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Spotted Victoria in town last week, and after looking at her stunning pics and her general reviews, I took the risk at an hour for £150. It didn't go well.


1hr for £150

Quick call, then follow up call to say I was there - all done within an hour.

Rented accommodation near Hockley. Small room, but no issues finding it or being buzzed in.

Stunning. I walked in and there's a vision in sheer stockings at my request. She's incredibly feminine. She's genuinely one of the hottest people I've spent time with.
This is where it all falls apart. I'd arrived showered and on time. I started off sucking her, and she just sat there, arms by her side, unmoving, Not engaging in anyway. A few pecks after I'd moved up to kiss her were reciprocated at the start, but later it was a 'no'. After sucking her cock (with condom, at my request) with little to no enthusiasm from her, she suggested she fuck me. I figured it might be something that gets her a bit more enthused and took one for the team. I was on my back, getting screwed, her one hand stroking me off. I was like that for a good ten minutes, with her again remaining unenthused, though being fucked and wanked off at the same time got a bit intense for me and I asked to relax. When I moved to caress her for a bit, after having worked up a sweat at being fucked, she refused to let me any closer.

At this point it was getting incredibly off-putting. I asked to fuck her, but the lack of connection, being rebuffed, left me unable to fuck her tight ass. I ended up trying to just wank and get through it to get hard again, but by now all was lost. She suggested we call it a day, and offered me £50 back. I took it and that was that.

Having read her reviews, I'd take this one as an off-night on her behalf. I didn't ask what went wrong, but just got out of there. I was as till horny and later discovered TS Johanna was back in town. I had a really nice time with her once again.

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24 review(s) found for TsVictoriaTedesco linked to in above post (21 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

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Thanks for the review and sorry to read it was not a good punt.

Hopefully this is not the start of a reduction in the quality of the meets offered.