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Author Topic: Cardiff talent ?? or poss BS ?  (Read 626 times)

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Yeah thanks RJ but isn't Cardiff in Wales rather than the West Mids ? :dash:


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so sort of ads,    i get as far as the word "ceep" before clicking on the next one!    the word is CHEAP.......   how hard can it be to spell it????

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Looks very nice, but I have never booked a girl via Viva Street so I am a bit wary.  Would not be surprised if B&S, bad spelling does not help.

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Looks lovely, too lovely to be the one that turns up at your door for £100 and hour outcall.

But do TOFTT.


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and another thing..... the word  "rafinated" used in profiles!!!    i dont even know wot that word means.   im guessing its summat like being posh??

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Young girl age in her 22's lol. What sense does that make ?