.   :P  She released her clit but kept gently riding my fingers as she teased out the spasms.  :yahoo:

She became conscious of the time and said it was my turn so I lay down and she stood beside me to give me an oily hand job.  I failed to persuade her to hop on and rub her pussy on me, nor would she give me oral, no kissing either  :(

I got her back on the table and knelt above her, asked her to play with herself whilst I finished myself off, but she didn't want me coming on her and grabbed a stack of tissues to cover her belly.  This put a downer on things so I didn't finish despite going down on her again as I continued to tug away.

Still 45 mins with a lovely (Romanian) girl with her limits, who came freely as part of the action and was friendly throughout.  She said that next time I would go first.  :thumbsup:

All in all 35 for time and 40 for extras.  :cool:

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