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Roland D Hay

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Does anyone else check out the interview section on the AW profile page to see who the favourite celebrity is? I don't know why but I find it tells me a lot about the girl.
The one who said Kim Kardashian is clearly an airhead, whilst the one who said Al Pacino is a bit more considered and may like the older man. A WG that I have seen states both Johnny Depp and Tiny Tempah as her favourites. That kind of told me she was genuine cos she couldn't make up her mind and that she was a bit cool and a bit cheeky. In her case it was quite an accurate description. Of course it could mean fuck all but nevertheless I always check.


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I actually thought about this when I lasted posted an reverse booking. As I had an intresting bif but on her interview she had Katie Price. As soon as I saw this I dismissed her bid straight away. I saw one aw profile ages ago that had the pope down as her fav celeb. Which confused the fuck out of me.


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Jordan/Katie Price is the one I see most.  And purple seems to be escorts' favourite colour.  Possibly because it is used on £20 notes.

Offline mattylondon

I don't know why but I find it tells me a lot about the girl.
I tend to have worked out how thick many are, long before skimming the interview section!  :sarcastic:

Really poor spelling is a decent indicator but honestly, her job is to service my cock, rather than quote the immortal bard to me!  :D
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I remember one of the nicest, friendliest girls I ever met had Nicki Minaj down as her favourite celeb. That taught me not to read too much into someone's musical tastes (or lack thereof).  :D

Offline CupidStunt

I always check the interview and have, for example, booked a wg who doesn't fk (normally a red line for me) based on her having Mulholland Drive and Twin Peaks in her interview.

There's no way of telling if it's true or just considered marketing but it tells you how she wishes to present which is always informative.

Online Mij

Yeah, I've seen a few weird ones listed over the years.....Bill Clinton, Stephen Hawking, the Queen (!).

I don't normally read much into it though tbh...unless it was Rolf Harris or Jimmy Savile, etc, etc, then I'd be steering well clear!

Same goes with favourite drinks to a degree...lots of them seem to really like champagne or funny (expensively) named cocktails, probably because they think it makes them sound classy. Rarely do they have "a cup of tea" listed!  :)

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what about Holiday destinations????

Seen Egypt crop up a few times.

Offline wristjob

Sometimes, and various other things like most outrageous sexual experience etc. I'm fucking them, not dating them, so it barely matters but there are some choices that make you think more highly of them.

Jordan/Katie Price is the one I see most. 

And some choices that do the opposite.

Offline AnthG

I always see them put Katie Price down. It annoys me so much when they do. It just makes them look like superficial airheads. I mean fine like Katie Price is an ok person maybe but no way can she be your favourite celebrity.

I do love the rare one when you see them put someone like Christopher Walken down though. So for all those Katie Price's that makes me want to avoid them, is worth the one Christopher Walken that makes me want to see them.
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Online cunnyhunt

I had one pointed out to me.

Farther Ted

is that because he is a long way away.....

( I love that programme)

Online Mij

I had one pointed out to me.

Farther Ted

is that because he is a long way away.....

( I love that programme)

Big cows, little cows......classic episode :-)

Offline rudolph hucker

'So Ted, I hear you're a rascist.......'

Priceless  :drinks: