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Author Topic: Dubai: Massage with extras  (Read 3429 times)

Just had a pleasant experience here in Dubai that I thought I might share, as there's no place for international reviews.

I made the arrangements directly with Mimi via WhatsApp. She works out of a gents spa in the Marina.

200dhs (about 40 quid) to the spa
300 (50) for massage, blowie, and vaginal
200 (40) extra for anal

Not cheap by UK standards but very reasonable for Dubai.

The place was immaculately clean, as was Mimi. She was all prim and proper with the quite excellent massage, then all of a sudden she was naked and lubing up the big fella for some oral, then vaginal then anal. She whipped off the condom to finish me off with my fingers up her arse and a nice hand job. All in all, a most pleasant way to while away an hour on a quiet Friday afternoon.

Cheers all.

Online Schrock

Cheers mate. I have a trip planned later this month and was looking for something like this only.


she does not advertise the she pretty  asd the pictures suggests?