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Author Topic: Penelope 10 inch and Mistress Grande - Liverpool  (Read 2727 times)

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Location Liverpool
£350 for 1 hour

I'd always wanted to be fucked by 2 girls and when I saw that they were in Liverpool and available together I thought I'd give it a go even though I'm not usually into particularly hung girls. I made the arrangements with Mistress Grande who was very communicative and friendly to come over one afternoon last week. When I arrived near their apartment I had to wait 5 minutes past the arranged time before I could come up to the apartment but that wasn't a problem for me as it's rare for a girl to be less than 10 minutes late

One misgiving I had about the meeting was that whilst I thought Mistress Grande was hot looking Penelope in her photos whilst pretty had broad looking shoulders and was describe as TV rather than TS. I needn't have worried as when I got up to the apartment and MG let me in , Penelope was stood in the corridor looking so very feminine and even more pretty than her photos and I was immediately smitten with her. Unlike a lot of wg apartments the corridor was well lit and so if she wasn't so lovely looking it wouldn't have hidden it. She said hello and kissed me on the lips

Once in the bedroom I confirmed with MG what I was looking for and handed over the cash. Whilst MG left the room to put the money away, Penelope grabbed me, pushed me against the wall and DFK'd very passionately (by now I was in love with her) as she started to take my clothes off and grabbed my cock before she got on her knees and began to suck my cock. When MG returned, she then started DFKing me as Penelope sucked. Penelope then stood up and they both grabbed my hands and guided them towards their cocks. Within seconds I was on my knees whilst they took turns in fucking my mouth(gently - I explained to MG before we started that I didn't like it rough and they both complied. Mistress Grande's cock is around 8/9 inches long and very thick but Penelope's was 10 inches and even thicker - I could only just get mouth around it but I managed it... just. 

After a while my knees started to get sore and I asked if we could move to the bed. Once on the bed they took turns in DFK, sucking, jerking and letting me suck their cocks. After a good 10 minutes or so it was time for the main action. Penelope grabbed the condoms and some lube as MG placed a cushion under my back to get me into position. I gulped at the prospect at taking a cock inside me as big as Penelope's inside me and started to worry that I might be too tight as she pressed the tip of her cock against my anus. I'd brought with me a couple of inflatable anal toys that I wanted use before I took either of them inside me to help loosen me up and so I said to MG that I thought we should use them first but she insisted otherwise as I started to feel a slight sting as Penelope started to push against me. I asked again and by now I started to have a bit of a bitchy tone in my voice at the fear of being hurt but MG again said no and reassured me it'd be ok. Then suddenly as if by magic I felt the whole of Penelope's cock go right inside me without any pain whatsoever.

The feeling of a cock that  big inside me was amazing and I felt completely full. She than started to pound away inside me as MG put her cock in my mouth and stroked by body. She started to grab at my cock to wank me off but after five minutes or so of being pounded, Penelope really was hitting the right spot and I came intensely with my cum spraying out of my cock in different directions(unlike when I cum from wanking where it barely goes over the end and down my cock) .

After a little clean up we all lay on the bed and chatted to MG for a while. Penelope's english isn't great so MG would occasionally translate for her(tbh if her English had been better I'd probably have asked her to marry me!). It was a very hot day and MG was telling me how she really hates the hot weather and how it makes sex more difficult (I feel the same way but my hornyness usually wins the argument)

After about 10 minutes more, even though I knew the chances of me cumming again without really concentrating hard, but at the very least I could get some memories for the wank bank and  it was MG's turn to fuck me for a bit and I enjoyed having her pump her big cock into me quite hard. After a while the heat was making her tired and so she invited Penelope to take over again. After a little bit of fucking me on my back she turned me over and pounded me doggy style for a while though as I was starting to flag and my back was starting to feel sore from the impact of her groin against my ass I decided it was time to call it a day. Myself and MG chatted a bit more and she mentioned they were going to be in town for another few days and hinted that I might want to come back (though she acknowledged I'd spent a lot already) and see them either together or just Penelope (she could tell how smitten I was with Penelope) before she invited me to take a shower.

After the shower we talked a little bit longer as I got dressed before I headed towards to door. They both gave me a kiss as I said goodbye and left.

I was probably their around an hour and ten minutes. If I'd had more stamina I might well have been closer to two hours. Would I got back again? hell yes. Both girls were great in different ways and I'd love to repeat the same experience again when the weather is less hot and sticky.I'd also really like to see Penelope on her own especially as I could easily have spent the whole hour just making out with her (I'd definitely have to find time to take her huge cock inside me again too) 

Having experienced what I experienced with Penelope's huge cock inside me I really get what the attraction of cocks that big really is and I'll be looking out for similarly blessed girls coming to Liverpool

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Holy shit. Great review.  I text MG and although  she text back it was hours later so I never got to meet her.  I agree though. Doesn’t matter how big the dick is. When it slides in. It’s heaven. 
So they didn’t try to bare back you then ?

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Awesome review. I'd defo visit these 2 if they come close to my hometown