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Author Topic: Sexy Michelle B .. Verified Polish girl with good feedback. Anyone met her?  (Read 1198 times)


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Mate, you employ more Polish girls than Starbucks.


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Sexy Michelle B : External Link/Members Only

She tours a bit. Was booked to see her as a plan B last year in St Albans as my Plan A possibly might have cancelled at the time.

She was working out of the same place as Alexandra Devine in St Albans who recommend her.

Maybe worth posting on the East Anglia thread for any info.

I also think she was known as Mykaela or something similar last year



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Thanks folks.

Hoped to see her tonight, but she's not picking up so I messaged her for tomorrow. From the pictures, she looks like a safe punt.

Well spotted HD - same girl. she signs her profile 'Xxxx Kisses Mikayla Xxx' :drinks:


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Linking to her only review on here (by smiths) for future reference:;topicseen#msg485974

She looks good and the profile is verified, but just a bit worried she's potentially a size 12 ...