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Author Topic: SEXY SOIRÉE PARTIES 26th Oct Bristol  (Read 1786 times)

Online TerryTibbs


This looks interesting!

Some nice looking girls and looks like a well run event.

£220 for 2 hours.

It will be interesting to know if they will be using a central Bristol location.

Anyone planning to go?


Terry  :timeout:

 booked it for afternoon session, no idea of location yet.  The list of girls has grown so maybe there's a few punters booked in. Should  be lively . Looking forward to playing with jasmine again , she's a proper dirty porn star and funny too. Pixie is there too, she's pretty keen , met her but didnt have her last time. Dont know any of the others which will make it more interesting. Last party I went to in Bristol was LMP in fingles reach. Seems like a long time ago now.

Hi guys. First post on UKP. I was looking at going to the Bristol party too on the 26th Oct. Been following them on Twitter for a long time now but usually been too far away but Bristol isn't too bad and it's a cracking line-up.

To be honest I've only ever been with 1 escort at a time and the whole roomful of guys thing is also completely new to me, but I've been so tempted to go to one if they ever came closer.

Anyway, 1 on 1 escorts is one thing, but group parties is something else. So if any of you have had experience of previous parties I'd appreciate a bit of an insight as to what happens when I turn up and what the etiquette is.

How much of the time is actually fucking and is it all OWO or discretionary? OWO is good but maybe not so good if you're being sucked off by a girl who's just had the load of the last guy in her mouth :D

Online TerryTibbs

Anyone else planning to visit this party next Wednesday?

Terry  :timeout:

Thinking about it but as a vanilla not sure if its for me. Would like to get the box ticked for the experience so I'm 50/50 at the moment.

Yes I am hopefully Terry. Which one you going to on the day?


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I'm booked in for the afternoon.  :)  Happy days


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Did anyone attend the party as would love to know if they were a success and value for money

My guess is those that went may still be recovering