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Well my first review, and my 3rd punt in my life, what a night and thats the end for me,
Ill just mention this one first, as this was the second try, see other review i left for the bath girl, anyway look through aw for some one in bristol, at this point i just want to get inside some one,
so found Patricia Luxury, pictures look ok, nice body, not ugly, reviews were good, price was okish £70 for half hour, list of likes sounded good, just wanted a bit of owo, some kissing touching, you know the thing gfe,
so i got there in 20 mins, parked up, saw her at the window and got the electric key to get in the building, nice clean place, like a travel lodge, got inside hers, and surprised, she looks a lot prettier in life, body looked A1,
just casual clothes on, but not fussed as didnt ask for anything special, got in the bedroom and she was chatty and polite, before i handed over the money i asked for owo, she said yes that is ok, pretty simple, wasnt looking for much,
suck and fuck with some touching kissing,playing, handed over the cash, she went out the room, didnt hear anyone else in there so she prob just stashed the cash, who cares, she came back in in under a min, all looking very sweet,
so she walks to the other side of the bed, and start to take top off, i went round to help as i enjoy that part, got there top was off, so had to feel those lovely tits, not small but def not big, pert nice skin and perky nips, as soon as i was an inch away it was ohh your hands are cold,(they wernt, just got out a warm car and straight in) ok so i went up to her put hands round on her tight ass, went in to kiss her neck, and she new it was neck not lips as it was by her shoulder, ohhhh that tickles,  so i went back round the other side of bed and stripped off, expecting the worse for the rest of it, it all started at 9.21pm,
she took he bottoms off and wow, small petite tight body, which only come from being teen to very early 20's just a perfect body :D so now both on bed, i start to touch her tits and this time i was ok, nice tits nips perk up as they should, went in to kiss them and that was ok, till you get to her nips, then its ohhhh you want me suck you now, ok go on then! rude to say no, so down she goes, clean it off with wet wipes first, ok i just got out the shower, but cool, she suck okish, gentle like she doesn't want contact with it, 1 min later you want to lick me!! so i said ok, i dont ever lick those girls pussys, but i do go down and like to kiss around the thigh and mound, while playing with the pussy, so i go down, and nope, no touching pussy, so kissed her thighs, and tummy had a nice look at the pussy and wished she wasnt a working girl, then it was, you want condom on and fuck me!!!!!! what the fuck :dash: hold on a mo, lets play a bit, so asked her to play with her self, she obliged, with about as much enthusiasm as a dead goat, but was ok to look at her pussy while she rubbed up and down like she dabbing a spot, then it was condom on, she even wiped the condom off with wet wipes, (possible shes allergic to the stuff on the condom, asked her for doggy first, so she got on her hands and knees and showed me that lush tiny tight ass, where shes so small cheeks were spread and you could see that tight little bud winking at me, and a perfect ass hole it was if i say so,
so i slip in to her, and mmmmmmmmm :yahoo: lovely looking pussy, and lovely feeling tight around my average sized cock, pumped away while rubbing her tits, and ass, run my thumb over her bud, and she flinched away, another fucking  no no,  so i just busted my nut, i wasn't far off any way, but i could of controlled it for longer if it wasn't so disappointing, i just wanted away from it, waste of fucking time and money,  then a sting of txt saying sorry, why i leave, next time i make it better for you, you tell me what you want,  fuck off there wont be a next time.

Good comms, nice clean warm place, , easy evening parking, a body to die for with nice skin, very pretty in the flesh, and a 10/10 ass, but clinical, not allowed to touch her nips, or kiss suck them, no touching ass hole or pussy,  no oral on her pussy as she says can lick her above her clit on her mound, no kissing, not even a granny peck, and a string of sorry text after, now im not tom cruise, but im ok, dress casual, nice clean clothes, fresh bath, and smelled good, nice aftershave, id give m a 6/7 out of ten, so unless i didn't float her boat and she didn't like me, which could be the reason, but id say she like t with everyone, if you just want to bust a nut in a nice young lush tight body then £70 is worth it that body, but dont expect much kissing touching, playing with tits or pussy, i was out the door in exactly 12 minuets i timed it.

That's me done now, there's enough women out there give it away free, you just have to put some effort in to it, i will not pay for it directly again not to wg's.

sorry for my grammar, but im not good at writing.

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Sorry u had a bad time but next time avoid seeing ladies that offer bareback
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after the let down in bath i just wanted to bust a nut, and i couldn't really see on my phone, bareback wasn't the issue as you will def not get that if thats what you wanted,
its def the Romanian thing, with all the other post on them, ill just take it as this is the service they offer, i dont expect any of them to really enjoy it, i doubt id like to be a train one after the other, and some of us are not oil paintings,
but its the money there after, and what they can get away without doing they will hence im finished with it, my first punt was a home visit and that punt was like having a girl friend, was more than i expected, 1/2 hour turned in to an hour and no extra charge, owo, dfk, cuddles mutual masturbation, fingering, there wasn't anything that she came back with a flinch or a no, but shes not been online for a few weeks now, i think she just did it for some quick cash and left, but that 1 was 10/10 couldn't ask for better.


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thanks for the reviews and TOFTT on the other girl

At the risk of stating the obvious, reading other punters reviews here of tried and tested escorts is a good way to get some idea if an enjoys list is likely to be  honoured - thereby minimising the risk of disappointment

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