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Am new to the site, so this review is a bit old but she's still working i see...

https://www.adultwork.com/2354258 or https://www.adultwork.com/stefffirstclass

Had a day off work just before Xmas, so thought i'd do some shopping with a punt afterwards.
so arranged via AW a few days before, and got her mobile number, booked for 5pm. Very easy
and pleasant to talk to briefly, gave me her postcode so i knew where I was going. Was an
address in Mapperley so not far from town.

Was rather late to arrive as I got stuck up in traffic but was understanding even though I was
about 20mins late eventually. Parking was tricky, its a busy road so some planning ahead might
be of use with surrounding streets. Homework required there. Found her place in the dark allright,
and was greeted at the door with her in not that much more than a nightgown. As it was my first
punt with her, just booked 30 mins for £50.

Her AW pics didn't show her face but not disappointed at all, incredibly attractive, and body just as
she is in the photos. Slim without being skinny, i'd say size 10, quite tall in heels, long blonde hair
as per the photos and the rooms you see are the ones she works from. Very clean, very tidy indeed
as i'm a bit picky about that, quite a girly bedroom, cosy and smart. Sorted out the paperwork...

She wasn't hugely talkative, so I requested a sloppy BJ which was slow and really fantastic and kept
good eye contact which worked well. Asked her to flip around for 69 so I could enjoy the sight of her
ass and pussy and she does have an ass to really enjoy. Not too small, not skinny, just about right
and the same with her tits. Not fake, not tiny, just about proportional and natural. Yummy indeed.

Only so much you can squeeze into a half hour punt. So she brought me a bit close and her profile did
say her cowgirl is good, so took her up on that and enjoyed the view of her tits bouncing and hair
flying around too for quite a while. I just had to finish her off doggystyle and she did make quite a noise
eventually as I was quite hard and rough in the end...

Time flies when you're having fun, have always planned to go back and repeat sometime but have never
managed to get myself sorted so would recommend her absolutely indeed.  For £100ph, she's good value
as i've paid more and got a lot less.

London / sexy jennyfer xx - colindale
« by khat1 on Yesterday at 02:12:47 PM »


Jennyfer is atleast three times uglier than she actually appears in photos .

Comms - Decent .

Everything else - horrible.

wasn't even jennyfer who saw me - thankfully in that instance cause she looked like a beast.

her friend was just your typical EE hustler WG. paid for an hour, 15 mins later shes trying to hand me back £10 cause shes tired. she refused to to do anything other than get fucked - gave me a OW for about a few mins and straight onto sex.

suffice to say, i wasn't having it. was planning on demanding all my cash back but let them off easy and took back £40.

North West / Emily - Cheshire Companions.
« by stockdale on Yesterday at 12:42:32 PM »
Cheshire Companions, booked Emily on the 21st January for an hour, arrived on time, had a chat, did the business, she spent at least 8 minutes in the bathroom running the shower not using it, her towel was not wet, came out dressed and left, total 35 minutes.
Complained to Cheshire and was banned after using them on a regular basis, when I protested was told that one of the girls said I had spoken ill of the owner, untrue.

East Midlands / BeckyXXX (Thai) - Nottingham NG1
« by Iloveoral on Yesterday at 12:19:43 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3718621 or https://www.adultwork.com/BeckyXXX%2E

Gave her a call as per usual to request a short notice 30 min meet was told to problem, as usual I made a fuss on the phone to state "I only want to see....." was told 100% Becky.

Location was the Ropewalk flat as previously met Angry Angel  :D

Glad to see Becky hid behind the door, pretty girl, small though with smaller boobs than the photos on her profile suggest, the photo shop guy is getting better these days I'd say.

£70 paid for 30 mins

We start with kissing, tongues yes but deep no sadly, she reaches down for a play with my cock whilst kissing and it's a good start, I too have a reach for the pussy, I'm told no fingers inside please.

On to the bed, she goes south and the owo is great, she later returns for a bit of kissing and I ask her to sit on my face which was nice, tasty and clean though as Roger mentioned from his tour here there's a lingering taste of johnnys.

Welly on and she's riding me, seemed a bit big for her judging by her face and they way she was trying ride only half deep, thinking she was struggling I helped with the depth  :D
5 mins later she says do you want to go on top? I reply you've had enough haven't you, she grins and gets off.

Mish, doggy and then what I've learnt is called prone bone, I then ask about anal and she says I'm too big, I promise to be very very very careful (that old chestnut again  :lol: )and she says ok haha
Now her ass is pretty tight I won't lie and she clearly isn't enjoying so I drop it back down a hole and pound for the finish line asking about cim, she says no problem.
Spin her over and wank it into her gob with a loud scream (warning heavy load)

Very much enjoyed myself.

She returns smelling of mouthwash after the traditional retching to clean her throat.

I ask for a 5 minute shoulder rub as my necks stiff full of knots, would also mention her massage is good!!

To sum it up:
Great girl, pretty, enthusiast, took it in the ass to please even when she wasn't really down with the idea, great owo, great eyes and eye contact!!

Niggles: kissing could have been deeper, tits aren't as big as aw photos make you believe but real and nice, I should have booked longer.

Would recommend
Will revisit

North East / Lilly of Fenham, massage w/ extra
« by 3rdManIn on Yesterday at 11:48:24 AM »

Hi all,
1st review, so please bear with me. I had read about Lilly on here so many times, I wanted to give it a try.

I texted a couple of hours earlier on the off chance Lilly had availability at the time I was free. Very polite text back fairly quicky confirming and we quickly exchanged messages that gave me details of the address and where I could park. All good.

Very easy to find and park, discrete. Not the nicest place I've been in, in terms of decor, but not the worst (I've been to lisa's).

The superficial stuff:
Lilly was waiting at the door to let me in. I was a little disappointed. I'm a Sheng enthusiast and I find Sheng more attractive, with a better body. I also find Sheng more friendly and flirty, which I really like. Having said that, Lilly was not unfriendly and this was my first visit to her, so she's hardly going to greet me like a long time friend. And funnily enough, the closer I came to cumming, the prettier she looked.

The massage:
Massage is in an upstairs room, with a proper massage table. there's also a bed in there, which I thought was slightly odd.
Lilly saw me into the room, confirmed the length of the massage and the price - £40 for an hour - then left to let me undress.
When she returned, I'd adopted the position and she asked if I wanted a soft, medium or hard massage. I went for hard.
The massage was really good quality and well recommended.
During the main massage, there was plenty of close call glides of the fingers and the way she manipulates your body causes a good bit of jiggling on he old man that was making me pray that I didn't shoot before she even touched my balls. I'm sure she must know that it starts the excitement.
While I was still on my front, she started playing with my balls and ass, with the occasional reach-under stroke. really good technique and this was all before she even asked about HE.
She then asked me to turn over and my semi was a clear indication that the answer to "do you want extra massage?" was going to be yes. She pointed out that she charges extra, and she said £20, which was fine with me, as it was what I expected.
She started massaging around the area and then began the HE itself. Now, this is unusual in my experience, she asked me whether I liked it slow and steady or fast (I forget the exact words she used. I went for slow as I wanted to draw things out a little and enjoy it.
One very oily and explosive conclusion later (during which I had a cheeky handful of ass), she wiped up, went for a hot towel to wipe me down and then finished with a leg and foot massage.

All in all, a great massage and HE for a reasonable price.

North East / sexy babe ami adultwork - Newcastle
« by percythepunt on Yesterday at 11:34:57 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1540520 or https://www.adultwork.com/SEXY+BABE+AMI - Get QR Code

Apologies in advance if the link doesn't work, not my strong point.

Ami is well known, popular and has a few reviews, but she's been out the country for a while so I thought a recent update would be handy....if it's possible she's got even better!

Comms.........short and sweet , 1 aw email, 1 call to advise I'd arrived and to get buzzed in. I've seen Ami several times and possibly this made comms easier, having said that always found her easy to deal with.

Location......apartment block behind the Gate complex in Newcastle city centre, basic but clean and tidy, showers/bathroom offered. fairly discreet and safe. Mulit story car park 2mins walk away.

Services.......Very friendly, enthusiastic girl, met at the door with a nice kiss and cuddle, made better as she was rubbing my cock while doing so....So into the bedroom, those of you who have had the pleasure will be familiar with Ami's arse grinding which is awesome. I knelt behind her, spread her gorgeous arse cheeks and gave her an initial rimming and some oral from behind.
Ami now adopts the position on the bed for what is a prolonged rimming, helped by her holding her arse open and pushing firmly back onto me....unbelievable !!!
Ami then returns the favour with some owo, followed by 69 and some firm face sitting. I'm a one pop guy, and don't want to waste it so I ask Ami to give me a good hard fucking, on with the glove, followed by some very energetic cowgirl, reverse cowgirl (truly a sight to behold) , had to have a portion of doggy to finish.
I'm 50 odd-ish been punting 20-ish years and still the best I've come across. Cant think of any negatives other than no anal, which is just as well or I'd be skint.

I had a 1 hour booking, cost £100 no extras .


I have visited this place in Kings Lynn 6 or 7 times in the past few months.

First time i went i see Yoyo, £40 for an hour and then she charged me an extra £40 for her to be naked whilst giving me a handjob. Not great value for money necessarily but i was gagging so agreed. She did allow me to touch her all over too.

2nd and 3rd times i went i see different girls, one offered handjob at end of massage at no extra cost and the other charged £20.

Since then i go to see Yoyo, mid 30's, nice small bum, small boobs but with great nipples, not stunningly pretty but far from the back of a bus too. The past 2 times i have been we have had sex. The first time she gave me massage turned me over, complimented my manhood (which is far from big) when it was standing to attention. She then asked if i would like happy ending so i replied 'anything'. This made her smile and she said 'anything??' in her Thai accent!

So she stripped off, rubbed herself in oil and proceeded to climb on top rubbing her body all over mind. She then moved her body up mine further and slipped me inside her, she then rode me for a few mins and climbed off. She then got me off the bed, lay on it herself and asked me to fuck her. She has a sweet tasting pussy, looks amazing. She seemed to enjoy it, i wasn't going to last very long so pulled out before i could cum. Got back on the bed where she then finished me off with her hands. I will point out that she didn't charge me as we started the massage and didn't ask for a specific amount of money when we finished either. I gave her £70.

I went again last week, quick massage followed by her asking if i wanted more....she knew i did! So off she stripped and we had sex in several positions, ending in doggy and me pulling out and giving her a backshot. Once again no mention of how much money she wanted to i gave her 50 and left.

I get the impression chaps if you are prepared to put in a bit of leg work she can work out as a fairly cheap good regular fuck....especially considering the price you have to pay. Looks like the first couple of times you go you have to pay and tip well, then when she knows you and you become regular visitor then you get some perks!

Dont get me wrong there are plenty more beautiful women out there, some of whom would be a better shag (not by much though), but overall value for money for an hour is pretty dam good here.

Would be interested to hear from any other who have visited.

Link: https://www.adultwork.com/3731530

After an 8 months brake (last punt back in July with the famous Suzy Cortez) decided to see this girl who has been in my radar and had what I'm always looking for: nice ass and filming allowance.

Fee: £90 - 30mins (filming included)
I normally don't pay more than £100 per hour / £70 half an hour, however that ass looked great and decided to make an exception as filming was included.

Location: 7/10
Back end of Westfield shopping centre, in front of a bus stop, not discreet at all, didn't care as not my local area. Very basic bedroom, nice and clean refurbished toilet
Girl: 8/10
Main attribute obviously her great rounded ass and her tiny waist.  Cute face, enormous tits, I'm an ass man, so not bother if I get big or small tits.

Service: 10/10
Great attitude, services offered: FK (lots), OW, filming(with mask)protected sex in various positions.

She opened the door, looked exactly like her pics, she gave me a french kiss straight away which got me rock hard!
Sorted the money, set up the phone for filming, she was a bit concerned about it, she said she had only done it once, didn't allow me to switch the bedroom light on, however the lamp light was enough, No complaints as I got what I wanted, tha great ass riding my cock   :wacko:.
Mask on, lots of FK, then she put the condom with her mouth and gave me OW, good oral skills, pitty no OWO, but her kissing was really passionate and good enough that didnt care about not owo.
Cowgirl, spoon, doggy, missionaire, and then she asked me to stpo filming as she couldn't focus and wanted to make sure to have a good time with me, I didnt mind stopping the video as at that point we had had some great sex, turned off the camera phone and she was really focused on enjoying herself, she was so energetic, she came twice, I said to her that she could always pretend those orgasms, however she sweared that they were 2 real ones. She was so wet that my cock was swimming inside her pussy and losing pressure, she asked me for a little brake as she was sweating like mad, she then rode me again and It was time to unload my milk all over her ass, she has a mirror in front of her bed so a great thing for those who like watching while fucking.

Important fact: her english is 2/10 , I speak her language (I lived in Spain for 5 years and studied spanish) so conversation wise was good, she said she is trying to learn but I think it will take her some time.

We talked about random stuff, I then took a shower, got dressed and left very happy as she performed very well in front of the camera and service and attitude were great.

As always, happy to answer any questions

HP  :hi:

Link:-  https://www.adultwork.com/3055399 or https://www.adultwork.com/XXX%2DAngela

Fee:- 1 hour, £120

Location:- Middleton - North Manchester

Date:- 23/03/2017.

Had tried to see Angela having seen a few good reviews. Contacted her to make sure my age was no issue but couldn't tie up date/times. Got an unexpected midweek opportunity last Thursday so tried again. Arranged a few days in advance, all comms until day done via AW promptly and without issue. Given postcode as soon as confirmed. Quick call on arrival and apartment number given.

Block of flats on main road, with plenty of free on road parking. No problems with entry, given number pressed button on front door and buzzed up. Top floor flat (4 floors) stairs only. Experienced the blind by the living room but not an issue for me, never really looked to see if anyone else was present. Greeted with a kiss. I would say the AW pictures are pretty accurate. The only facial photo is in her PG.I found her attractive both facially and body wise, I know this is subjective. Drink and shower offered. Shower taken as I'd had a gruesome time on the motorway.

Back into the bedroom naked and started with a quick massage. DFK with cuddles followed and a quick grab of that arse. Progressed down to OWO with plenty of ball liking. Reciprocated with a bout of RO and gave her a bit of rimming. She then said onto your front and let's see what my tongue can do. Straight into the rimming, got told to get on all fours so she could get deeper. Bloody hell it already felt like she was at my tonsils. Arms round my waist to pull in deeper. Seemed to last forever, although probably around 10 minutes worth. Also indulged in playing the rusty trombone. Back onto my back and a good spell of 69 with oral and rimming.

That's when my problem started and the old todger decided that was enough. Never mind she said there's plenty more to enjoy. Both of us had a bit of a wank and I was entranced watching her fingers plunge in and out with one up the back door as well. Back to giving me OWO with spitting, surprised then with a finger up my bum, started to stir a little so DT and a bit of gagging. Tried her hardest, but still not enough reaction from me to progress further.

I realised there was 10 minutes left (no time watching by her) so asked for a repeat performance on the rimming front, certainly her speciality, felt absolutely great. No pop for me, but wasn't really bothered, I'd enjoyed what I'd had. Didn't bother with a post punt shower. Whilst getting dressed realised I hadn't dealt with the paperwork. No problem she said and it was quickly handed over.

Note to self, get the bag on and get the sex at the beginning next time.

Would I recommend - Yes
Would I return - Yes

South West / Amazing Annna - Cheltenham
« by cain on Yesterday at 10:01:09 AM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/3472274 or https://www.adultwork.com/Amazing+Annna

30 minute booking £70
Comms good time keeping good.
Amazing Annna - disinterested couldn't look more unenthusiastic if she tried,
OWO well actually it was more like a hand job and my penis bumped into her teeth occasionally, there was never going to be CIM
sex was protected missionary and doggy and cowgirl,  lacklustre is how I would describe it.
Kissing..........a few pecks

not as pretty as I had expected bust size has to a a A , she has a great arse, but thats about the most redeming thing I can take away from the whole thing. she was clean but she had stubble going on down below.

Accomadation clean and safe

she was pleasent enough but thats not what I was paying for, I Would not go back and would not recommend. I guess she has seen too many penis and is burnt out, but likes the money. one to forget.

London / Independent and hot - Woolwich arsenal
« by Rick2468 on Yesterday at 09:15:43 AM »

I thoroughly enjoyed this meeting. I was at work and never punt during the working week but had the urge. I texted Independent and she responded quickly asking me to call. I called and she asked my age which i told her her and things were good. It took me a bit longer to get there so i asked to put our time back she was fine with that.

It takes around ten minutes to walk to the place from the station. Hadn't been to Woolwich before it seemed nice. I called when i was close to get final directions. The place was discreet enough.

I got in and independent was blonde. I was expecting her to be brunette not sure why as she is blonde in her photos. I would have walked if it was bait and switch but i was convinced it was her. She is tiny even in heels.  I'm rubbish at guessing ages i would guess older than 31. No sign she was high or drunk. She was well made up with makeup and i appreciated that she had made an effort. Really slim legs and huge boobs. Another thing i liked was she was only out the room for 30 seconds to put the money away as other ladies take their time presumably to put the money in an underground vault.

I booked 30 minutes and cum twice was on offer but i didn't quite make a second round despite a determined handjob from independent. I was there for 35 minutes so went a bit over. Her boobs are great.

London / Sophie DD
« by Belgarion on Yesterday at 08:19:00 AM »
After a stressful week, fancied a bit of a pampering session (Not a punt) but a massage with a HE without haggling or playing games so contacted Sophie as I liked her profile and "breast massage"

She does offer full service as well which I enquired about in case my arousal levels changed but she's scared of BBC  :D

She's got mixed reviews on here so was prepared to walk particularly if a certain incident replayed itself as described in another review.

Flat near old street and she has a specific procedure with regards to entry which I followed and met her as she opened the door.

Her photos are accurate and she's got lovely eyes and lovely tits with very responsive nipples and very soft hands.

So we discussed my requirements and was offered a shower and asked to strip and assume the position on the bed. She was fully clothed which I was a bit surprised about but decided to go with it. What followed then was a lovely massage where I relaxed fully and was nearly snoozing off.

Then she gets off the bed and I hear clothing coming off and next thing I know I feel her breasts on my back and the little man was instantly awake. Massage continued very well then I was asked to turn over  :wacko:

What followed afterwards was a lovely massage, HJ and titwank combo that liberated copious amounts of man juice leaving me out of it for a while.

She cleaned me up then a rub down and i had a shower afterwards.

Got dressed and left very happy and I will most definitely return. I definitely have a thing for Hungarian women.

Link;  https://www.adultwork.com/2135896 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sophie++DD

London / English Charissa
« by Belgarion on Yesterday at 07:38:29 AM »
Had some stupid o' clock meetings in the City so was booked up in a hotel and wanted to take full advantage of it. I had planned a couple of meets but one of the meets was cancelled as the cunts changed the meeting time  :mad:

Will rearrange the other meet but was free in the evening and made arrangements. Liked her photos on UKE and we were able to align schedules. Booking made through UKE.

Easy to speak to, responded to my queries efficiently and arrangements were made for the meet as reception was up front and centre. Rates as per her profile.

Appearance and Photos
Photos are indeed accurate especially her assets which are very impressive  :D

Charissa was eager to get things going as for some reason I was a bit shy. Not sure why but she took the lead which was great and we helped each other out of our clothes. I did ask her to dress casually as that's what I like and it was easy to take off so I could introduce myself to her body.

Services offered and taken with gusto FK, OWO, RO and Sex. She was very responsive to my lips and tongue and came which was great to see. Suffice it to say, no lube required  :D

Had a chat and got to know ourselves a lot better. A truly interesting woman. No clockwatching whatsoever. Saw her off and slept off like a baby.

Will definitely see her again, shame she's outcall only.

Link;  https://www.adultwork.com/3093139 or https://www.adultwork.com/English+Charissa

London / Alexia - Masseuse - Tantric London
« by Clipit on Yesterday at 05:28:26 AM »

Fee: £250
Duration: 1 hr
Location: Mayfair - a stones throw from an SPG hotel located on Piccadilly

So I know that this was waaaaayyy too much for a massage, but having shelled out £400 the day before for a shit punt with Zuza from Hot Collection, I couldn't be fucked to put too much effort in and when I found out that this bird was literally a 3 mins walk from my hotel, I figured why not!

Appartment was nice - top floor - but an elevator was there. Opposite a busy restaurant, so not very discrete, but i figure who the fuck cares....... any way, off i go to see Alexia after booking with the receptionist. Good communications and effieicnt enough to book.

Arrived on time and was pleasantly surprised by the babe standing in front of me. When she stripped off, those 34DD breasts just looked amazing...... I couldn't help but think, is there more on offer here or not? I didn't pluck up the courage to ask during the meet, so just had a good massage. But when I got back to my room at the hotel, the page was still open on my laptop and I realize that there is a part that says you can ask for extras and the girls wont be offended - dahhhh, what a fucking idoit I am!!!!

In any case, arrived in the bedroom, stripped off, offered a shower but declined as i had just had one, she stripped off and I got a se it just looking at her...... lay down on the bed and a great massage very sensual and well administered with lots of CC swipes and a good build up to the high point of my evening!

Alexia was from Brazil, a little bit cold to be honest, but she may warm up if you were to meet again, but I'd need to know that there was more on offer to pay that for another massage as this was a moment of weakness!

All in all, not taking VFM into consideration, i enjoyed my time with her and wouldn't mind seeing Lily from the same outfit........

07515457499 or 0161 928 2851

Parking is available at Tesco or around the corner opposite a titties bar!.
On main road so plain for everyone to see when you go in!

Walking in and was greeting by a massive floral display and 4 Chinese ladies stood around (25ish to 55ish).
Told them im here fro massage and younger women asked where, front i said.
Lead downstairs to private room. Asked shall I remove, all but Tshirt she says.

Wax machine warming up she puts on latex gloves and gets on massage table (with head cut out on opposite side).
says what you want . all front and crack for £22. she say front and crack but for £28. I say no gumtree is £22. she says ok
Starts rubbing baby powder in my bits. said it will help wax not stick. all OK until get near base of rod, where it starts to hurt when she pulls, even when i say slowly she carries on rather rushed. I wasn't impressed as needed to get breath back.
Every few mins asks you you come for massage, £40 for one hour.
in between i say when are you doing sack, she says not for £22 as not included. She says for £28 yes. I agree in haste.
finishes and rubs 'lotion' all over. I started rubbing off thinking need to clean residue of wax, she say no leave on.
By this time its burning everywhere she waxed, so i reapplied the 'lotion'.
noticed before putting clothes on she missed bits on either side of balls, says it only small as really hard to do on sac, would be painful. I agree and carry on putting on clothes.

Walked out, lady on counter was on phone (whats app?) and pointed phone in my direction when i started to walk out. Im not impressed!
got home and had to wash bits with water as its was burning. In morning showered to remove wax residue, not burning now but hurts like its been punched.
Also noticed area missed was quite large on either side of balls so not impressed.
Is it always like this?
Overall could be better, I may go elsewhere but at £28 i think VFM if she didnt miss any area.

South West / PlayboyPamela/ Bath
« by 1giveupnow on Yesterday at 02:16:40 AM »

Quick review on this one, txt in the afternoon 3pm for booking at 8pm, all good, half hour just to empty my bags, turned up and txted, had to wait 15 mins, then she sent number, parking is a nightmare round there,
rang door bell, nice place, heard voices inside, door opens i walk in, she shuts door and is stood there in a thong, nothing else, fake football tits just jutting out at me, and a lush little body,
turn around and there another girl in a towel, they start talking to each other then giggling, you know there talking about you, oh well carry on im gonna bang for £60 quid, you opinion doesn't matter to me,
so in the room she sits on the bed, i ask her before handing over the cash, is ow ok, she looks up and says £20 extra, i just picked up my phone and keys and walked out,
she then txts and says what the problem, i reply its on you likes list, and not an extra, she says you should ask first, ( ok maybe i should of asked in txt)
the whole thing was just rank, lovely looking lush tiny body, better looking than her photos to, but i don't do extras when it all arranged and owo is a like not an extra,
so im just leaving it as neutral for that and the stupid txts after, she maybe ok if i had gone through with it, but the £20 extra just put me off, so ended up going Bristol for the neg review i put up,
reading all the review on the Romanians i sort of expected it anyway, good luck if you try this one, i can see it being bad, with the foreign chat as soon as i walked in, the giggles then the extras, glad i walked, wish i had gone home and knocked one out, save the next disappointment., so now im done with them all. ill just take the free ones out there

South West / Patricia Luxury / Bristol, what a night
« by 1giveupnow on Yesterday at 02:02:51 AM »

Well my first review, and my 3rd punt in my life, what a night and thats the end for me,
Ill just mention this one first, as this was the second try, see other review i left for the bath girl, anyway look through aw for some one in bristol, at this point i just want to get inside some one,
so found Patricia Luxury, pictures look ok, nice body, not ugly, reviews were good, price was okish £70 for half hour, list of likes sounded good, just wanted a bit of owo, some kissing touching, you know the thing gfe,
so i got there in 20 mins, parked up, saw her at the window and got the electric key to get in the building, nice clean place, like a travel lodge, got inside hers, and surprised, she looks a lot prettier in life, body looked A1,
just casual clothes on, but not fussed as didnt ask for anything special, got in the bedroom and she was chatty and polite, before i handed over the money i asked for owo, she said yes that is ok, pretty simple, wasnt looking for much,
suck and fuck with some touching kissing,playing, handed over the cash, she went out the room, didnt hear anyone else in there so she prob just stashed the cash, who cares, she came back in in under a min, all looking very sweet,
so she walks to the other side of the bed, and start to take top off, i went round to help as i enjoy that part, got there top was off, so had to feel those lovely tits, not small but def not big, pert nice skin and perky nips, as soon as i was an inch away it was ohh your hands are cold,(they wernt, just got out a warm car and straight in) ok so i went up to her put hands round on her tight ass, went in to kiss her neck, and she new it was neck not lips as it was by her shoulder, ohhhh that tickles,  so i went back round the other side of bed and stripped off, expecting the worse for the rest of it, it all started at 9.21pm,
she took he bottoms off and wow, small petite tight body, which only come from being teen to very early 20's just a perfect body :D so now both on bed, i start to touch her tits and this time i was ok, nice tits nips perk up as they should, went in to kiss them and that was ok, till you get to her nips, then its ohhhh you want me suck you now, ok go on then! rude to say no, so down she goes, clean it off with wet wipes first, ok i just got out the shower, but cool, she suck okish, gentle like she doesn't want contact with it, 1 min later you want to lick me!! so i said ok, i dont ever lick those girls pussys, but i do go down and like to kiss around the thigh and mound, while playing with the pussy, so i go down, and nope, no touching pussy, so kissed her thighs, and tummy had a nice look at the pussy and wished she wasnt a working girl, then it was, you want condom on and fuck me!!!!!! what the fuck :dash: hold on a mo, lets play a bit, so asked her to play with her self, she obliged, with about as much enthusiasm as a dead goat, but was ok to look at her pussy while she rubbed up and down like she dabbing a spot, then it was condom on, she even wiped the condom off with wet wipes, (possible shes allergic to the stuff on the condom, asked her for doggy first, so she got on her hands and knees and showed me that lush tiny tight ass, where shes so small cheeks were spread and you could see that tight little bud winking at me, and a perfect ass hole it was if i say so,
so i slip in to her, and mmmmmmmmm :yahoo: lovely looking pussy, and lovely feeling tight around my average sized cock, pumped away while rubbing her tits, and ass, run my thumb over her bud, and she flinched away, another fucking  no no,  so i just busted my nut, i wasn't far off any way, but i could of controlled it for longer if it wasn't so disappointing, i just wanted away from it, waste of fucking time and money,  then a sting of txt saying sorry, why i leave, next time i make it better for you, you tell me what you want,  fuck off there wont be a next time.

Good comms, nice clean warm place, , easy evening parking, a body to die for with nice skin, very pretty in the flesh, and a 10/10 ass, but clinical, not allowed to touch her nips, or kiss suck them, no touching ass hole or pussy,  no oral on her pussy as she says can lick her above her clit on her mound, no kissing, not even a granny peck, and a string of sorry text after, now im not tom cruise, but im ok, dress casual, nice clean clothes, fresh bath, and smelled good, nice aftershave, id give m a 6/7 out of ten, so unless i didn't float her boat and she didn't like me, which could be the reason, but id say she like t with everyone, if you just want to bust a nut in a nice young lush tight body then £70 is worth it that body, but dont expect much kissing touching, playing with tits or pussy, i was out the door in exactly 12 minuets i timed it.

That's me done now, there's enough women out there give it away free, you just have to put some effort in to it, i will not pay for it directly again not to wg's.

sorry for my grammar, but im not good at writing.

North West / Chinese Massage - Warrington
« by valleyfloydroad on Yesterday at 12:42:07 AM »

Was in Warrington today, so I thought I'd give this place a try after some encouraging comments here https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=89533.msg1092341#msg1092341

Last time I was in Warrington I went to Baan Bussabaa which was fine, but not quite what I was after.

Anyway, prices at this place are still the same as listed in the other thread. 100 for an hour. 60 for 30 minutes or 40 for 15 minutes.

As it was a first time visit, I booked in for 30 minutes.
When I arrived, street parking was available, but there is a car park (under the archway to the property).

When I arrived I was met by the 'maid', who was very welcoming, and told to wait in the living room. She put some Steven Seagal film on about terrorism in the Middle East which didn't especially get me in the mood  :D

A short while later I was shown through to the bedroom where I was met by Bobo. She was busty, attractive, 40s.

I lay on my front and was massaged for 5-10 minutes, before turning over.

Then is was straight to it! 'Covered blowjob now?' she asked?

Now, what I am after when I go for a massage is really some decent OWO. That's where Rinda at Baan Bussabaa didn't really deliver. Which was a shame, as I liked her playful side.

I asked for OWO and she said '£10 extra' which I agreed to.

The OWO was very good and deep. There was ball-licking.

After about 5 minutes she said 'OK, time for sex'.
This is not something I'm after, so I politely decline and say just the OWO is fine.

She looks a little surprised but nods and says 'If you cum in my mouth, that's extra'.
I reassure her that I'll warn her when that time arrives, which doesn't take too much longer.

So, that was it. Exactly what I was after.

As has been mentioned in the other thread though, the girls/women are switched around on a weekly basis so it's possible that some won't offer certain things. Who knows?!

I'll certainly give it another go though  :thumbsup:

London / Sugar Coco- Earls Court
« by JakobStFelix on March 25, 2017, 11:41:30 PM »
I'd heard some positive things about Coco (http://london.backpage.co.uk/TherapeuticMassage/sugar-coco-full-body-relaxing-chinese-massage-in-earls-court-incall-and-outcall/22282758) but having now met with her I wouldn't recommend a visit.

I phoned her a few hours before I met her and arranged to meet her at 21:30 for 30 minutes. FS, OW, rimming and massage for £80.
She lives in a flat about 3 minutes from Earls Court station, very easy to find. She does have rather loud neighbours.
Her flat was small but tidy and I was offered a shower which I accepted, some people have complained about it's size but I had no trouble and am a large chap.
I'm not convinced that she is the girl in the photos used to advertise this place. She is very young and petite with a tattoo of cherries on her shoulder. Facially 4/10. Body 7/10 if you like very petite girls.

She started by stripping and massaging my back with coconut oil, it wasn't very firm or good but she was sliding over my back. I turned over and she played with my nipples for a moment before we kissed and I sucked hers (small boobs but great nipples)

Moved on to OW, not great technique. Very toothy and it became quite unpleasant. I mentioned to her that she offered me a rim, she was reluctant and played with my balls.

She positioned herself for cowgirl and let me slide in. She was really tight and very light and fucking her was a real treat. I slipped out after maybe 30 seconds. I reached down to inspect the condom to find it had split. I told her to get off and she reached for another condom but I no longer wanted to be inside her so said no to sex.
She resumed OW but still wasn't very good. I subtly directed her to my anus and she gingerly start licking around the area but with no enthusiasm.
I relieved myself quickly afterwards on her face and chest. We cleaned up and she attempted to help me dress but it was very awkward.

I get the feeling she would be good for a quick pump and dump but I wouldn't stay for anything else.

Rather disappointed and I won't be returning.

South East / EmilyLane, Abingdon
« by Cunning Punt on March 25, 2017, 11:12:12 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2855332 or https://www.adultwork.com/EmilyLane+xx

Thanks to all those who've reviewed Emily before. This meeting was a positive for me overall, but her service was fairly neutral.

I've wanted to see her for some time and almost did about a year ago, but unfortunately my phone died when I got there so couldn't get the precise address and see her.  :dash:
Fortunately, she didn't block me.
Emily speaks good English and booking was easy - checked FK was available in 30mins and booked for the half-hour (£80) for about 90mins later.

I met Emily at a flat in North Abingdon where she seems to work Mondays and Tuesdays, I've noted then often works Thursdays and Fridays from Farnborough and sometimes Langley on Sundays, though it can differ.
I parked on Radley Road but there was free and P&D parking nearer the flat.

The buzzer entry system took three attempts to work, so not sure if's on the blink or Emily didn't do something right her end first of all.
It's also worth nothing the flat nos/floors aren't listed near the entrance. Her flat was third or fourth floor but you may want to check to avoid going round in a maze.
The flat itself was okay but the shower bracket was loose so handheld arrangement only.

As you can see from the photos on her profile, Emily has a fantastic body with large breasts that are enhanced but well done, as others have said.

Facially, I found her very attractive - at least 8/10.
Her English is good and she was friendly and chatty. Although Polish, she has a bit of Essex about her in the way she talks - a bit like 36GG glamour Porsha but absolutely nowhere near as full on. (Maybe these Polish girls watch TOWIE to learn English?  :D)

FK, OWO, RO, fingering, sex in CG and massage.

FK and OWO were very light. There was only a little tongue when kissing and during her BJ, it was so light that at one point I had to double check she was actually sucking my cock. :unknown:
Emily was fine with RO, including 69 and facesitting, though it clearly wasn't doing too much for her and moans were a bit fake. She was okay with one finger inside.
Sex in CG was good with a bit of FK and eye contact, but ideally I would have preferred more of both.
After popping, she said she didn't know how much time was left - there was 5mins so reasonable quick massage and then another shower.

Many punters would consider Emily's service rather neutral, particularly at the rates she is charging. However, I got on really well with her, which just tipped my rating to a positive.
I plan to go back and hopefully I can get better FK and possibly firmer OWO from her on a second meeting.


exciting website tempted me (even though i knew it was bullshit)
made the assumption that if they knew how to do websites well they might be ok in terms of service
lady on phone had cute japanese accent so got a little optimistic but when i got there girl was obviously chinese,
clearly there is a boss lady operating the phone on behalf of various girls in flats
no japanese unicorn for me

oh well


middling flat in block directly opposite marylebone station
not dirty but not clean either - not luxury for sure - but ok i guess


quite cute
though chubby
with one of those pear shaped figures that can take a belly without looking wrong
nice red lips, good condition black hair
good young breasts, no sag, small-ish and firm
slight/light BO, not unpleasantly so but was in-line with the generally tired feel of the flat


went for £100 massage with happy ending (high i know but whatever)
got decent massage from the get go, was skilled at making it feel sensual with little bit of sighing and grunting as she did it
sat on various parts as she worked and i could feel her hot pussy on me agreeably as she moved about
did some ball stroking while i was on my front along with massaging the root of my cock
bit of finger teasing to my butt hole too but no insertion (not overly keen on that anyway)

at the turn she asked me if i wanted to upgrade to `sucking and make love`asked how much (even though i didn't want it - duty of research and all that)
she said £50 - no thanks
she smiled nice enough and said ok and got to it with the cock stroking.

she got her tits out at this point too (had been wearing a decently lux looking red silk camisole type thingy)
and i went to work on them squeezing and sucking her nipples and really got quite into it (which is when the slight BO was registered)
nonetheless enjoyed it really quite a lot and it was substantially more erotic than much full on sex i've had before
she seemed to be getting into it a little too, but not enough to relent and let my exploring fingers find her slit or to kiss anymore than very fleeting pecks

after i about 20 mins of me sucking her tits while she stroked my cock i lay back and just looked at her while she stroked me (now more rhythmically urgently)
and she held my eye contact quite saucily as she did to good effect
she also allowed my fingers to stroke her clit (through knickers) now, but i guess she was allowing this to help me get to the finish line in good time.

had very good ejaculation of the kind that have that unstoppable quality and feel like you left nothing in the bag
quite satisfying

as usual once i'd popped i wanted to get out of there asap and go do something else

overall conclusion - not bad
had good orgasm - but paid a bit too much

would i return............maybe......lot of options out there though

oh i've attached a pic which is obviously not the girl i saw but most represents what she would look like
in the in the imagination of a drunk acute optimist
remembering what she looked like before she had put on about 2 stone .

not sure how useful my review is reading it back but i guess what i'm saying is that if you have to be at Marylebone station and have an hour spare you might have a good value time if you try haggling

North West / jess-leigh - Manchester
« by spanktank on March 25, 2017, 08:45:02 PM »

£90 / 1 hour

I had a crap experience with this one the other day and decided I should pop my review cherry to warn others.


The only good bit. I texted to ask if she was available and got a reply straight away. Was all organised pretty quickly and she gave good directions on the phone.


Hotel in Manchester city centre, a bit grotty but well located.


Here's where the first lie revealed itself - her profile says size 8, however she's at least a size 14.

I'd say what the photos reveal is accurate, but they're obviously angle shots which conceal her full size.

On the plus side she has a pretty face with big natural tits, and didn't seem far off the stated age of 20.


- Covered Oral
- Protected sex in various positions: Doggy, Missionary, CG

Her enjoys list is a fat lie. She refused OWO, despite this being on her profile, which obviously means CIM and Swallow are off the menu as well.

She also refused kissing, which to be fair isn't listed nor does she claim to do GFE, however I still think this is pretty poor and worth mentioning. Not even talking about FK or DFK - you can't so much as kiss her on the lips.

While I didn't directly ask about submission, I think it was also obvious she isn't really a submissive (at least not with punters) considering she won't even kiss you on the lips and will disrespect you by answering her phone mid-punt (more on that later).

No doubt other items on her enjoys list are bullshit too - after she refused kissing and OWO I didn't bother to enquire further.

The Meet:

I followed her directions to the hotel and met her in the room. She opened the door and as mentioned, was significantly bigger than advertised. I wasn't completely put off though, considering the positives mentioned about her appearance and her extensive likes list, so I handed over the money. This was a mistake.

She then immediately instructs me to remove my clothes and lie down. Minor point here and probably debatable: something I've noticed in my (limited) experience is a good WG won't directly ask you to take off your clothes and lie down, or tell you what to do in any way, but lets you take things at your own pace. Which I think is the right approach because I'll take off my clothes when I'm good and ready and I'll start in whatever position I like, thank you very much. In any case as the paying customer I like to take the lead and get pissed off when a girl tries to get me to follow a procedure. So, for me this was red flag #2. YMMV.

As I'm moving toward the bed I lean in to kiss her - she immediately recoils and says "I don't do kissing". In retrospect I realise her profile doesn't mention FK or GFE, so this one is partly on me, but for me no kissing is an instant mood killer. No DFK is one thing but she wouldn't even kiss on the lips, as if I'm a leper or something. Things got awkward here and only continued to go downhill. Red flag #3.

I was then expecting her to start blowing me, but what actually happened is she immediately started yanking my cock like she was trying to start an engine. WTF? Red flag #4.

After a minute of this I suggested she use her mouth instead. "Ok I'll get a condom" - WTF? OWO is in her likes list. Which now tells me that the whole thing is bullshit. She puts the condom on and spends a few minutes lamely sucking the tip, but this isn't very successful as I'm starting to go limp from disappointment. Red flag #5.

She suggests we move on to sex and I agree. We try a few positions (Doggy, Missionary, CG) but this isn't very successful either, as I'm pissed off and disappointed so my erection is wilting. In the midst of this she grabs her phone several times to answer text messages. Red flag #6.

At this point I know it's a waste of time and just want to leave. She agrees to let me cum on her tits while she plays with herself so that's what I do, although it takes a herculean effort to recover my erection and complete the deed (while imagining myself with someone prettier and far more willing) as I'm so completely turned off by the whole situation.

I clean myself up with some baby wipes and take a quick shower, then emerge to find her on the phone chatting away with her mate. It was only 20 minutes into the meet but despite this it was obvious she considered things finished and expected me to leave. I was happy to do so. Red flag #7.


I had a feeling this might be too good to be true and it was. £90 ph for a young submissive with big natural tits who swallows sounds like a great deal, unfortunately in reality she won't do OWO let alone swallow and turfs you out as soon you cum, which in my case was 20 minutes in as I couldn't wait to leave. The part about her being a submissive must have been added to her profile as a practical joke considering you can't even kiss her on the lips.

So the reality is £90 for 20 minutes pump and dump with a liar who won't do OWO or even kiss. Save your money and steer clear.

Lesson learned for me to be more direct about confirming services before handing over money.

West Midlands / 6Star_Massage Birmingham
« by tilly66 on March 25, 2017, 08:01:30 PM »

Location was at an appartment not far from the NIA ,communications via text was excellent,prompt and polite.
Sarah opened the door and i was greeted by a model like dark haired sexy lady wearing a see through net type dress with her matching bra and panties on full display.
Prices were £60 for half hour full body massage with HE or £80 for the hour,i went for the hour as an extra £20 to be rubbed by this fine specimen of a lady seemed a no brainer.
Had a great body to body massage although no manoevres to the ball area,when she told me to turn over 35 minutes in i then could view her faboulous body in all its glory.
Watching her hot oily body rub against me was pure bliss , feeling that body got me fully erect and she started to tit wank me,then started to rub her crotch against my manhood,this was extremely erotic and within minutes i exploaded a full load.
A shower was then offered and i took her offer , thats when i paniced realising i had left my wallett with cash and cards aswell as mobile in the room with her,knowing this was her last day in Brum i had visions of her helping herself,so after the fastest shower i'd ever had i rushed to the room to find her lying on the bed texting...checked my jeans to find everything was untouched...phew!!! what a relief.
£80 is probably on the expensive side for a massage with a happy ending but i left the appintment happy and very content ,so a resounding positive feedback from Tilly.

London / Mia Star - Wembley
« by rubric on March 25, 2017, 07:04:31 PM »

(old profile for linkage https://www.adultwork.com/1648670)

Mia had been on my list for a while, but had then left the country. So when I saw she had returned I was on the lookout - as it happened I had a couple of hours to kill, and she was working in Wembley which was a lot more convenient than Central London.  Made a call which was answered by Mia herself (as was clear later). Something had led me to think her English wasn't too hot - but I had no problems arranging the appointment. She texted the postcode and I set off.  I've had a few runs of bad luck recently with timekeeping, so there was a minor panic when 10 minutes prior to the appointment I phoned to say I was nearby and she didn't answer but she rang back straight away to give me further directions.

Her place is literally a few streets from the stadium, which I imagine would make it tricky to drive to if an event was going on. As it was mid morning, I had no problems finding parking down the road from her house (ringgo meter), and then walked up.

She's in a ground floor flat, in a close, which is set in a semi-circle - it's secluded enough to feel anonymous, without making it feel like every neighbor is twitching their curtain and watching you. Flat is fairly basic, bedroom had a futon and sofa in it, bathroom was tired looking but functional.

Mia herself is like her pictures, though I'd say she's put on a bit of weight around her hips and legs since then. I mention this by way of saying that she's a big lass. Not fat by any means, she's fairly averagely built, but she's also 6 foot tall without shoes. So the pictures didn't quite prepare me for the scale.  Her hair is as pictured - which some people might not like - but which I did - reminding me of the older goth girls when I was back in college.  Her skin is perhaps a little older looking than in the photos.

We exchanged paperwork, and I was offered a clean towel and went to the bathroom to freshen up quickly.  Returned to the room, and she immediately approached me and went into DFK (of the suck your face off sort) and this set the tone for the rest of the appointment.

She was quite happy to take my clothes off - and I pushed down to indicate that I wanted a BJ, she knelt down and took my whole cock in her mouth straight away, giving it a thorough licking and sucking each of my balls in turn.  After some time I led her to the futon where she helped me with a condom and I took her from behind, enjoying the shape of her lower back and ass as I did, she seemed to get into this, frigging herself with one hand as she pushed back on me.

I wanted CIM though, so after about 10 minutes or so, I pulled out and guided her head onto my cock, she was happy to take the whole length and keep sucking as I came, then disappearing into the bathroom to spit and clean up.

She asked if I wanted a massage, to which I agreed, and I got a decent massage with reasonable amounts of pressure while she sat astride me at first and then to the side.  I was starting to recover and was thinking of initiating round two when she started sliding her body against my back, licking and kissing my neck. She moved lower, licking my perineum before tonguing my arse, not completely my thing - but what the heck.

I turned over and she joined me on the pillow, I was hard by now, so we went at it in mish, her legs wrapped around my body until I came.

Shower to clean up, dressed up with a little conversation and then left. 90 for the hour.

So not the best experience I've had, but definitely a positive. She offered all the services listed and her work rate was prodigious - she didn't stop or time waste for the entire hour I was there.  She didn't gush, but was just friendly enough to make things comfortable.

My only neutral/negative points are, she's a little one speed, there wasn't much light and shade or build up, it was straight into 100mphs - and she's tall (sounds weird, but it was a bit like shagging a much bigger and older woman).

London / Hot Lorena 22 - Bond Street
« by garfield100 on March 25, 2017, 06:48:32 PM »
My rating is between neutral to negative.   To be fair its more negative, but i was willing to take the hit and sit thru it.


She is a hot girl, not as hot as the pics, but was definitely her.  Is she Greek?? I asked her to speak Greek and she came up with a few words.  A few punters mentioned the Transylvania aspect, she is rather tall for a Romanian girl. 

She fucks quite well, the only thing is, its all rushed, ok i only wanted 30 mins as I knew 60mins would be a waste of cash and i was horny and need a lay asap.  Her phones are lying on the bed, but she didn't look at them whilst we were at it.

It was all v rushed, but i have seen worse.

In summary:

Looks: hot
Attitude: avg
Service: avg

Would i go again?

Definitely no.

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