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Author Topic: Phuket mini review  (Read 7141 times)

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Spent a week in Phuket and thought I'd give some advice. My main aim wasn't punting so probably not as prolific as some here.
Met a girl of tinder who was a bit of an eye opener, taught me a few things 😂

Bar Girls.
Avoid Bangla Road for bar fines. Generally they are expensive (1000baht) and the girls aren't stunners. Exception being Suzy Wong's which is worth dropping by just for the experience. Some real stunners in there.

There is a bar complex just off Soi Sansabai where I met a really sweet 20 year old just in her first week. Bar fine 500 and long time 2000. I met her 3 times and third time she didn't want to take my money (I still gave it to her).

Soapy Massage.
I did a Nuru massage at Nuru on Soi Sansaboi. I have no experience of other soapies in Thailand but this was good but no where as good as Tokyo. Girls there were generally in there 30s and 6s and 7s. 1500baht

Get out of Patong. So Sane and Nai Harn where my favourite. I hired a bike for the week I was there.

Hope this is helpful to someone

Offline SWLondon

Also can recommend Dang restaurant in Patong. Excellent Pad Thai for 80baht.
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Great thanks SWLondon.  I'm heading out there in March so every bit of info is appreciated.   £2000 for LT seems the best VFM I've seen posted on here So looks like you got yourself a bargain lol

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Where on Soi Sansabai is the little bar complex? I've walked along it loads of times and can't remember seeing one
Although last year I only discovered the little complex opposite Hard Rock Cafe last year!

Offline SWLondon

I'm still in contact with her via WhatsApp and might return later in the year for a trip around the islands, if I do I might ask her to tag along.  We had a good connection :)

If you google Amina Burger, it's around there.  Enjoy!

There are also some nice beer bars around Chalong for those who might want to stay on the otherside of the island.

Not a punting trip per se as stayed at Kata beach, two beaches away from Patong, last year. Generally very quiet though I did find a few bars on a dirt track side street but did not consume as it did not look appealing. Tried a few massage parlours of which a lot on paved side streets. Extras sometimes offered and in one case included without it being offered. Best indicator of parlour being legit is girls in uniform and relatively young and large window showing beds separated by curtains. Price 300-400 baht ph. With older girls and less legit looking, full menu on offer but did not find either the venue or the girl appealing. Viagra on demand in pharmacies, both generic and supposedly original. It was at the end of the season.

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I love punting on bangla Road. I managed to punt some very beautiful fit girls when I went last in 2017

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Exactly one year ago I was in Bangla road. Some lookers but in the clubs there was a ot a Russian money flying around and prices were on the rise. And the quality girls were often engaged by the house and certainly not available until closing time - or not even then.
My favourite was the soapy Christin in Patong. Usual goldfish bowl but some good service. Just ask the guys what you are looking for.
Second was Katherine in Phuket town. Girls line up. Choose one or two. If you want OWO or something else ask those and the desk and ony those perpared to give the service will come out. Chose a couple who gave a great service.
Personally prefer not to engage in lengthy dalliance in a club with some hot girl. Rather retire to a room and be serviced without the usual stilted conversation.
Pattaya is far better for punting - but not much use for anything else. 

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Where on Soi Sansabai is the little bar complex? I've walked along it loads of times and can't remember seeing one
Although last year I only discovered the little complex opposite Hard Rock Cafe last year!

Heading away from Bangla up Soi Sansabai you pass a weird little roundabout thing and then a large dark window pool bar on the right.
Then Bar complex is on the right hand side.

Lexy's bar on the corner run by Jiraporn is a good starting point - you won't find any youngsters in here but its a perfect place for relaxing, shooting a bit of pool and not getting ripped off. There's a handful of other bars adjacent to her's running up to the car park some of which have youngsters/newbies - usual caveats apply.