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Recent lads trip to Hamburg on a weekday took a walk around the Reeperbahn to investigate. Lots of small strip clubs most had to pay 5 euro to get in, no idea what quality was like until went inside. Seemed to be mediocre mostly, average prices, mostly allowed to touch. Multiple buildings with many girls sitting on a chair or stool at the doorway, looking bored offering 50 euro for basic service, then negotiate for more. Everything covered, maybe pay more for uncovered oral, didn't inquire, quality of girls varied a lot mostly 20-40, many pretty some not so much. One famous street replicates RLD Amsterdam, some hotties here, same price offered.

After nightfall there were many ladies on the streets in what appeared to be an unofficial set up, when you walked past they would tout for business. Some of them were really pretty,  many of them early to mid 20s, but they seemed quite amateur even from talking to them. There were of course some less desirable but more professional types, however the entire set-up appeared dubious.

After a long evening of temptation I started to waver, and one absolutely stunning early 20s but quite plastic girl caught my attention mainly with her looks but also with the promise of a good price. Seemed too good to be true  :dash: but I managed to convince myself it could be genuine, cheap due to being unattached to premises, and was prepped for an upsell. I agree to 60 euro for oral+FS.

Led upstairs to a dingy apartment off one of the side streets, arm in arm like a couple  :lol: she deposits me in the room and says she will be back. Nothing I am not used to, off with the clobber and onto the bed. She returns with a friend, also a hottie, strips to her long-john type underwear, amazing body, and her friend keeps her clothes on. Immediately begins a hard upsell, while her and her friend put on the Johnny and give me weak, 1-2 finger "hand-job" of sorts, while continually trying to convince me to part with more cash. I try to grab a feel or her arse or tits but she swats me away, and I can tell this is going nowhere. The friend is quiet and smiling, I make my best to enjoy this HJ but it is feeble, and they claim I am running out of time.

The entire situation is laughable, main girl seems pissed that I didn't give her any more money, but I already was 60 euro down to a scam and didn't want to waste any more. She is keen for me to leave so puts on a half hearted attempted at pretending she is pissed off however it is obvious she and her friend have made an extremely quick and easy buck, I laugh it off and leave, aware that I should have known better.

So unless this is the experience you want, avoid the street girls, even though they are young pretty and promise good service. They seemed to be completely chancing their arm and I wouldnt be surprised if many of them have never done more than a HJ. The girls attached to a proper establishments seem a safer bet. Expecting no sympathy here, not looking for it, just thought it was worthy of a share for intel and maybe a giggle. The quest continues

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Thanks for the review. Berlin SW not dissimilar with this approach

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Thanks for the update.  Same shit as ever.  For sex in Hamburg, go to one of the near by FKKs.  Have a beer and watch a Beatles tribute in the city.

Puntingwiki page says this

'On Herbertstra├če, there are also Windows (like Amsterdam) and Street Walkers. Be very careful, the upselling is very high. 'She said 50, then asked for another 200 when we got inside'. Really, these are not Amsterdam windows, they are a rip off.