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Fancied a massage today, so texted:


Only 1 review here, and I was not completely confident, like the massage was crap (no experienced) or no sexy at all, but other options were not available. Agreed to meet her for 30 mins/50 (she sent me the postcode, near Aldgate East.): I also decided to try her as it was 50 for 30 mins, as if it was 60 or more I wouldn't have texted her. During the trip, 20 mins before the time (I was going to arrive 5 mins before), she sends a text to move the booking 30 mins later. I think about it for 10 mins (I don't like to wait in vain), and I reply OK, let's meet 30 mins later. After 5 mins she replies she can't for another 1 hour (after the agreed time), and I reply to go fuck yourself, and I quit. She wasted 1 hour of my life (at least). I didn't have a plan B, and so I go straight back home.

Will I go back? No.

Would I recommend her? No.

London / anal_service_Kate - Stratford - TIMEWASTER
« by bookmaker2 on February 19, 2017, 09:53:30 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3829162 https://www.adultwork.com/anal%5Fservice%5FKate

Arranged to meet and received the location via text. Phoned as I got there and a mature-sounding woman answered the phone (possibly the maid) and later texted the flat number.

Rang the flat number on the intercom but no answer/door didn't buzz to open. Phoned to say I was outside and the maid asked me to ring the flat again - again no response. Phoned again only for it to go to voicemail a couple times. Decided "fuck it" and went.

Don't waste your time.

London / Martinaxx - Stratford
« by bookmaker2 on February 19, 2017, 09:48:32 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3850253 or https://www.adultwork.com/Martinaxx

Location: Nice flat very close to the station. Immaculate inside. Bed was a bit creaky.

Martina: Pretty face, friendly and great figure. About 5'3. Not sure she is 100% Italian but definitely one of the most attractive women I've punted with (your ratings will differ).

Services: 30m @ £70. FK, OWO, 69, sex. FK started slow but she got into it. Didn't allow fingering, 69 didn't as last long as I usually like and no CIM (despite it saying at discretion on the profile). Lots of moans and noises throughout sex but was a little inexperienced for me.

NB:Though my first review, I have met some of girls who are well-reviewed and had a positive experience so decided not to review them.

Back to JoySummer

Date of meet: 15 Februrary 2017

Location: Hotel Next to Prince Regent Station (DLR)

Rate:£140.00/hr (inclusive of extras)

Parking at hotel car park:£5.00 for 2hours

Services Delivered:OWO, DFK, DT, Massage and Protected Sex


Body Size: 12 (accurate, a little bit of stomach, no hanging bits, small tits)

Face:8/10 appealing

Hotel Facilities:8/10 - (Lifts operate on card to get onto floors)

Level of English:Good - (Need to be specific and dynamic with your words if she doesn't respond as expected)

I sent a text around 20:00 to enquire availability, got back to me within minutes with postcode. Googled, and confirmed on the phone that it's a hotel, and also to check if I'm meeting herself. With voice check out of the way, I googled her mobile number, no alarm bells.

I texted for 21:00 - 22:00 and got confirmation. I sent another one with the above services and got a reply saying OK. I'd a quick shower, freshened up and took off in my car for the 15 minutes journey to ExCel. I parked and spoke to her 5 minutes to the destination about parking at the hotel, she told me it costs £5.00 to park. Without coins and no shops around, I made my way there and parked in a bay. I told her on the phone I need coins, with a bit of back and forth on the phone, she told me to meet her at reception for coins as she has to collect me from reception due lifts with card access anyway.

Fortunately, I had a diary with me, so I opened it and put my phone in the middle as I stood about 18 yards from the side of the reception desk and a bar about 30 yards behind me packed with people. I figured the lifts will be after the reception desk so I faced that direction as I texted her to say I'm the guy with the diary. She rightly appeared from the direction I was looking as I checked my phone/diary now and then. She signaled to give me a hint. I answered a "hello sir" with "hello, good evening" as I walked past reception to collect £5.00 coins from her. I didn't want to use my card to pay by phone. She was discreetly dressed in black leather skirt (not tight or loose), waist level coat and heels with a red lipstick smile. I was excited  :D at what I saw. I went out and got a ticket for my car. This parking saga lasted about 4 minutes. Eventually, I was delighted by the scenario above. It portrayed familiarity between us if people were being nosy.

I joined her in the lift within seconds, and avoided the temptation to touch. Once she opened her door we kissed, and she took off my jacket. She offered me Prosecco, and I politely declined. At this point, she has taken off her coat and her see-through top revealed her small breasts, yet a sexy body. She offered me a shower and I accepted, as I knew it will pay dividends even though I've showered within the past hour. I made her aware I've showered but I don't mind. I asked her to join me and she obliged. At this point, my cock was hard and she commented; "you're going to kill me", and I answered; "you're in control". We laughed!

We lathered each other and kissed under the shower. She played with my cock, and I with her tits as I rubbed my cock on her bum. From there on, I knew this punt will be worth every penny, bearing in mind she hadn't asked for her fee. We dried off and went to the bedroom. The kissing started again, this time deep and with tongues. OWO followed, as she works the shaft and the balls with eye contact. I returned the treat with oral on her. She slipped onto my shaft a king size SKYN condom with her mouth, and we went for missionary, her on-top and doggy till I popped. We had a bit of a chat (her spoken English is good) - she told me she's not seeing anyone for the rest of the night so no need to rush -, followed by massage on me and on her by me (I'm not good at it). Another OWO from her, and missionary to the finish concluded a wonderful punt  :lol:.
I paid her fee plus £5.00 (note) and went into the shower. When I looked at the time it was 22:50. I said thank you, and we kissed goodbye. We agreed I will put in a booking request for a review on AW.
Will I see again? Yes.

Positives: Manners! She is a lady in the real sense of the word.
Negatives: None

South West / Lovely Sandra ~ Plymouth
« by Andyply on February 19, 2017, 09:13:19 PM »
LovelySandra ~ Plymouth 1hr incall £120 +£10 for owo which was well worth it!
Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/2656245 or https://www.adultwork.com/LovelySandra89 - Get QR Code
A quick review of this gorgeous, charming and very atttentive Slovakian lady.  Fancied a booking as I'm off on a quick holiday tonight and needed something to get me through a cramped flight.
Sandra has great Ukp reviews so it was a bit of a no-brainer. 
 :thumbsup: good comms, quick response, helpful directions near University in Plymouth City Centre (I think there's a police station nearby)
 :thumbsup: gorgeous blonde, slim but fantastic figure.  Charming personality, obviously reads requests as she had everything prepared.
 :thumbsup: greeted in a black dress looked stunning.
 :thumbsup: quick shower as I wanted OWO, sat on bed as she popped on stockings.
 :thumbsup: does the JBJolie thing of standing you up kissing you all over and undressing in front of you whilst you kiss her all over her body.
 :thumbsup: lots of grinding on bed, fabulous OWO and varied techniques.
 :thumbsup: knickers peeled off great round of 69 she does have the most delicious pussy with great fleshy lips.  Got very wet.
 :thumbsup: great cowgirl very fit figure, oral HR to finish.
 :thumbsup: sexy sounds and some naughty talking.
 :thumbsup: excellent to chat too.
 :yahoo: probably one of the most enjoyable and enthusiastic BJ I've had including civvy life.
Highly recommended.  Someone you could see over and over again and try new things.   Even more prettier in the flesh.  Totally charming I'll book for 1.5hrs next time as I'll have more time.

East Midlands / Rebecca Karina LEICESTER
« by Knny on February 19, 2017, 09:12:18 PM »

Booking and communication - booked on the day - tel: 07460 268215

Price - 40/30minutes

Services - ow, sex in two positions.

WG - Looks just like images about 5 foot 2 inches.

Incall location - clean & tidy, comfortable,. Residential area. On main road, so conspicuous during day.

Phoned and agreed  sex and kissing, but when arrived, only allowed kissing on cheek.  She had a pretty and smily look about her so I stayed.  Started in cowgirl, but the distant expression was not doing anything for me.  Then it was the typical attitude to hurry you up.  I thought, fuck this, let's see her cute bottom in doggy to finish off.  It was then that the whiff of BV or bacterial vaginosis really hit me.  The fishy smell that I cannot abide.  Stopped, cleaned, and left.  10 minutes.

Again, on balance I took a risk, at 40 notes I thought it's worth it to get a young lass strip naked for me in the least.  I have a good memory of her nice arse.  But this is a negative, because as a service provider she fails badly. 

She complained that she was quiet all day - no wonder.  Silly girl didn't recognise a respectful, and clean punter when she had me.  She would have made me a regular if she got the basics right.

And girl, sort your twat out will ya!

Wales / sexy and hot rose (brazilian) - Cardiff
« by ledley on February 19, 2017, 08:29:17 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3712190 or https://www.adultwork.com/SEXY+AND+HOT+ROSE

at the usual brazilian site. this was a really good punt. Only negative is she is a bit larger than the photo (though it is her) but her ass, hips and tits were amazing. her face is really nice and she maintains eye contact throughout. She charges extra if you want dfk or owo, i chose not to.

nice massage, gfe, body on body oil massage. oral was ok and lots of tongue movement and we did about 5 positions and i am now exhausted.

she leaves tomorrow but ill be bacl

Scotland / Alinne-Love - Edinburgh
« by Marcus0101 on February 19, 2017, 08:22:30 PM »
After few disappointments and saying i would take a break i noticed Alinne was back in Edinburgh. Given previous good reports on here i thought fuck it might as well give it a bash.

Good comms and checked as per profile all services were available which they were and booked for 1 hour at £120.

Thought i would be sent to other end of town but no was told to go to a now regular building off Leith Walk a bit. Got the flat number via text,  arrived and Alinne opened the door hiding behind it with a nice welcoming smile. I can only describe her as stunning! Certainly the girl in the pics and not photo shopped or old which was a welcome change, about a size six but perfect figure and gorgeous looking breasts from what i could tell in the little pink baby doll outfit she was wearing.

Paid the money, offered a shower which i declined as had just had one. Away she went with the money and came back a few minutes later. Started with lots of touching and as i was sat on the edge of the bed she started a nice little lap dance whilst i explored her with my hands. She grind away on my lap getting me hard before undoing her bra to expose perfectly sized breasts in relation to her figure.

 Off with the rest of her clothes and mine she jumped onto the bed lying there legs wide open beckoning me to her before starting some amazing OWO on me. This went on for a while before we went into a 69, lots of DFK before the 69 and after it before on with the rubber.

Started in mish, then her legs over my shoulders before she insisted i lay down and she rode me deep and hard before i cum. The sight of her amazing body bobbing up and down is something else!! Her titts are simply amazing and nipples very responsive to light touching, kissing and sucking.

Short break where she took out some lotion and gave me a nice massage then on to round two with lots of kissing, teasing, me fingering her pussy whilst she wanked me and we kissed. She seriously loves sucking cock and swaps her technique throughout, probably one of the best blow jobs i have had in ages to be honest. On to more oral on her then i was ready to fuck her. 

Fucked her doggy then her belly down on the bed. I was fucked by this point so she whipped off the condom and wanked me furiously until i cum again all over her tits.

Offered and accepted a shower as i was sweating and covered in oil! Her English isn't the best so conversation was difficult but you can tell by her body language and how she holds herself she is an outgoing and friendly person who makes you feel at ease.

Have to say this is one of the best punts i have had in a very long time, i seriously can't think of a single negative! Managed to work out she is here for another 20 days, safe to say i will be going back to see her before she leaves!  :thumbsup:



West Midlands / Cheeky-Lena
« by The Owl on February 19, 2017, 07:28:13 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3150894 or https://www.adultwork.com/Cheeky%2DLena

Comms: very straightforward. English is her second language but there were no problems arranging an appointment. Her texts after making the apointment were helpful and friendly.

Location: near Fiveways, quiet area. Flat is clean, comfortable and warm. The bath was good but the shower felt a bit small. Lena made me tea which was really appreciated an helped me to relax.

The lady: much better looking than her Adultwork profile. She does have a bit of a tummy but she's sexy in a curvy cute package kind of way. The differing boobs are a little odd but nothing that put me off.

The event: tea and a chat before the bath. I'm already feeling pampered as she gives an assisted bath.

On to the bed for a reasonable massage (maybe medium firmness) which was an excuse for more chatting. At one point Lena said she was a bit mad but tongue in cheek. Bra came off for some light body to body before turning over for the same on my front. She has a hot mouth that was divine for oral and deepthroat. I asked her to get her knickers off and let me eat her pussy. Very clean and fresh. She then rode me (covered) before the came in her gorgeous mouth.

More massage, at this point I figured to finish, but this led to more oral and taking her from behind.

Finished with a shower and a hug goodbye.

Conclusion: cute, sexy, fun and an excellent service provider. I'll be happy to see her again. Just typing this report is reminding me of how hot tight and wet she was when I mounted her.

London / Jessica_bustyblonde - Tottenham Court Road
« by tergil on February 19, 2017, 07:21:32 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3525690 or https://www.adultwork.com/Jessica%5Fbustyblonde

It was very easy to arrange a meeting with Jessica with a couple of texts and a call. Her place is right next to Tottenham Court Road underground station, I was buzzed in and I headed on up. When I met her I was pleased with her appearance, stated age and height are correct and her profile photos are not modified. She has nice big natural tits and a big Brazilian ass. Very friendly, I paid 50 for 15 minutes and we got to it

Nice FK, removed some of her clothes, she kept her corset on the whole time which was hot. I was hard and she went down to suck me, putting on a condom with her mouth. I hadn't asked about OWO but her technique was good. Then we fucked pretty vigorously in a few positions including stand up doggy which was nice

Overall I was happy with the service and experience and may return for another quick fuck if I'm in the area

North East / Ruby Morgan - Guisborough (Middlesborough)
« by Addicted65 on February 19, 2017, 07:02:41 PM »

Visited Ruby at her place in January. Comms were via her mobile, her number is displayed when she is available. Ruby also works for masquerade girls.

Ruby is an attractive twenty something slim attractive very busty redhead. Her pics are accurate recent and include face pics.

Her place was easy to find with safe discreet parking nearby. No problem with nosy neighbours.

Meet was for an hour at the advertised rate of £120.

Ruby answered the door wearing a rather sexy and short dressing gown revealing her stocking clad legs . Followed her upstairs and was treated to an amazing view of her gorgeous arse. Into the bedroom and with paperwork out of the way the dressing gown was quickly dropped to the floor revealing her slim but very busty body in matching black lingerie. After a short chat light kissing was followed by more passionate kissing and fondling. Ruby then moved down and gave some excellent owo. This was followed by a good suck at those lovely tits and nipples and into 69. Her tight shaved pussy was clean and sweet. It was then on with the mac as Ruby climbed on top. As she started to ride harder and faster the sight of those tits bouncing as I slid in and out of her pussy almost proved too much. We switched to mish her stocking clad legs wrapped round me. It was then off with mc some more owo and I shot over those lovely tits. A quick clean up was followed by more kissing and chatting. A rather nice hour long gfe with an attractive friendly escort. Teesside is a bit of a desert but with her attitude and service I am sure she will do well.
Ruby has numerous tattoos but they are well done and to be honest added to the appeal
I will be back. Recommended.

East England / Kylie Flirt - Cambridge
« by cambsguy on February 19, 2017, 06:50:43 PM »
Saw her in Cambridge the other day. Thought long and hard about this but decided neutral just beats positive -  https://www.adultwork.com/1393335

Comms - Ok, dealt by text at her request, could have been a bit prompter but was a last minute thing.

Location - Near station in one of the new flats. Clean and nice enough. Easy to find but parking could be a pain weekdays.

Looks - Probably where it becomes a neutral. The pics are here, although would say they are 5 years old? I would say early to mid 30s, and harder hair than the pics but quite a belly. Decent firm skin, but just bigger than the pics suggest. Size 14, maybe a 16. The full length she currently has in a white skirt is more accurate than other pics, just add a rounder belly!

Service - Based on this it would be a positive+++!! Had wanted some dom which she didn't really do and i didn't correct her as she was giving me a hell of a BJ. She started off sucking a bit, normally i don't like BJs and normally move on but this was good. She had quite a dirty look, lots of eye contact, deep throat and use of hands around balls too. Had to stop her twice to stop shooting my load. In the end i asked to cum on face and she obliged. Very good BJ and happy for me to take pics too.

Overall - If you like them to look younger, and slim with a tight figure looking pretty then probably not for you. If you like the girl next door look, mid 30s with curves and a bit of a belly, or love big boobs and great BJ she is ideal. At £90 for 30 mins not cheap, I would say she is a good £60 punt but the old pics and cost outweigh the BJ in the rating. That said she was happy to oblige with pics

London / Lara XO - Colindale NW London
« by shant999 on February 19, 2017, 06:38:47 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3923878 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lara+XO

This was a couple of weeks ago and she has since left AW.

Fancied a massage with a few extras if possible. So quickly found this girl as she looked like my cuppa tea. Large breast generally built for comfort rather than speed for massage.
Arrange with phone and txt very simple. Colindale station new builds clean flats, parking was restrictive but managed to get away with it as it was late in the evening after 7PM.

She opens the door and is definitely the girl in the pics quite attractive 7/10 and good for the job size 10/12 that I needed b2b massage and OW. Dressed in T shirt and Jeans with a nice smile. One hr paid £90 in bedroom  with shower.

She strippe doff to reveal slightly saggy but big tits. Laid down on the bed and then I got the shitiest one handed back stroke/ massage no real effort. Just rubbing oil on and stroke in with one hand. Turned over of my own free will hoping to excite myself with playing with those jugs oiling them up. Get her to play with my little man who needed some coxing. But its was all too mechanical. I thought maybe she has a some Oral skills so suggested she get the condom on and go down. But alas she failed her O' Levels as well. I just thought let me just oil her up and hope that works for me so I did the honorable thing and made the best of my hour. Didn't cum as the enthusiasm was just not forthcoming.

I think she probably realized this is not her forte and and has since left AW.

Anyway if she ever resurfaces be warned keep your money in your pocket.

Scotland / alexandra 2.0 glasgow
« by jimbob11 on February 19, 2017, 05:48:35 PM »

Hope I've done the link right.
Long time lurker and occasional punter.

Saw alexandra a while back photos and age are accurate. Nice tall and curvy student. Was a bit hesitant with the no kissing but thought i would give it a go. Comms were good. Everything arranged by aw then text me to say she was on her way.

Turned up in some nice lingerie. Great owo plenty of eye contact and does CIM. Johnny on and couple of positions. She has a great set of tits nice to see bouncing about.

I missed the kissing more than i expected tho. If she did that i would be back all the time.

Dont think i would see again for that reason.

London / BustyEnglishLucy - London - TOFTT
« by baranabus96 on February 19, 2017, 04:29:40 PM »
Originally a neutral bordering on negative but changed my mind.


For this booking I wanted to try something very different, I'm very controlling when it comes to certain things in life and I just wanted to have a stress free booking where the escort took the reigns so I didn't have to worry about inane shit. This was my first and probably last reverse booking and I requested some things (further down) that I haven't before. Also probably the last time I TOFTT with an escort without face pictures.

300 for 3 hours, reduced rate as she reverse booked me, originally bumped up to 4 hours by me (before the booking) for 400 on the understanding that I could reduce it back down (which I did mid punt on the excuse of tiredness). Her usual rate is 130 for an hour and 100 per additional.


face - 4/10

body 5/10

tits 8/10

bum 5/10

Lucy is not a particularly attractive person, she has lovely boobs which she highlights in her profile multiple times but really that's about it.

Face - bit of a chin, very toothy (slightly wonky) and generally not very nice to look at. She mentions her eyes twice in her profile and once in her RB offer and I honestly can't remember what her eyes looked like, not strange for her to lie about those when she claimed a lot of other stuff but they made literally no impact at all. Nice looking eyes are a minor thing for me but still very nice if they happen to have them, in this case she didn't.

The photos on her profile are not accurate, I wouldn't even be surprised if they weren't her. If the woman portrayed in the photos had turned up with even a plain face I would be howling with joy but sadly she didn't, Lucy has much more fat on her especially around her bum and Belly. I'm not a bum man but even the now blatantly photo-shopped one on her profile made me interested and hers looks nothing like it.

Very nice boobs, nice and round with no real droop to them. I'm not sure if they are real or not though, they seemed unusually firm and she had a single mark between them (not where incision scars would be from a boob job but still close enough for me to be suspicious).

Not a bum man so, it was big?.



For all her physical flaws Lucy did seem very nice, focus on the seem.

Obviously pretty much every WG we ever interact with will be feigning interest due to seeing dozens if not hundreds of punters most of which will have a lot in common, Lucy was fairly convincing with her acting but I could sense mild boredom from her and she did a bit of yes-manning and just agreed with absolutely everything. She states on her profile "i see clients as individuals with unique needs that I endeavour to fulfil" and she apparently thought I needed someone the reverse of what I stated I was after.

This was a GFE and there really wasn't any banter or attempt at meaningful conversation on her part. She claims to have been described as having brains to match her beauty and with the above section in mind that's certainly true, if you are expecting intelligent discussions on any complex subjects then don't book Lucy.


OWO - 6/10

sex - 7/10

FK - 5/10

OWO was pretty bad at the start, very toothy and I actually had to get her to stop twice because she was hurting me. I brought the toothiness up with her and she changed how she did it, the OWO and DT that she did afterwards were probably an 8/10.

She kept saying she likes to keep sex varied, we went between CG and mish about 10 times per round and I couldn't tell if she was just uncomfortable/tired or if she really likes mildly annoying her clients by insisting she gets off them when they are enjoying it immensely.

FK due to the teeth and a rather unpleasant smell about her (smoke i'm pretty sure) kissing her was unpleasant and I actively avoided it after the first half an hour or so.

GFE extras/frilly bits/my requests.

GFE elements - 5/10

my requests 2/10

Lucy was very willing with the GFE elements but didn't really seem to like cuddling (despite her bullshitting about it twice on profile/emal). Little kisses and all that lovely stuff were ruined by how she looks. She likes to run her hands across clients as a kind of mini-massage which was quite nice but didn't make up for even 1 out of 10.

List of things I requested:

1)Nice dress
2)that she take the lead (I was very clear about this, I wanted her to initiate and just do whatever she normally does in GFE's)
3)That she bring a schoolgirl outfit that I was curious about (never seen one in this context)
4)That she avoid wearing heels because of the stairs to my flat.

What she delivered on:

1)A dress of some kind
2)I had to remind her about my request for her to lead (she claimed she remembered everything later) and even after apparently remembering she never actually did it, she just flitted from one thing from the next.
3) a secretary outfit, the only other outfit she has (no interest whatsoever)
4) She didn't wear heels, least important out of the 4 but got it.

She ended up being more like a sack of potatoes than I get if I don't request them to take the lead so punt ruined completely just by that alone. If she had actually done what she agreed to then this would probably be a positive even taking her appearance and other problems into account. My original plan was to go to a cafe near me with her at the start so we could quickly get the food out the way and I could assess whether she was worth punting but I checked and it was pretty much full, I regret not just saying no you aren't what i'm after and giving her a bit to cover her travel expenses.

VFM - 2/10

Yorkshire & the Humber / Sweet.Candice - Leeds
« by YorkshireLad on February 19, 2017, 03:57:09 PM »

1 hour incall

What is there to say that hasn't already been said? She is definatly the most attractive WG I've met. Her massage was excellent, I loved licking her pussy & she made me cum 3 times  :D



London / NikitaRose - Southwark - TOFTT
« by rKinase on February 19, 2017, 03:03:35 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3596001 or https://www.adultwork.com/NikitaRose

After option A flaked out on me and option B was fully booked, I went against my better judgement and went for someone who's been on my Hotlist for a while. No AW reviews or ratings from this site. I paid the price for this one, a negative borderline neutral experience.

Comms were good, I actually called her a week before to suss out her availability but ended up not going for her at that time. On each occasion there seems to be lots of people around her and background voices can be heard on the phone. This time I texted her, she said she was available and then became unresponsive. After 30 mins I called her and asked her to text me her postcode. she refused to text it and opted to say it over the phone instead. I take this to mean that she probably didn't have  - or didn't want to waste  - any phone credit contacting me.

I got to her flat which is about 5 mins walk from Southwark tube, she made me stand at a certain spot outside her block to identify me then buzzed me in. I was waiting about 3 mins outside her front door inside her block before she let me in. Dressed in black heels and lingerie, it was hard to see exactly what she looked like at first as the lighting was so dim. I asked her to step into the light a bit once we got to her room..She's definitely not the girl in the profile pic.  I was expecting a slim mixed race young girl with a model figure. What NikitaRose is, is most definitely black (not mixed race), black facial features, large lips, with a figure about 2 sizes up from that in the photos, definitely wearing a wig. Not ugly by any standard...about a  6or 7/10 I would say. and not fat either but definitely not as slim as the girl in the profile pic....A little  disappointment but I was still willing to see how this played out.

Got down to specifications before I parted with cash. She charged £20 extra for OWO (this is not on her profile) so I opted for 30mins instead of the hr I wanted (as I only brought the exact cash with me). In total it was £100 for 30 mins with OWO. She let me shower in her en-suite. The flat was clean, very modern and new, consisting of about 3-4 rooms from a central corridor. While I was showering, Nikita left the room and I think I heard another punter come in as someone was asking them to 'take off their hoodie' so they can see his face.

I finished showering and Nikita still wasn't there, sat around for about 5 mins and she finally comes in and apologises. Her attitude to me seemed playful and friendly. We get down to it and she refuses DFK and FK, giving me only kiss on the lips. I kiss her body, ask if  I can give her RO when I realise that she smelt rank. really intense body odour all over her. she definitely hadn't washed. Kissed her breasts and even there was her BO smell. I then ask for OWO at which point she tells me I don't have much time! I was like, 'huh, I have at least 20 mins'
You have 15, she says. This annoyed me, but even so I knew this would be more than enough time. She sucks my cock which was OK...she could have sucked harder, then after a few minutes she reaches for the condom. I ask her to continue sucking which she does with no complaint but after about another 2 minutes, she reaches for the condom again and opens it! She was obviously racing for the finish line.

So we go it, missionary position, I put her feet right up to my ears and go in real deep. Probably not the best idea I as I cum in record time. I try and make some small talk but she was clearly not interested, saying that she 'didn't want me to know anything about her'.
She then says I'll leave you to shower up and then leaves the room again. So there I am, in the room on my own, I shower up, get dressed and she still hasn't come back....I hear voices coming from another room, so I take it on myself to leave. I open the front door when she finally hears me and apologises for not being there as she has 'guests'. I tell her not to worry as I close the door behind me leaving with 10-15 minutes on the clock and a feeling of having wasted my time and money.

 https://www.adultwork.com/2440349 or https://www.adultwork.com/Your+Hidden+Secret

After my last decidedly cold punt with Pretty DeeDee,  thought I'd go for the polar opposite,  with Lily,  who from reviews seemed to offer a much warmer, GFE time.

Venue: Terrace in Newcastle under Lyme (near Stoke).

Girl:Lily is a curvy girl with really great boobs and long blonde curls. About 5.3 as stated and the age seems right too. She's trimmed down below rather than shaved.
Service: shower is offered before and after,  fresh towels,  easy to use shower and toiletries. 
As is a common (with appointments with her)  but nice touch with her,  when you come back from the bathroom,  she is waiting for you under the covers.
I then got into bed with her (under the covers) and kiss,  cuddled and stroked for  a pretty long time, we also chatted a lot in between.
Then condom on and OW (expected) then I went down on her.  She says very responsive to this and got very wet.
Then cowgirl.  She has a really good rhythm during sex.  Not just the under and down bounce,  a proper hip grind.
Then missionary, then HR to finish. We also chatted afterwards and she seems very genuine and has good banter.
Think I was there for about an hour and ten minutes and didn't feel rushed.
In conclusion,  a very warm GFE rather than a machine gun bang or GFE,  would recommend if that's what you're after.

North East / Nadine_x of Newcastle
« by Tside Mick on February 19, 2017, 01:10:10 PM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/3634746 or https://www.adultwork.com/Nadine%5Fx

I saw on UKE that Nadine was working some extra days this week so messaged her and an appointment was set up. The timing had to be rearranged but communications were good throughout.

The appointment was in a very good reidential area with plenty of on-street parking and seemed fairly discrete.

I had read some good reviews of Nadine and I was not disappointed. She is a beautiful lady, facialy she is very attractive and has a great figure. She is very friendly and has a lovely personality.

I am not going into details of what went on during the meeting but I am sure her 'enjoys' list is accurate.

 I had a great time with her.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Horny Hannah Sheffield
« by Peter unter on February 19, 2017, 12:14:45 PM »

She looks a cracking lass and tried to arrange several meetings and she either cancels or just starts ignoring all text messages. She cost me money on a hotel cancelling last minute (only booked to see her)

Comms were good and services discussed looked interesting and pictures look good but being cancelled on twice and costing me money means I wouldn't give her another chance

London / Delilah_Haze
« by tazz on February 19, 2017, 12:14:14 PM »
Came across a profile of a nice northern Irish lady, hasnt been reviewed on here much. Called up and booked an hour, she didnt sound massively happy. Looks wise a 7, slim in a nice hotel

Id requested a mixture of domination and gfe, can fault her on her services which were very good and she can talk dirty. My issue was that she probably has a coke habit as she went to check her nose at the mirror after id fucked her. Also then tells me she only has a cum once policy in an hour, fair enough if it was for 30 minutes but she doesnt mention this on her profile. Said lots of client like to chat for 20 minutes.

If your looking to do a 30 minute booking and only spunk once then shes fine, for longer session id avoid.

https://www.adultwork.com/3336562 or https://www.adultwork.com/Delilah%5FHaze

North West / Burnley massage
« by hornydog on February 19, 2017, 11:39:02 AM »

Met this girl yesterday afternoon in burnley.  Decent tidy house. Cosy room with fragrant candles and dim lights. This was my second meeting. Service was 1 hour sweedish massage at £40. Additional services were £10 for hand relief & £10 for topless.  Massage was excellent knows the right techniques. Hand job was euphoric with attention to balls too. Was allowed to touch her boobs and feel ass. Best orgasm I've had in several months. Drink and shower were offered.
Money well spent for an hour of quality service in my opinion.  Czech girl name lola if I remember correctly. Slim and pretty. Would go back.

North West / Fern@jasmines Thai spa bury
« by Goldfinch on February 19, 2017, 11:18:01 AM »

Date:       17/1/17
Time:       11.15am
Duration:  1 hour
Cost:        £30 + £20 for HE
Comms     Not applicable,turned up on spec
Location:   Shop fronted premises in bury town centre. Kay gardens,5a market street bury.
Lady:        Fern,late 20's slim

I've been a few times to this place which opened about 5 months ago,and thought I would share my most recent experience instead of writing separate reviews for all of them as they have all been very much the same.

On all my visits I had to dodge the footfall going past and only enter the shop when the coast is clear-I don't want all the dirty looks which can sometimes happen.

Was greeted at reception by fern who I had seen previously,very pretty IMO and probably no more than a size 10 and about 5 ft 5.

they have a couple of special offers on:special Saturday super saver £25 for 1 hour massage but it's more convenient for me on a tues or Thu when it's £30 for the hour.

Handed over the money and was shown to my room and told to undress and she would be back in a few minutes.
I take everything off now just to set my stall out early.

Fern entered the room and I said I didn't need a towel covering me ( it's important to get these things sorted quickly!)she didn't mind this and what followed was a great 30 minutes of my chosen medium massage with oil which was very thorough,getting in all the nooks and crannies if you know what I mean!-with particular attention to my arse-I guided her a few times to swipe the crack of my arse which she did expertly-bliss!!

Then the turn over-again about 20 mins of really good attention paid to my chest,arms and undercarriage.

On my previous visits I was never asked at the end would I like anything extra-I always had to instigate it,and this time was no different I didn't want to go home and have a wank,so i asked could I have a happy ending?-she smiled and said £20 which I had to get right away!-I found this the practice basically everywhere.

What followed was a great slow oily hand job which was a great relief to my balls when I eventually erupted.

The usual wet wipe to clean me and her hands up and then a shower.

Good value for money from a very friendly lady,a nice clean environment with plenty of clean towels.

If you have vanilla tastes like me and want a good massage with HE at a decent price-you can't go wrong.

Highly recommended.


Made arrangements via txt to meet Vicky at short notice and an incall booking was made.
Into the flat and Vicky greeted me behind the door looking lovely in a little black dress, we got down to passionate kissing right their in the hallway. In to the bedroom and I hand over the cash and we continue kissing frantically and stripping each other's clothes off.

Victoria has slimmed down and dropped a dress size since the last time I last her and unfortunately she's lost some curves and her tits and arse are a tad flat in comparison. Off with my underwear and she gave me an awesome BJ, I returned the favour and gave her pussy a good licking.

On with the condom and we had a go in mish, doggy and spoons until I came in the condom. Quick clean up and we had a chat before I got my energy back. Vicky gave me a quick BJ and got another condom on me. We gave it a good go in cowgirl where I really pounded away and then back to mish and then off with the condom and finished with a HJ.

Cleaned up and got a shower where Vicky got in too, on with my clothes and she saw me out of the door with a big kiss. Overall this was a very enjoyable punt, Vicky is a very consistent service provider.

North East / FrancescaXXX - North Tyneside
« by Asar on February 19, 2017, 11:04:48 AM »
Location: South Tyneside
Length: 1 hour
Price: £110 (incall)
AW Link: https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3774792

I decided to finally take the plunge and try out Francesa, fairly easy address to find, able to park nearby(had free parking nearby at the time of day I visited).

Good comms beforehand to organise it, decided to go after I saw her advert on UKE.

Once I arrived I handed over my donation and then I couldn't keep my hands off Francesca as she was just wearing lingerie, started off with DFK and plenty of feeling, especially on her gorgeous body. She gave the impression she was very much into it and couldn't keep her hands off me.

Once we both got out of our clothes there was oral both ways (including owo) and I thought she tasted fantastic and seemed to really enjoy the reverse oral. Oral I received was good, although I prefer a more sensual technique that Francesca was offering. As there was plenty of deep throat and came across as she really like it. I did ask for her to tie me to the bed which was more than happy to help me into. Had a bit more oral and then it was with protected sex. Which felt really good and again she was really keen gave the impression she enjoyed it. Nothing quite like a gorgeous blonde controlling the pace of the sex like Francesca:)

Once I was ready she used her good skills with her tongue to help me cum, including CiM, was going to ask for snowballing but was too late as she managed to gobble me up. Afterwards she gave me some great hugs and I couldn't resist going down on her one more time to taste her vagina one more time before the meeting ended.

Overall I felt she made me feel like the centre of attention, good abilities in delivering her skills (which were great) and made it feel like she really enjoyed her time as well. She also had good comms and made making the meeting very easy to do. I would recommend in booking Francesca in the future to anyone else.

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