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Saw Victoria last November when her tour came to Uxbridge.
This was my first TS punt and I had a great time, would highly recommend for any other first timers wanting to try a decent sized cock without going too large.
1hr incall

Left a message on her answer phone, got a call back within a half an hour and the meet was arranged for early afternoon. Postcode given out and then easy comms later when I arrived with directions to the flat. Her English is excellent so no problems there.

The fiat was small but clean and tidy. Residential Uxbridge side street with metered parking.

The girl
Victoria looks great, not too far off her pictures, great tits and feminine looks although may have put on a little bit of weight since the photos were taken, not enough to be off putting.
Great tits and arse but most importantly a beautiful 7 inch surprise downstairs, nice and thick too!

The meet
Arrived at the flat to find Victoria wearing some very sexy red lingerie, showing off her superb tits and bulge in her panties. Peck on the cheek and paperwork out of the way she sent me into the bedroom and asked me to undress. She jumped up on the bed and asked me to join her.
We knelt in front of each other and started with some light fk and touching. Removed her bra and started sucking on her hard nipples. She took her already growing cock out and started wanking herself off as I did the same. Soon we were kissing and wanking each other off, moving on to some frottage before she asked me to go down on her.
I started slowly but soon she was ramming her cock deep down my throat, I’m not sure I managed to take it all and had to come up for air a few times but she seemed to enjoy it. She then went down on me while I was still kneeling in front of her and gave me some good OWO for a few minutes before asking to fuck me. This was what I came for but I did wonder how I would manage to take her thick cock.
She rubbered up, asked me to bend over and lubed me up. She entered me from behind and after some initial pain (I had to ask her to slow down which she did) I relaxed enough to take her full length and girth. She started to gently fuck me which I had a great view of in the mirror. After a few minutes she turned me over put a pillow under my back and entered me again in missionary. Now she stated to pick up the pace and power and had to ask me to quieten down as I must have been getting a bit too excited. She started wanking me off as she fucked me and when I grabbed her arse to pull her in deeper this seemed to give her a signal to really go for it. She then started sucking me off while fucking me and this took me to the edge of orgasm. I stopped her to make it last a bit longer but when a few minutes later she started wanking me off again I couldn’t hold off any more and shot a huge load practically over my head it was such an intense orgasm.
Round 2 was a bit more chilled out, oral both ways and wanking each other, she asked to fuck me again but I didn’t think I could take another go.
No clock watching and was there for at least the full hour.
Would I return? Absolutely, great punt and Victoria really put me at ease, hopefully she will be back on tour again after lockdown.

24 review(s) found for TsVictoriaTedesco linked to in above post (21 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Thanks for the review. She looks pretty nice. Shame I missed her when she was so local. How much did you pay for the hour?

Sorry missed that in the review, was £150 for the hour

Met Victoria in Sussex last year. She’s seriously hot! The only thing with her that I found was that she goes straight from sucking to wanting to fuck you without any anal play first to loosen you up. So if you’re new to being topped or don’t do it often it can be painful or not happen which was what happened to me.