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Author Topic: Lovely dyana London Liverpool Street  (Read 1020 times)

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Offline dusty99

30 mins: £70

Overall body: 7/10
Face: 6/0
Tits: 10/10
Ass: 9/10
Stomach: 6/10

Services used:
Oral with condom
Protected sex in doggy and missionary

I was torn between negative and neutral for this punt. Thanks to previous punters, I knew that my experience could be hit or miss. So I went with the attitude that I was going to stay lighthearted and have fun, regardless of her approach. 

The apartment is on a Main Street very close to Liverpool Street station. The accommodation is fine – pretty standard and clean, with decent shower facilities.

When I arrived, she was wearing black lingerie with knee-high boots. I thought she looked hot and fuckable, but I was somewhat underwhelmed by her facial look – I guess this is very subjective. I thought she was pretty, but I often see much more beautiful girls just out-and-about in London.

The mood was pretty relaxed and fun as we chatted about time etc. I specified that I wanted OWO, but she said it's £30 extra. I gently argued the point, explaining how it's on her likes list. I pushed it a bit, but she didn't seem like she'd budge, and I didn't want to ruin the mood, so I decided to just go for oral with.

I took a quick shower and came back in the room. She'd already undressed, which I thought was a bit lame. Her tits and ass are pretty damn amazing. But she has a slightly chubby belly (but bear-in-mind that I like girls with very flat stomachs).

I licked her pussy for a while (she tasted clean) as she played with my dick to get me hard. She put on the condom and sucked me off for about 2 minutes. Then said "let's fuck". I asked her to suck me for longer, which she did. We then moved to doggie, with her facing the mirror. I fucked her quite gently – trying not to cum too soon – just enjoying the feeling of her tight pussy – I sensed that she would insist that it's 1 cum per session. I then took her to the end of the bed and fucked her in missionary. Her tits looked and felt great. She was playing with her clit vigorously, and saying all the right words to me, about how it felt good etc. She then "came". For a moment I thought that it could have been genuine, but then she said "you can cum now". I thought "what the fuck are you talking about" – as if I was waiting for her to cum before I did. I continued to fuck her for a few minutes longer, but she kept asking me to cum. I wanted to keep fucking her, but obviously it feels shitty to be fucking someone who clearly wants you to stop. So I said that I want to cum on her face (facials are on her likes list). She said to cum in the condom. I said that I wanted to cum on her tits instead. She said to cum in the condom. We finally agreed that she'd suck me off until I cum in the condom, in her mouth. She got on her knees, in front of the mirror, and did a pretty good job of a covered blow job until I came – making an effort to go deep (but she definitely can't deep throat – another thing on her likes list).

We had about 10 minutes left. I asked for a massage. She said she's not a massage parlour. She asked why I was still there. I said I'd paid for the time. She basically wanted me to leave. The mood was still fine and light-hearted, but that's mainly because I refused to get pissed off. She seemed comfortable in my presence, but clearly didn't want me there any longer. I remained stubborn and made bullshit conversation with her – essentially wasting my time and hers. I remained calm and polite the whole time.

On reflection, in a weird way I kind of enjoyed myself. Her ass and tits are great. I think the most memorable bit was looking at the shape of her ass, while she wore her high-heels, redoing her makeup in the mirror, asking me why I was still undressed. A bizarre experience.

Comms were easy
Tight pussy
She is pretty, just not quite my type

Slightly chubby belly
Slight smokers breath
She undressed herself
I asked her to spit on on my cock – she did a weird fake spit, thinking that I wouldn't notice the lack of saliva

The rest

Would I return? – maybe for 15 minutes, if she'd let me cum over her tits and face.

11 review(s) found for lovely dyana linked to in above post (5 positive, 3 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline king tarzan

She is building up a negative forte
Thank heavens I had a excellent full on sensual gfe encounter with her...
Mine was a positive and I will leave it at that
Would ruin the excellent memory of her if I went again and myself too ended up with a negative. ..

Offline mmmm

Thanks - this girl is so OFF my HL after recent reviews ...