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Author Topic: Tukta - Massage + BJ - Pattaya - 500 baht/£12  (Read 3667 times)

Offline Prince_s

Went to pattaya recently
Had an amazing punt(s) for a good price so wanted to share with all.

Laung Massage, on Soi Buakhao

Massage is advertised at 200 bahts, the rest is extras depending what you want. I paid a total of 500 baht for BJ CIM including the massage fee. All at the end. I reckon more is available but i didnt ask. I went several times and always had a consistently good and similar service.

This review describes what happened every time.
The massage starts like a normal massage, face down first. After a couple mins the arse swipes and magical touching of my dick would start and this was awesome. You cant ask for more when you're looking for a sensual buildup. Its gentle strokes and you just dont want it to end. I spread my legs a bit wide before the massage started and closed my eyes and enjoyed.
After about 15 or 20 mins its the turn around and after she wipes your dick clean, the BJ starts immediately. Its OWO. She takes it quite deep and touches your anus with her finger. No ffingers inside (its not my thing anyway). Eventually i cum and then she spits it onto a tissue and goes to wash etc. comes back and cleans me with wipes and talcom powder (or something like that)
Then its the rest of the massage mostly legs which is great after you just had your release. It was a very structured hour. Shower offered at the end.

Theres 2 or 3 ladies who work here, they're all 6-7 in looks, and they dress in slightly skimpy outfits which is what gave me a clue to extras being on offer.
The lady i had every time was a 7, good sized natural tits (looked natural) maybe a size 34. I had her every time because of the consistent service and VFM. I dont know what the other ladies offer and what they charge. Might be the same?

Any questions or if iv missed anything feel free to ask.
I saw her 3 or 4 times.

If you see her (or any of the other ladies in this shop) i'd love to know how your hour went..please share.

Offline adrianm758

500 baht - as in £12? sheesh, I really have to get myself over there.
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Offline fredhiggins

Really this price? God, I'd be there twice a day in a 2 week holiday. Minimum.

Lucky people who get to go over there.

Offline clevertrevor

300 baht for a BJ is dirt cheap, average price is 800.  I was there last month and loved it it!  Can highly recommend sweets massage on soi honey 1000 for FS

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Prince_s, that is tremendous value, good effort and thanks for the feedback 👍

Offline Dogfather

Near to the Black Snake Club.
There are a couple more places around the corner which are similar in service apparently.

Gives a a bit of perspective to a £300 per hour punt in Central London I guess?
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Offline Prince_s

Yes all it was really this price and it wasnt just the BJ but the sensuality of the massage that made it an amazing punt
I went again but she refused to see me because last time i saw her i took too long to cum
So something for you all to bear in mind if and when you see her

Couldnt access the site from there obviously so couldnt try any of the suggestions on this post since my original review so will have to try next time. But i did go to another place for a 500 baht massage+ OWO blow job too. Will write a new review for that asap.

Online jimb3

Hi. A couple of questions please if you don’t mind. What was the name off the lady you saw at the parlour, and what is the etiquette when you go for a massage in Thailand. Do you go full nude, wrap a towel around yourself only and let them take it off? As you can probably guess I have never done anything like this before.

Offline Prince_s

Her name was tukta
I took everything off and lay down face down

Offline Prince_s

Had a trip to thailand a recently, didnt get much time to punt but when i did, i went back to this place. The WG recognised me and said she doesnt wana see me because i "take too long to cum". I could have seen another WG but decided to pass. I did take longer to cum from a BJ than what it normally takes me from a HJ.
I guess unlucky for me then but the main reason for this post is just to say this WG was still working there and its probably the same or similar price.