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Author Topic: Petite Indian Nadia - Perivale  (Read 2561 times)

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Offline Mr Bone

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I’ve been looking for a good Indian SP for ages so I was excited to stumble across Petite Indian Nadia’s profile while browsing AW one day. I checked what her reviews were like on UKP of course and was more excited to see that they were unanimously positive so decided I must give her a go. I think her profile had eluded me for so long because she only works Mondays and Tuesdays, meaning her AW profile is not visible for the rest of the week (unless you search specifically for her). The punt took place on a Monday afternoon back in April, and I paid £70 for 30 mins, which included OW, fingering and protected vaginal sex.  Let’s get started with the review.

I gave Nadia a call in the morning and the phone was answered by a man. Thankfully I’d read the other reviews of her on UKP which had warned me the bloke who provides security for Nadia sometimes picks up so I wasn’t alarmed by this. This man didn’t speak with an Irish accent like some of the other reviewers had written and instead spoke with a faint West Country accent, so maybe she’s changed staff. The original time I asked for was taken (I was informed she gets busy and appointments fill up fast) so I booked a slot for a couple of hours after that and was told the general location of the punt and also where I could park. Not long after I’d put the phone down, I realised the man hadn’t asked me how long I wanted to meet Nadia for so I called back and this time Nadia answered. She has a husky voice and is warm and friendly on the phone. I informed her I wanted to see her for 30 minutes and asked her to wear something sexy for me.  She asked if we could meet 15 minutes later than I’d agreed with the bloke, in order to give her time to shower after seeing the punter before me and to get ready for me. I thought this was a good sign and said no problem.

A semi-detached house in Perivale very near the old Hoover Building, which is now a branch of Tesco. Parking was easy and free in a side street near the venue. The area looks a bit rough. I got there early and did a reccy on foot but there was a menacing-looking group of youths nearby and I didn’t feel entirely safe (and this was in the daylight) so I decided to wait the rest of the time in my car. When the time came, I pressed the door bell and a few moments later Nadia opened the door, hiding behind it as she let me in. The first thing I noticed about the place was the strong smell of weed that hung in the air. I worried that I’d entered a notorious drug den and there were drug users and drug dealers in the house. However, a few moments of silence passed and I was satisfied that it must just be Nadia’s (unseen) minder smoking a joint to while away the time in what must be a very boring job. The parts of the house I saw were the hallway, the bedroom and the bathroom, all of which were clean and tidy. In the bedroom, there was a clean towel laid out on the bed and porn playing on the TV which was a nice touch, but I didn’t pay too much attention to this.

The Girl
Once I got inside the house and the front door was safely closed, I got my first glimpse of Nadia. Her name is accurate – she is very petite and definitely of Indian heritage (though she is British). She stands at 5’2” and is very slim. She has long silky black hair and coffee-colour skin. I was initially disappointed with her face, however my appreciation of her looks grew as the punt progressed. She offered me a drink which I declined, then she asked me to take my shoes off and headed upstairs while I did so. I ascended the staircase shortly afterwards and reached the bedroom where I was able to take in Nadia’s body properly. She wore a blue, stringy, skin-tight whore dress and her large, dark brown nipples stuck through the holes like bullets; they’re really big! She has a belly button piercing and a tattoo on her arse.  Unusually for an SP, she didn’t ask me for the money upfront and we got straight down to business.

The Sex
After I’d undressed, I sat in a chair that faces the bed. I told Nadia I wanted her to suck my cock. My dick was hard already so she put a rubber on me then got on her knees and started sucking. She’s got a slow, sensual style and I was content to sit back and go with it. I stroked her hair, groped her tits and ran my hands over her body while her head went up and down. I asked her if she could deep-throat my cock and she went all the way down to my balls once but it made her eyes water so I think she’s too small for deep-throating! After the blowjob, we moved to the bed where I told her to play with herself before we fucked. She lay back, opened her legs and rubbed her pussy, working herself up into a lather with some cream she’d applied to her hands. She seemed to really enjoy this and it looked really hot. I wanted a piece of the action too and fingered her deep which made her moan. After that, I was ready to fuck and banged her first with her lying on her back and her legs (or rather her feet) up on my shoulders. I’d been aching to fuck an Indian woman for ages and Nadia was my first so I made the most of it and asked her, “Do you like getting fucked by my big white cock?” and the like, and she moaned that she did. I asked her to talk dirty to me in Indian (her AW profile says she’s Gujarati), which she did enthusiastically. I haven’t got a clue what she was saying (she might’ve been calling me a prick!) but it sounded hot. I flipped her over for doggy with lots more dirty talk and eventually I came hard in the bag. I sprawled out on the bed satisfied and she offered me a massage, which I accepted, however she only seemed to massage my legs and not my upper body. There was a bit of an awkward silence so I made some chit chat and she seemed to loosen up after that and told me a bit about herself. After I dressed, I paid my money and was on my way.

-Slim, sexy body
-Good BJ and sex in different positions
-OK with fingering
-Lots of dirty talk (if you’re into that)
-Very professional service

-The area looks a bit rough and might not be safe, especially after dark

Would I see her again? Yes

Offline VladtheImpaleHer

Thanks for the review. She's got enough positives on here for me to be tempted. Especially, as an Indian/Pakistani girl is the next type of girl I want to visit. I have seen a few already. Does she do RO and is she shaven below?

Offline Mr Bone

You’re welcome, Vlad. Don’t know about RO - didn’t ask for that as it’s not my thing. I can confirm though she does have a shaven haven.

Offline ClassyM3309

I have already seen Nadia before, long time ago for 1 hour when she was charging £120 p.h.
Excellent services, polite lady and lots of conversation between us in our native language.
We clicked each other straight away. Nadia gave me a slight bit of feedback of her personal life.
Only one drawback is NO OWO but this is already mentioned on her profile.
Not a clockwatcher - in fact we ran over by 10 min.

Offline Convince Me

You’re welcome, Vlad. Don’t know about RO - didn’t ask for that as it’s not my thing. I can confirm though she does have a shaven haven.
Good review, really insightful. Are the photos representative of her current look?

Offline jonloops

Photos are definitely a true representation of her body and figure.

Facially she's not stunning but the more you get to know her the better it gets.

Offline Mr Bone

Good review, really insightful. Are the photos representative of her current look?

Thanks CM. Yes, the photos are a very accurate representation of how she looks.