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Hi all,

I spent some time in Indonesia recently (Two weeks, to be exact). Spent it mostly in a big city called Jakarta the capital.

Now, Jakarta is not much to write home about, not gonna lie. It's smelly, polluted and dirty AF. It's good to spend a few days there, but only as a transit to e.g Bali or Singapore.

Whilst I was there, I stayed at a hotel called Classic Hotel. It's a pretty decent place to stay, but with a seedy side: there are young hot girls in the club downstairs and on the 2nd floor. Mostly 18-23 years old, innocent Indonesian ladies just looking to make some extra money alongside their studies.

Long story cut short, I was there for 4 nights and managed to fuck every single night, often with two girls. The second floor is where the non pro gems are, just ask the staff for "terminal two" and they'll point you to it. 1 hour with one girl costs the equivalent of around £25 + a tip. Bargain! Where else in the world can you get such hot young bodies for such a price? There's also a more pricey club on the ground floor which is exactly the same, just more expensive.

Would recommend if you're looking to go to that part of the world. An Asian Hotel Del Rey.

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From what I have seen, Indonesian girls are the hottest in that part of Asia … thanks for your review

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Anything to fear about raids considering it is an Islamic nation ?

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Classic Hotel
+62 21 3852000

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Thanks for the review..i am off to the southern hemisphere later this year and i always like to stop roughly halfway. Stayed in Singapore a few times now so fancy a change and Jakarta is on my list for a short 3-night stopover, each way.

Any more info much appreciated but this hotel looks ideal for me!

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Thanks OP for the review on the Jakarta situation. I'm going there in a couple of weeks. I've been been to Jakarta two time in 2019 and banged a lot of civvies. This time, I may resort to P4P and I had the Classic Hotel on my radar. Do the girls kiss and give BBBJ in the 1 hour time window? Or is that extra? What was the quality of service like?