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Author Topic: problem with AdultWork  (Read 1411 times)

Offline mightymunce

Can you assist me?
A few time on AdultWork I have clicked on profiles to find that a message is displayed 'sorry, this member's profile information cannot be presented at this time'
Why do I get this?

Offline Corus Boy

Because the profile is suspended for investigation by AW or the profile owner has suspended it for personal reasons?

Offline mightymunce

Would it still come up in a search - would have thought that it would not be visibe  :unknown:


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could also be that the member has excluded your country from being able to view that profile.
Some escorts do this so that friends and family back in their home countries cannot view them.

Offline Taggart

I have a feeling this happens when a user disables their profile for whatever reason, and if AW have had complaints or allegations of scam/underage, etc.

It's like a freshly listed FR, that has 'member not active' where the punter's nickname should be. Bloody annoying.


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Either the member has put the account in to disabled mode, or closed it.

But more likely a scam profile that's been closed.  Many WG away now so people making money by making fake profiles etc