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Author Topic: Petite indian nadia - Perivale - Finally a decent Indian punt  (Read 6482 times)

13 review(s) for Petite Indian Nadia (12 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by SamLP]

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Price £60/30min VFM:)

Location: Borrows a house every monday and tuesday just couple minutes walk from Perivale tube station.

Comms etc: Replied to my request within an hour or so, short notice bookings no problem. When I arrived I gave a call to confirm the house number, only to be answered by a bloke:scare:

Bloke said this is Nadias phone, do you have a booking and so on? After confirming everything, Bloke then told me to wait another 15 minutes as Nadia was still busy.

So was thinking to myself, what the fuck? am I going to meet this dude at the door or something? Is he her pimp? Is he going to watch us? Is he going to mug me?

Texted and turned up, thankfully it was Nadia who brought me up into her room. No sign of bloke. Apparently, he hangs around downstairs for her security, so I'm told.

Nadia was dressed up in lace but it didn't stay on for long as she suggested we have a shower together on such a hot day. I'm all up for that. Slim petite body, exactly like in the AW profile. She grabbed my hands while we showered and made me rub her pussy, arse and tits, while soaping up and groping all over. Good start to the day methinks.

Her face is ok looking, slightly pockmarked and not as youthful as I was expecting but her body is smoking hot. Husky smokers kind of voice with a London accent. Compact b cup breasts but still a handful. Will do FK with a bit of tongue if you want, but I smelt a hint of smokers breath so didn't proceed any further.

There's a mirror on the side of the room strategically positioned so you can get a full view of her pussy and ass, Nadia happily demonstrated by opening her legs in front of the mirror and rubbing her open pussy in full view, all while I was groping and nuzzling her from behind. On with the john (she does covered oral only, non negotiable), BJ and RO, 69 with lots of dirty talk. Her hygiene down there is impeccable. More filthy talk followed and she asked me to slip my hard cock into her gaping open pussy hole...

Sex in lots of positions, her arse looks magnificent in doggy. Filth talk and porn fucking ahoy. I would add, we both enjoyed the full view of watching my dick slide in and out of that tight hole of hers, with that tiny frame bouncing up and down on me. Fucked in mish, then Nadia stuck in a couple of fingers and fingered herself inside while I was banging away.

I finished with girl on top feeling rather exhausted and drained out.

Excellent punt, the sex is intensive and fun. I genuinely believe Nadia enjoys sex and dirty talk. VFM, esp for an Indian girl bc most are shite as WGs to be honest.

Recommended. I'm surprised there's so few reviews on this girl here.

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Great review, thanks. When you say doing her hole while she played with her pussy, did she let you do anal?

And any toys at her place besides the mirror?

Facially, who would you compare her to? I tried googling Mature Indian Lady, quite a few pics, anything there?
Also is her hair short or more grown out now? Thank you.

Offline dubhcarr

Thanks for the review Mr RH.....yeh would be nice to visit a reliable Indian..thanks........ :hi:

Offline StevieSteve

Looks like a goer, especially like the look of her here, my type. Thanks OP

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Offline Dr Talueng

Mr RH,

thanks for that most excellent review ... she's been on my 'hot list' for a long time, but I can never manage to see her. I seem to remember reading somewhere that she's only available Mondays and Tuesdays, but only until about 7.30pm ... as I don't get home from work until 7pm, getting to see Nadia is pretty much not going to happen.

Your review is beginning to make me think that I should take an afternoon off work and organise something!


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Nice review and agreed. If im ever on the a40 near acton on a monday or Tuesday. I try to see nadia. Although 40 years old, she has a nice petite body, decent looking and great service and great price

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Good review was her pussy shaved ?