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I’ve been interested in this profile for a while and thought I’d have a look

Photos are her but obviously very made up/ over to what you get, but not bad at all as they go

Was kept waiting outside and time was tight I did explain previously when booking, never good hanging around an entrance for 15-20 mins

Same flat as Yolander previously met

I shortened the booking to 15 mins from 30 as wasted that much time and I had to get back to the office.

Kissing was ok, owo was ok, this geezers cock was quite thick for a Thai and about 6 inch, I prefer the little party cocktail sausages  :D

Everything just seemed a bit rushed, I’d kissing and the was pushed away, my gob around her cock then pushed away, etc maybe because it was a 15 do? Dunno

In to mish once rubbered up, pounded away until I filled the bag, gave the full length which put a few funny faces on her  :lol:

Do to the time keeping and slightly rushed Pre-sex I’m going to leave this as a neutral, drying back didn’t feel it was one I’d remember later and no feeling I’d like to return, maybe just a busy day for her.

15 mins - 60 notes plus 20 extra for the owo, wasn’t charge anymore for kissing.

2 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

I was interested in this one, and booked a time. But after saying (with plenty of notice) I was going to be 15 mins late I was informed she had a booking to start the minute mine was due to finish. My fault on delay, but even if on time I would have been rushed out. I had booked a longer slot to avoid that. Also not keen on conveyor girls so probably avoided disappointment and the next guy gets her fresh. Next time I'll use the burner to book the next slot and cancel just before my session.

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I’ve been to this flat twice now, the first time (Yolander review)a guy coming out held the gate for me and this time a guy was coming out the apartment block with his eyes down so both of them must be texting the next guy as the last one is putting his y fronts on

My cock is certainly not the smallest by a country mile but it fell up her arse with little lube or any prep very easy in one go.

I don’t think I’d return if I’m honest


30mins / £80
(massage, kissing, ow, anal)
owo extra £20 which i declined

Neutral boarding Negative

I saw this one the other evening, i was about to review and saw already this so have decided to add to the thread.

I booked easily and explained i'm new to this experience and a little nervous (last time was with Apple Thai TS in Derby .. but sadly gone), was reassured of a relaxing time so off i went to Derby located just outside of city centre around student halls area.
We spoke a little over the phone and by text to confirm services, £80 for half hour, given instructions to get in which were average and when got to the door tried numerous times but was jammed it was only till i gave it a firm push that it opened and when i arrived at the flat i was then told off for making a noise!
So the person looked similar to the photos and was dressed in a pink outfit, services agreed, money exchanged and was expecting a relaxed and gentle experience which i didn't receive. I moved in closer to start kissing but was told to remove clothes and lie down for massage, ok i go along with this, massage started which wasn't technique and very fast not sensual at all. I was then told to roll over after a few times where she tried to apply a condom onto me half mast, said maybe should slow down and kiss, so a few pecks them condom applied at 3/4 mast and onto oral with was was ok but nothing special. I did try some reverse oral but they wouldn't stay in position for long. They lied down and demanded anal, so some lube applied and in i went tried to kiss but only got some pecks it all felt so rushed and fake (moans and fuck me baby vocal bs) that i really just wanted to go, i filled the bag quickly which they seemed to be annoyed about and asked to finish with massage just to pass some time which was again poor.

I was in and out in 20mins, very rushed appointment and not sensual experience promised, prickly demeanour.
I've tried the TS experience now and perhaps just isn't for me... would happily see Apple or similar again though.

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2 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

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I would agree with everything said matey though would recommend cut/paste as the more reviews paint a better picture, I read all I could (only one review here at the time) before making my mind up, another neutral or negative would be very helpful to another punter.

Sorry it was shit, I thought it was rushed too and I understand the condom thing as soon as I started to cum she moved away mid jizz, I won’t see her again.

Its shame because she looks FAF. Looks like I dodged a bullet there