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Author Topic: Phuket- Massage, BJ, HJ- total 1000baht (£25) for 2 hours  (Read 1960 times)

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Im gonna keep this brief because im in phuket right now, dont wana delay the review as il forget some of the details

Dont know the name of the place but will update later when i go back and check. Its next door to Angels Massage on Sainamyen road, its the massage shop just before Angels as you walk down the road with both shops on your left.
Went in and asked for a thai massage, the girl was okayish looking and her tits were not bad maybe C cup and she had them on display so i thought i dont need to ask for another girl.
Went in the room and massage started, was quite decent, she did annoy me a few times by looking at her phone which you usually notice when the massage pauses for a moment. Only once or twice so i just ignored it
Turned around after 30 mins, massage continues for another 10 mins then she asks if i want a handjob, i go how much she was asking for 500 baht (on top of 200 baht for the hours massage). I started haggling as i constantly read about how prices going up and girls get overpaid and then make ridiculous demands sometimes (although not in this case). I offered her 300 baht for the HJ and said il extend the massage to 2 hours so 400 for massage and 300 for HJ i.e. 700 total i offer. She then asks for 900 and i replied 800 then she goes ok 1000 total and it will be a blowjob and i was like wow and immediately said yes.
She went out for a min not sure why but came back in and i asked for the BJ immediately (had an hour n 15 min left now) and she started by first sucking my nipple then going down to my tummy n the upper legs and kissing these areas before she started sucking on my balls by which point i started getting a hard on then she took me in her mouth and started sucking really fast and took me fairly deep but not DT she put my hands inside her tits (bra still on but got to touch her nipples) overall BJ wasnt fantastic but at times it was good then i hadnt come and she goes shes tired and stopped. I didnt say anything then she started again and carried on a few miore mins then stopped again so i told her to use her hands which she now did and this was quite good and varied in the way she was touching my dick and sliding her hands up n down then she started tiring again lol but at this point i was getting close so i told her and she speeded up then i finally came all over my own tummy, good thing is she carried on with the handjob even when i had come so basically squeezed every bit out of me completely then cleaned me up before offering me a shower which i took and got dressed, time was up 2 hours went fast and i paid her 1000 bahts and left.
She did say i should come see her again for each day of my remaining days.

Overall i rate this experience 7.5/10
-great price
-some touching allowed
-over half of the 2 hours was spent on extra services

-she did tire at times which is a turn off for me why offer something if you dont have the stamina for it
-once it was all over she was a bit cold and it felt like a business transaction, she did thank me but the friendly nature of before had gone and that made me feel not really too bothered about returning to see her, i would return to see another lady there though and if she wanted to see me again i will probably ask her if shes gonna get tired before i go ahead.
FS definately available here im pretty sure about it and the girls name was shirley (if i understood right) she was about 28 and id say a 7/10 in appearance

Its low season right now which means prices are less and girls trying to pull the customers in

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Just realised my review wasnt very 'brief' in the end haha :D

I’ve just got to Phuket, what’s the going rate for:


Just after general consensus so I don’t get ripped off if anyone is able to help?

Many thanks