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This is post covid experience in Jan or Feb 2020, only recently become a member.

I had booked a session with Victoria on her previous visit to Leeds.  The usual two call procedure.  My phone inexplicably died between first and second calls.  I hung around outside the flats she had indicated hoping against hope she might look out but to no avail.  I retreated back to office restarted phone with charger and texted Vic my apologies.  I was expecting to be ignored or to receive a curt reply, but to my surprise I got a very nice text back saying that these things happen and not to worry.

Fast forward to this time and in advance of Vic’s arrival I texted ahead to see if I can book a time a few days in advance.  Now to be clear Vic clearly states that she doesn’t respond to texts.  Anyway, no reply … as expected.  Until that is about 3 hours before the suggested time when I got a text asking if I was still coming.  I think Vic had a been of a lean time at Leeds and just had nothing booked for then so thought why not.  Well with a lack of response to my original text I had thought it wasn’t happening so had arranged other things.  However given that I let her down first time I quickly rearranged stuff at work to make my appointment with her.  The usual two call approach.  She directed me to a general area and then asked to call again. 

I got to the area made the call (not text) and I think Vic was a bit surprised I had turned up.  A few minutes late I was making my way to her flat.  I booked £150 for an hour.

Vic greeted me at the door, wearing some black lingerie that you can see on her AW site.  Flat was small but clean and clearly she was the only one there.  I quickly asked to take a shower and make sure I was super clean.  I did bring a bottle of bubbly but she was on Dry Jan, but otherwise said she would have shared a drink.  My first impressions were very good.  She looks just like she does in the photos and she is just my type.  She was also very friendly.  I always get a little nervous at these things and she was very quick to put me at my ease.
I came out the bathroom naked and she was sitting on the bed waiting.  I went in for a kiss and she responded (cant remember if it was lips rather than a full frenchy)  I had previously read that she loves having attention paid to her tits so I moved to her boobs.  And they are great, really full soft boobies with nice responsive nipples.  And she did seem to enjoy that.  I decided to move to her cock expecting a semi hard cock still in her knickers, but no it was rigid hard and sticking out like a tent pole.    I compared her dick to mine and they were identical lengths (just under 7”) but hers was much thicker.

Anyway I sucked her OWO and then she went to fuck me in multiple positions all covered of course included some positions that I’d never tried before – at one point  she was fucking me and somehow sucking my dick (covered).  At one point I was sure that she was going to cum, but something just went off the boil when she was close – maybe I was mistaken.  No idea on time, but it seemed to go for ages and I eventually came when she was fucking me.

We then chatted for ages afterwards, another quick shower before being on my way.  I think it was well over an hour I was there.
Overall it was an excellent experience. I suspect I will now be bombarded with ‘why don’t you marry her’ comments and ‘you know she doesn’t really like you, she just wants the money’ sort of thing.  But look, her job is to look beautiful and make you feel really special for an hour … and she did that brilliantly, she fucked me with great enthusiasm and real skill and I lost myself completely.  I can’t wait for her to come back to Yorshire.

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I think you should be bombarded with congratulations on having a good time and enjoying yourself. It certainly sounds like you had your money's worth which is not all that common. I am happy for you. Victoria is well reviewed here and previously on the HA site always with positive feedback.