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Okay, so this is my first TS venture - I have been strangely beguiled by the TS scene for some time now - and life is just too short to forever sit on the sidelines.
Thai women have always been my favourite nationality for this pastime, so this was an easy choice for my first TS experience.

Sindey has a standard apartment in a well-known part of Birmingham, and the room had a nice ambience to it - big TV screen with something aquatic playing (very restful for nervous punters) and a comfortable bed. A shower wasn't offered, but I'm always squeaky-clean and minty-fresh.

From reading other reviews of this SP, it's clear Sindey has a process. Back massage to start - that was fine, if somewhat strange to feel an erect dick between my butt-cheeks - but not unpleasant. (!) The massage then became more sensuous, with CC swipes and reach-unders, B2B, ear-nibbling, and I was having a great time. The eroticism came from the knowledge that this was VERY different to any experience I had had before.

It was the easiest thing in the world to turn over for some fairly passionate DFK, and to grab my first dick. This wasn't quite as easy as I had imagined (the angle was all wrong) but I can't have done too bad a job as before I knew it, Sindey was straddling my chest, pushing her dick into my mouth whilst leaning back and wanking mine.

So. My first experience of giving OWO. Strangely erotic - she has a nice dick to suck - (there's a phrase I never thought I'd write) although I was focusing on keeping my teeth out of the way -- which kind of impeded the spontaneity of it all.

Before I knew it, Sindey was retuning the favour with some amazing OWO - she really knows her way around a dick, and within minutes I could hold back no longer and blew.

She cleaned me up, we chatted a bit, I got dressed and ready to leave, more than happy after 40 minutes of an hour session. For me, it's never been about the quantity (minutes spent) but the quality of the experience.

So, imaging my surprise as I'm about to leave, when Sindey offers me £40 back. That's a first. And if that doesn't tell you that Sindey is a genuinely nice person, nothing will.

I shall certainly be returning.

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Offline NeilB1972

Thanks very much for the review. Did you use public transport or park up nearby? I wonder if Sindey tours at all? Sounds like you had a marvellous time.

Offline Drlurve

Meter parking nearby. Always spaces available.
Thanks - I really did - she is a genuinely nice person.

Offline shaven4you

sindey is a good punt if you catch her at the right time. did she get hard?  i remember when i was out in brum on a night out i went to her around 11pm must of had alot of punters that day she couldnt get hard at all thats after plenty of sucking and tugging . ended up banging her doggy and cumming over her face shame i wanted to be topped as he is not massive down there just the right size for beginners .5 to 6 " and not thick.  was there 50 mins and was given £40 back due to being soft.  i must have a night out soon in brum and go see her .

Offline Drlurve

She did (it was a late morning appointment) - and you're right - that was a nice cock for a beginner!