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Hi all,

Has been the best part of 4 months since I've punted last, and tonight I felt it was time to have my first punt of the year,

Looked online and Sarah XXL took my eye, so I decided to book.

External Link/Members Only - Original link I went for, but im now 100% sure that who I ended up with was - External Link/Members Only


Only positive side I could really give, she answered her text pretty quickly and because of the layout of where her flat was it was complicated to get to, and she gave clearer instructions where to go.


Right now she is in the middle of the Uplands in Swansea, behind some of the bars, its nice and quiet around there and foot traffic is minimal so no issues in being discreet, and plenty of parking especially as its a Saturday


This is where it all takes a massive downfall, and I really wish I decided to walk away. As previously said her flat shares a postcode with another street so from the outset it a little confusing to get to, managed to find the gaff, and decided to walk in, the building is a group of flats complied together, it was incredibly dark in the front of the house and I only had a figure of a person to go by, she greets me at her door and walks me into a small kitchen/living room area, then the bedroom. At this stage I can clearly see that she isnt the Sarah XXL I booked and was in fact TS Carolline, not sure if it was the lighting or what ever but she looked quite similar from the photos, but could see that the photos were heavily touched up / old.

Hand her over the paper work for the hour which was £150, since I still wanted the punt, my choices were either the two so I was still game at this stage, then all of a sudden she pulls out her phone and starts to speak into a translator, which lets just say really put me off, it was awkward since she'd look at me dumbfounded since she couldn't understand English. She stripped off naked and went to the bed, I did the same, I went down on her for a small bit, until she was up, the room was incredibly dark and she was only using the torch on her iPhone as light, so couldn't grasp if she advertises her member at the right size, she then went down on me for a small bit also, decided that I wanted to fuck her, so I did, but she only went into one position, and no matter what she would not let go of my member so I couldn't full go in, and tbh, it didn't feel like I did, in the end I stopped fighting it and decided to call it quits, was there roughly about 35mins or so, I'll never go to these individuals again and if anyone is reading, save your money and don't either, try your luck in bigger areas like Cardiff Etc.

The TS punting scene in Swansea is quite tragic and really not what it once was, glad I took one for the team so at least you guys can avoid these two.

Thanks for reading

Hopefully your punts will be better than this


Are you saying the girl you saw was this brazilian pornstar? External Link/Members Only

or you aren't too sure because of the lighting?

Doubtful Carol Penelope is over here selling her wares at £150.00
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Well lets just say I didn't do my research, but yeah, expected the first link, but then got the second, she looked like the girl in the second link, but looked older, more aged, but the dark lighting helped in her favor,

Thats lame as-f,  no more punting for me here for a looonng while. My money going abroad

sorry i misread the original post and did not see the second link which exposed the identity of the real provider!

Looks like Sofia is back in Swansea I would recommend seeing her