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1 Site ethos/mission
This Forum puts the interests of Punters first through the sharing of Reviews. The Forum does not endorse or promote any service provider or other site. This site is independent. No favouritism, no special treatment, no vested interests and no pandering to service providers. Members are expected to post Reviews, although there is no formal quota (see rule 27). General chat relating to Punting is allowed on the appropriate Board.

2 Service Providers
This site allows service providers to be members, but there is zero tolerance for touting, flirting, attention-seeking and negative attitude towards punters. Service providers must respect the ethos of the site. This site is neither a chat platform between clients and service providers nor a support site for service providers. All service providers / non-punters must reveal their working identities - no ''anonymous WGs.''

3 Touting
Zero tolerance for touting / advertising. You must disclose any link that may be seen as biased if you're not just a customer. Sharing info must be for the benefit of other punters and not promote the business of others.

4 Reviews
A new review thread can only be created once a service provider has agreed to a booking. A meeting does not need to take place. Money does not need to change hands; the only criteria are that she had accepted the initial booking. Members can post more than one review about an SP, but touting will result in a ban. Thoughts are allowed up to 6 months after the event(positive or negative)
Only one sex worker can be the subject of a review, not an exclusive agency/establishment/ brothel. The exception is sex parties, duos etc. and massage establishments where providers do not have names.
Reviews must contain a link, contact details or address (if publicized by the service provider).

5 Multiple accounts
Creating multiple identities will result in the banning of all accounts.

6 Name change
No name changes are allowed unless for a good reason. MMods'decision is final.

7 Anonymous proxies
They are not allowed unless an admin grants permission.

8 Account deletion
Do not post-resignation posts to announce you are leaving. Just log out, and don't be a drama queen.

9 Post deletion
That is not possible unless you accidentally include too much personal info.

10 Review deletion
That is not possible, as the notice on the review creation page was made clear.

11 Other punting forums
Discussion about other punting forums is not prohibited, but many are often very hostile. Other platforms are also anti-punter; therefore, it is not in punters' interests to give them publicity. Posting links to other sites is prohibited, as is slagging off. Use your noodle. We are allowing links in Punting Abroad section.

12 Bareback / Unprotected sex
Allowed, but other members can express disapproval of such activities.

13 Street prostitution
Allowed, but other members can express disapproval of such activities.

14 Transsexuals / Shemales

15 FBSM / Massage

16 Walk-ups

17 Dogging / Swinging / Webcamming / Phone Chat / Porn
Not Allowed.

18 Male prostitution
General discussion is allowed, but no reviews.

19 Social meets
None will be sanctioned by the admin and not be allowed to be organized on the forums. Use the PM facility instead to organize such meetups.

20 Off-Topic Posting
Post in the Off-Topic Board only. All Site Rules Apply.

21 Gender / Race / Nationality
Banter is allowed, but racist or homophobic posting will result in a ban.

22 Privacy of service providers
It is generally not allowed to post personal info of service providers, such as real names, personal social networking profiles, and photos from messenger providers like WhatsApp.To clarify, this means no private photos at all from anywhere. Phone numbers may be posted in full if the number is anywhere online in an advert. Personal numbers are not allowed. Hotels may be named but not room numbers.
 A general description of in-call locations is acceptable, but not specific house numbers and street names. Modelling, porn, and media-related work are suitable to be posted, even if it includes their real names, as they actively sought publicity / higher profile. Any news items may be posted. All restrictions above do not apply to thieves and those with criminal convictions. Past name changes are never censored, regardless of the reasons.

23 Abuse towards other members
Discord must be kept civil. Excessive abuse/swearing is not acceptable. "You're acting like a twat" is not unreasonable; however, "you're fucking inbred cunt" is extreme and is not permitted. Bullying will result in a ban. Abuse of the Mod or Admin Team will result in a ban.

24 Allegations against punters
Admin can only judge members based on their conduct online. The admin is not law enforcement and does not have investigatory powers, and cannot determine whether any allegation against a member is valid. Inaction by admin on unverified allegations does not mean endorsement of any alleged misconduct.

25 Allegations of sexually transmitted diseases
Past incidents have shown such extreme and damaging allegations to be malicious and from troublemakers. Therefore, it is generally not acceptable to make such allegations against others.

26 Allegations of under-aged /trafficked/forced sex workers
Contact law enforcement.

27 Lurking / Dormant Accounts
Members that do not contribute Reviews or where accounts become dormant may have their membership revoked.