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I will begin with pointing out the obvious. I know this is not to everybodies liking and I am aware this meeting was with a Transsexual.

I seen this beauty back in April when she was in Glasgow and i am reviewing her as i see she is back in Glasgow. When i met her she was near the city centre, however i am not sure if that is where she is now.

1 hour - £150

I was a little apprehensive making this meeting as this was only my second time with this type of person (The other was the already reviewed Anna Asia). Arranged the meeting over the phone and this was simple and straightforward and it took me a while to find the building as it was located on top of a restaurant.

Arrived at the door and was met by Victoria wearing nothing but a thong and her perky tits on full show. She was still soaking and wet and told me she was just out the shower and took the chance it was me at the door and not some random person. My first thoughts were WOW (she is better looking than Anna Asia and quite a bit taller). She welcomed me with a snog and pulled me inside the door and asked me to take a seat whilst she dried down. She told me the meeting would net begin until i handed the paperwork over and she returned after about 10 minutes.

Handed the paperwork over and we both undressed and sat on the bed naked. She began slowly wanking my cock as i began sucking on her tits. I could see her cock hardening and growing and she got down on her knees and began sucking on my cock and asked me not to cum in her mouth and anywhere else was fine. As she was sucking on my cock i could feel her cock up against my leg and it must be at least 9 inches and quite thick. I asked to fuck her and she lubed up and allowed me doggy and she was easy to fit into and quite tight once in. I went slowly and she asked me to fuck her harder as she began wanking herself. After 15-20 minutes of pounding her in a couple of positions i asked for more sucking and when i was ready i came over her face. She continued wanking herself and asked if i wanted to suck, i declined as it was not my thing and she went away to clean up.

Round 2 was more of the same as round 1 as there isn't much else i could do with her. This time she climbed on top and give me extreme DFK whilst she jumped up and down my cock and i was surprised she didnt break my cock in half as she loved getting fucked. To finish she sucked me off and i warned her i was ready to cum and she continued sucking and took it in her mouth and continued even as i went limp and then spat out the cum on some tissue and went and cleaned up.

At this point the time was up and she said it was okay if i wanted to go and shower. I returned after 10 minutes and she asked me to sit down whilst she got me some water as i was parched. She talked for about 20 minutes about how the experience with her was as she noticed instantly that I am not gay and why i would spend money to meet her and if i was happy with her service.

Overall i have met 2 transsexuals and they are both extremely hot and very friendly and could easily pass off as females unless u stare at their crotch.
I would say Victoria is better than Anna in all aspects and for those who do like to suck and be fucked then Victoria is much bigger than Anna and both do not take CIM and Victoria is more likely to CUM than Anna.

Also check this to see some of her videos. She has a couple of her cumming and one of her fucking somebody.

24 review(s) found for TsVictoriaTedesco linked to in above post (21 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline David1970

Good report mate, she looks hot.

Know wait for the " it's not a woman " and " he's got a dick " comments from our resident troll.

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Her cock too big for me, but she does look hot, not gay but been with a couple of ts,still can't manage a cock up me but still willing to try, will wait to see other comments 😜


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Her cock too big for me, but she does look hot, not gay but been with a couple of ts,still can't manage a cock up me but still willing to try, will wait to see other comments 😜

If you think she is too big then why not try Anna? She is probably 5" when rock hard, although Anna will only go the 1 round and then spend the rest of the time chatting about her professional modelling work or the beauty pageants she enters.  :D

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She doesn't look 9 inches from the videos of her wanking


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She doesn't look 9 inches from the videos of her wanking

You won't be saying that if you get to see her in person when she is rock hard  :D

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Saw her a while ago,

She is beautiful ! Amazing service, looks and body. 9 inches.. No maybe 7 inches but pretty much every ts's Penis is over exaggerated but yeh I would say it's a genuine 7 (which is way above average in the world of genuine sizes)

Definitely would reccomend