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Author Topic: Maxes duos. Which one?  (Read 821 times)

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I believe you only live once and since this will be a very one off (haven't punted for 2 years) I've decided to go whole hog. After looking over many a profile on AW I think the duos on Maxes are what I'm really after for that PSE x 2. Now the problem is that I'm between the Porcha Sin/ Melissa combo or the Valerie Fox / Amica Bentley coupling. From what I have seen Amica and Valerie will get down and dirty a lot more (A, rimming...etc) while Porcha and Melissa with amazing racks seem more subdued and probably wont be offering A. So, my question is...who should I choose between these 2 couples?
BTW I have tried to get Rebecca More/ Angie George and other combos but no joy up until now.

Thanks in advance.


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For PSE, I reckon Amica/Valeri look a much better bet. From my limited experience of FFM, I'd say that personality / interaction is even more important than with a 121.