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This is a review of a TRANSSEXUAL, so if you're inclined to vanilla poisoning, look away NOW!

Saw TSVictoria two days day after Polish Sabina. Putting it about this week, must be the weather. Great location in town (for me), plenty parking but not free. Nice modern flat, light and airy.

Not everybody’s cup of tea, I know, but I like a walk on the wild side every so often. When you get to my age, you tend to pay more attention to the bucket list!

Excellent comms and very good English. Latina and has a great body. Also very pleasant to talk to, laid back, unrushed and, of the Latina TSs, I’d think probably the best I’ve come across at putting a first-timer at ease.

Spoke to her the day before we met, but couldn’t agree a time. Finally worked out something for the following day. Again, as is typical with the TS’s, she could give most straight WGs a master-class in professionalism in the bedroom and in running a business.

Does all the thing say says, with style and gusto. Great punt. or

24 review(s) found for TsVictoriaTedesco linked to in above post (21 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)


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Did she tile your bathroom while she was there? I hear she does a good range of Italian Marble.


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Just out of curiosity.... Do you just give or do you take also on these punts?

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She can tile my bathroom any day! Tedesco is one of those strange surnames - an Italian word meaning 'German' ('Teutonic').

To be honest, I give and take. I kind of feel 'what's the point otherwise'.I mean you could just give a normal WG one in the dirtbox.

Not everyone's cup of tea I know, but when you're in your seventh decade like me, I think what the fuck, sticks and stanes will brak ma banes!

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  :scare: Does that go for reverse oral to ?    :vomit:   

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I'm just an amateur still learning the basics , only been punting around 7 months.  :kissgirl:

I've got so much to learn and so much to try but don't think I could go there  :vomit: but you never know what might creep onto that bucket list if I can still punt at your age.



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Fair play to you buddy. If it floats your boat keep on banging em. Seen a few post op's that made me look again but I couldn't go that far personally.
Good to have your reviews up for guys that can.

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Cheers. I've had a few guys PM me about TS's. Ach, at the end of the day it's only a hobby, I mean it's not a life-or-death issue like football!

Post-Op - now that's still on my bucket list!


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Nice little politically correct backtrack there Mr Small. Respekt!  :D

I'm a modern man, with a modern outlook on sexuality just like you J_H - I like to keep an eye on the ones that protest too much aye  :unknown:

Think they might be poofs.

Seen her profile and put her on my to do list. Does she look as good as she does in her pictures??? I couldn't picture myself punting her if she looked manly in real life.

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Who did who?

Not bad looking for a TS

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I agree - the TS has to be very feminine and convincing for me - generally only the Latina and Thais are.

As to the 'doing', as I say above, it's mutual. You don't have to of course, you can just go one way for the sheer novelty of the thing. To be honest, even if I only wanted to go the one way, I'd still have tried it.

What's the worst that can happen - you get cold feet and walk away.

Not trying to be politically correct, just a dirty ould cunt!