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Offline Peter Bolton

I went to meet Dominique Charre a couple of weeks ago. External Link/Members Only

I found myself in London for work and after my previous great meeting with Luly - see my previous review - I decided to try and see her again but she was not in London. So I did some more research and saw that Dominique was recently available near Gloucester Road. I messaged her asking for an evening meet, and she replied to say she could do half hour after the time I requested. I made my way over and with time to spare I said I was ready when she was. I was actually invited in about 15 minutes late, but wasn’t an issue for me, worth noting though.

The door opened to the flat and I was met by Dominique, looking very sexy, in black underwear and heels. She was well over 6 foot with these on, and about 5 foot 10 when they came off. We went to the bedroom and exchanged money, before she asked me what I wanted. I’ve decided receiving just isn’t for me, so I asked to top and for mutual oral. Dominique left the bedroom and stashed the money somewhere else, I could hear another voice in the flat but it wasn’t loud so no idea who it was.

On her return the next 10 minutes was spent stroking and kissing, then kissing and licking each other all over. She’s slim, but not as slim as a born female, sorry not sure if that’s right wording but you know what I mean. I stroked her ever growing cock before unleashing it…..and what emerged was very impressive! It’s just so wide…and must be 8 inches long. The width was unreal though, it just about fits in the mouth. We 69 for a while before Dominique reached for a condom, she wanted to be fucked. I was more than happy to help her with that!
First missionary, then doggie, then missionary again, plenty of kissing and I finished in the bag. Dominique insisted on cleaning me up before kneeling above me and feeding me her big cock. It’s so heavy, I was loving it.
I lay her on her back and continued to suck her, she had to stop me as she was going to cum and didn’t want to as she had other work later. I fucked her again in missionary and then she wanked me off to finish.

I’d heard her phone buzzing during the meet but she didn’t answer or look at it until we had finished round 2. I got dressed and cleaned up in the bathroom, and I then heard her on phone to next client. We said our goodbyes and I walked off happy in to the night. It was £250 for the hour, I left after 57 minutes so no issues there.

I walked away and still think this was a huge positive meet. Interestingly though, I was on the train home and saw a gorgeous girl and in my head acknowledged how much slender she was. I thought to myself, have I finished my TS adventure? Maybe I’ll bow out at the top, I had 1 poor experience years ago, and then a brilliant 1 with Luly and a great 1 with Dominique. I guess I’ll see how I feel next time I get the urge to meet someone!

Online ptt67

Thanks for the review - Dominique seems to receive a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to her reviews, I however, have seen her on two occasions and had a fantastic time on both of them - I find her unbelievably sexy and if you click with her then her level of service is first rate!  :thumbsup: Mind you, given what you paid it would seem that she has now followed the (unfortunate) trend and hiked up her rates...was £200 per hour up till recently! Shame 
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Offline Peter Bolton

I am happy to pay for the right quality. For me it was worth it, but yeah, it’s a lot of money!

Offline Rayzaman

Would she have blasted for you for £50 extra?

Offline Peter Bolton

I don’t think she would have charged me - but because she had to work again after she had to stop me going down on her so that she didn’t cum. Took that as a compliment! Haha!