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Author Topic: Anyone seen Lincowpp91 - Exeter outcall?  (Read 321 times)


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Received a bid from Lincowpp91 on my reverse booking and just wondered if anyone had seen her?

Profile is making me think I should just ignore the bid as very little info on the profile, no feedback, and likes list is pretty much non-existant.  She does mention that she was under a previous profile of similar name, but searching on that and new leads to nothing so thought I'd ask if anyone here has seen her or has any info that would suggest it's worth considering her bid. is the profile.

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Great looking tits - got to be worth a gamble if the bid is good enough! You can fuck her arse and she will suck your bare cock - what more could a man want??!!


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She replied to my email query about her bid and what's on her list is all she offers.

The bid wasn't good at all, and she also replied that she can't do the date of the booking anyway but suggested 'maybe another day'.

Most definitely won't be accepting her bid.