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Every so often I wanna  walk on the wild side and when I saw Victoria was in town I jumped at the chance of a meet. She has a great reputation. I've enjoyed a lot of anal play with girlfriends (on me and them) but not any sex workers, but anyway I enjoy trans porn and have had two other meets in the past, one where i fucked her (TS Magic Candy) and the other where we both fucked each other (Mia Maffia).

Location was excellent, really discrete and just off Castle Park and communication by Victoria was great. Flat was lovely and clean.

She's very confident and I was relaxed immediately. Quick shower and down to business, lots of kissing and fondling and she loves her nipples being bitten then we got to business with each others cocks. Hers is of a usual length but is thick, really thick. I was there to get fucked so onto my back I went and she gradually got that massive length inside me. She knows how to fuck and after some building up she eventually got the whole thing in me. It was horny as hell and after about 10 minutes I shot a huge load. Too soon she said, she was game for fucking me much longer.

I'd also gone to fuck her ass but I tend to be a one shot man, unless I'm seeing Nina Masseuse who can get me to cum numerous times (but Nina is hotter than a Mexican's lunch) so I decided that I'd call it a day and go. She was definitely up for more and there was no effort to get rid of me. I was probably there for about 40 minutes in all.

Cost £150

My ass wasn't sore, instead I had that feeling of having had a really good shag, like when your cock aches a little from having had so much use.
She is feminine but there's no doubt she's a trans woman.

Would I return? Probably, I like to try different sex workers, only Nina has been someone I've gone back to several times. Maybe if i fancy a good filling.

Thanks for reading. If Trans isn't your kind of thing please try to resist leaving hateful responses.


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thanks for the Nina advert.   :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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thanks for the Nina advert.   :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I've been desperately checking to see if she was coming down here after Scotland, my hopes keep being dashed    :unknown:

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She’s currently in Vienna and no sign of Bristol return   :unknown:

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She’s currently in Vienna and no sign of Bristol return   :unknown:


(this applies to both  :P)