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Usual TS warning, blah blah blah…

So the TS itch kicked in again and came across Bella Vick’s profile and fancied her a bit so thought why not?  :sarcastic:

Her comms were perfect, quick responses and she came across pleasant over WhatsApp.   

Paid £100 for half an hour and she’s staying in a nice flat just off King’s Road in the same building that I punted TS Blondie XXL aka Rach Alves aka MissBlondie XXL.

She answers the door and funnily enough there was no hidey behind the door trick which was refreshing, what you see is what you get so can’t complain!

I’d say she’s about 5’10”/11”, cock is average girth and I’d say 6 inches perhaps.  Definitely the girl in the advert and her WhatsApp profile pic.  Also I notice the oddest of things but her teeth were amazing!  :D She advertises as a TS but I’m not going down the is she a TV or TS rabbit hole here but she was wearing a wig and has no breast implants, nevertheless very sexy IMO  ;) Also, her English was perfect.

She’s on the phone ordering food as I come in and I’m shown into the bedroom and sit on the bed.  Normally this would not be a good thing but she apologises and smiles in a light hearted manor.   The order is taking slightly longer so she pulls out her cock and starts playing with herself as I sit there and watch and then she gestures for me to suck it so I take it deep throat as she finishes her order. There’s something kinky about someone trying to concentrate as they’re getting their cock sucked!  :yahoo:

So payment out of the way and her food order placed and we go into LFK and I can tell she wants me to suck her some more.  So a mixture of us taking it in turns sucking each other ensues. 

She then wants to top me which she does in mish, initially quite painful but as I loosen up I start to enjoy.  I initially came into the punt wanting to top but I’m enjoying myself and just go with the flow, every so often more kissing and then she cums.

I then ask to top which she refuses which is a big shame as we had enough time left at this point for me to have my round but it was one of those I’ve cum so I’m not going to be topped, on her part.  So instead I fucked her face putting my hand behind her head which felt great. 

Unfortunately I had got to a point where I couldn’t cum from wanking and head alone so didn’t cum during this meet, this is where sex would have come in handy as after being fucked I’m more likely to come that way!  :manhater:

So had a nice shower and a short chat and then off I went.

Overall I enjoyed the meet as the sex was steamy and fun but not allowing me to top afterwards was a shame and finding myself in a position where I couldn’t cum left me with that pent up feeling of still needing to cum and my wallet being £100 lighter at the same time!  :dash:

I’ve had many meets in the past with great SPs who I’ve had a versatile experience with in half an hour (Maya springs to mind) and I’ve left feeling more than satisfied.  This was not the case in this instance.

Would I return? I’m tempted to say yes if I could definitely top but I’m going to say no I wouldn’t, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice…!  :thumbsdown:

Overall 6 out of 10.

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Thanks for the review.  I did notice her ad, and made contact but didn't follow through with it.  Strange that she seems to call herself Anny Becker on Birchplace with a different number.

I've experienced before where after cumming, being bottom is suddenly off the menu.  Her ads are quite vague, so maybe she's strictly a top.

Anny Becker is her flat mate who she offers threesomes with:

I suppose I should have made it clear beforehand what i wanted but you’re right many TSs will not bottom after topping (but the good one’s will).

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Ah, I see, my bad!  I assumed that first pic on both profiles of the two of them was the same girl from different angles.  They do look quite alike.  Have you seen Anny by any chance, because she was the one I contacted?

Are they not one and the same?

Bella Vick on the left and Anny on the right.

Bella Vick


It doesn’t help that they have the same profile pic.

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Ah, I see, my bad!  I assumed that first pic on both profiles of the two of them was the same girl from different angles.  They do look quite alike.  Have you seen Anny by any chance, because she was the one I contacted?

I saw Anny a while back, forgive my vagueness but from what I remember the meeting with her was nothing special IMO.

£100 for half an hour, wore a wig and no implants, a tad more masculine than her pics suggest.

Her BJ was nothing exciting, i returned the favour and topped her.

Not a bad meet but I think I’ve had better wanks! 4 out of 10

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Thanks for the useful info,   I was wondering about how convincing she'd be.  Some of her pics would make a prop forward envious of her thighs.