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Author Topic: Lia Brazilian and Melissa Brazilian - Cambridge - TS threesome bucket list  (Read 922 times)

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Melissa (she has two Birchplace profiles for some reason)
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£200 for 30 mins

I noticed there seemed to be an influx of Brazilian shemales in Cambridge recently, so I decided to tick a shemale threesome off my bucket list  :cool:.  Reading through the profiles, both Lia and Melissa's profiles said "Mill Road - PTTY Girl" on them so I guessed they were working out of the same place.  I texted Lia and asked if they were both available for a 30 min threesome, and she responded pretty quickly that they were and she soon l texted over the addres.  It was a flat directly on Mill Road, so not particularly descrete.  Especially as I had to hang around for a minute or two for them to answer the door.  It wasn't ages, but long enough to feel awkward hanging around outside the door on the busy road

The flat was nice though, looked newly decorated.  Was greeted by Lia who is darked skinned, very sexy body, but no fake boobs.  Followed her upstairs to meet Melissa.  No fake boobs either and not quite as attractive as her profile..  Lia is definitely the better looking, but Melissa had the bigger cock!

After a quick shower, and the paperwork out of the way, we all came together for some DFK and mutual wanking.  Melissa soon got on her knees and gave me a nice BJ, but I was gagging to get their cocks in my mouth, so I was soon on my knees instead.  Melissa was first to get hard, her profile says she is 9.5".  Although she does have a lovely big cock, I think that is a bit of an exaggeration, and would probably put her more as an 8", but nice and thick and it felt and tasted great.  Nice and clean, and she soon forced her cock down my throat.  I was surprised at myself being able to deep throat such a big cock, and I felt like a right slut and she fucked my face and throat.  Lia was behind me stroking my cock.

Lia was hard by now, I'd say about 7.5", slightly less girt than Melissa's, but still great.  She swapped places with Melissa so I was now sucking on Lia, and Melissa then announced she was going to fuck me while I sucked Lia's cock.  I was rock hard at the thought of what was about to happen.  Melissa lubed me up, put on Johnny, and slowly pushed her way in.  Again, I was amazed with myself how easily she got it in me, as I can sometime be a bit tight and it takes a few attempts.  She was soon pounding me from behind, while Lia fucked my face.  I was in shemale heaven!

After a few minutes they swapped places with more hard pounding from both ends.

I then got onto the bed on my back, Melissa fucked me missionary, while Lia fucked my face from the side.  Lia's body is incredibly sexy, and I had a nice play with her lovely arse while they used my like their fucktoy.

I asked if either of them could cum, but it wasn't long before I was spunking everywhere, whilst I had a cock in each of my holes.  Neither of them did come in the end, but it was an awesome experience nonetheless.

Some awkward conversation at the end, as neither of their English is great .  Was enough to get by during the action, but not enough for a conversation.  I left a very happy man.

Offline Cappadonna

What a treat!! Wow…. Think I’d of gone for the hour at 100 quid more. Love that dark skin and small hormone breasts on Lia.

Offline DThunter01

Did they let you pound their throats or was it all 1 way traffic  :unknown:

Offline wordy

It was mostly one way, but that is what I was after.