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Author Topic: Antalya, Turkey  (Read 4618 times)

Offline og123

So I’m visiting Antalya soon (Yes during COVID-19) but I need a break and some time to relax. Just wondering what the scene is like in Antalya and if there is any action to be found? Where are the places to go?

Offline CoolTiger

A quick search using "antalya" revealed the following threads

Also check out the last post in the following thread, by Jerboa

Offline Bangman

I've been to Antalya twice, it's tough to find a punt. I went to about 5 massage parlours, there were some fit girls massaging (Turkish, Vietnamese, german) BUT, No extras at all. I even lied on the table.but naked as a clue but the girls just covered me with a towel.