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Author Topic: Costa Rica Trip Feb 2023  (Read 124 times)

Offline wes2014

I had a long planned trip to Costa Rica in February. Started and finished my fortnight in San Jose and in between explored this beautiful country.
In the weeks leading up to the trip I used Badoo to chat to local women and was able to set my location in advance to the various places on my tour where I thought I might get some action. I do speak a reasonable amount of Spanish so that made it easier to chat before the trip and in certain parts of the country. I lined up 3 women but in the end only one followed through (she was great though!)

In reality I did less punting than I had planned but that was largely as I was enjoying the country and sights so much.

First night was spent in San Jose. Thinking about it now I was knackered after an 11 hour flight and a 6 hour time difference but I had booked into the Sportsmens Lodge and was determined to get some action. One of the well known punting hotels in San Jose there is also Taormina and other similar places to try.
The taxi dropped me off with lots of chat about all the women I would meet. A quick checkin, upstairs to my room in the 'modern' wing and after a shower I was back downstairs in the central bar area around 8pm. Lots of women arriving and doing hair and makeup in the lobby. Probably around 40 available on a Thursday night but apparently it can be many more on a Friday/Saturday. Around the same number of men most of whom were older than me (and I'm not young!)
I ordered a drink and almost immediately was getting chatted to by various women ranging from very attractive to no thanks. I settled down and chilled out and eventually met a pretty smiling Tica woman aged around 30 who joined me for a drink. It wasn't long before she had a hand on my cock and was describing what she would do to me in the room. I asked for some specific extras including WS and we agreed a price. Basic was $100 plus an extra $20 for my requests.
Another drink and off to my room where we got down to business. Everything was protected which seems to be standard. OW on me, RO on her, WS in the bath, sex in various positions, her using a vibe and then me finishing all over her face and tits.
All in all a very enjoyable hour with a chatty friendly woman who made an effort.

She cleaned up and headed back downstairs and I had a cold shower and jumped into bed for a long sleep.

The hotel is average at best, hot water can be patchy in CR and so it proved the next morning with another cold shower. Headed down for the comp breakfast to find half a dozen ageing Americans in the bar and one or two girls who had stayed all night. It felt very tired and seedy at the point but the food was ok, staff were friendly, it all felt safe and i moved on having had a good first experience of this type of place.

Next week was spent doing the tourist things (which btw are great!). If you come to CR don't miss out on the rainforests, volcanoes, beaches etc.

About a week after I left San Jose having toured the west coast I had one night in Jaco Beach. I booked into Claritas on the Beach which is chica friendly expecting a wild time but the beach bar on a Thursday was almost empty. Just families enjoying the food and cocktails and beach view. While the bar was great the room was basic and there was not one chica in sight so I had an early night.

Next day I walked along through town. At least three massage places with extras with the girls calling to you as you walk past. I didn't fancy anyone I saw so I kept walking. Price seemed to be around $45 the hour presumably plus extras

Next down to Manuel Antonio where a Badoo local was joining me in my Air BNB for 3 nights. We had a great time with mutual massage and some fun in the bedroom and she was happy with $50 for the naked massage. She stayed the night and made me breakfast and she joined me again for another evening before I went back to San Jose for the final two nights.

This time I was in a standard hotel but across the road was a bar with teenage girls hanging out with pensioners from the USA. Again it felt a bit tired and I didn't partake.

A few massage places in SJ and I had wanted to get to the famous Monica's but I just chilled out. San Jose is not the prettiest of cities, but has some things to see and I found an excellent massage place which was legit but fun and ended up having dinner with the therapist. I actually enjoyed that as much as some of the punting.

There are massage places everywhere you go ranging from around $35 the hour to $65 in places like Tamarindo which are very tourist focussed. I enjoyed half a dozen across the fortnight and generally these were great value and usually completely naked with no hang-ups about towels or erections.

I loved the trip, the country and the people and will go back again next year. A nice place to mix some punting, some local pick-ups and some sightseeing. Happy to answer any questions.