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Author Topic: Nina & Nipa (Wirral Thai)  (Read 2066 times)

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£100 for Nina (1 hour)
£40 for Nipa to join

Hi guys this is my first review and it was also a punt from a few months ago so be patient if it isn't the best.

I had a day off and living in the area I thought id go & try out rockferry thai as my last few adultwork punts had left me a little underwhelmed.

After doing abit of research I noticed Nina & Nipa were on and their descriptions sounded good so off I popped.

Knocked on the door to some thai lady opening the door, very nice but couldn't understand a word she was saying but she led me up to the room & I gave her the money (thought it was strange that with 2 girls on I wasn't given a choice), I heard that if you book for an hour you get to use the whirlpool but the lady said the water would be cold (if I new that before hand I probably would of only gone for the half hour)

Anyway she tells me to wait their and after a few minutes a petite young Asian lady with a fantastic hips and breasts walk in, not to mention a lovely smile. It was nina, I had never been with a thai girl before but I tell you what she was stunning. Small but with curves must of been a size 6/8 with really well done enhanced breasts.

Anyway abit of chatting along and a massage (why the hell not im here for the hour) she is starting to get abit naughty and teasing me with a few touches around my balls and cock and a slight nibble until she turns me round and starts playing with my rock hard member really well.

At this time I am putty in her hands as she is telling me about her naughty friend Nippa and would I like her to come join the fun for an extra £40. When you have Nina infront of you telling you about a girl even naughtier you cannot say no so off she goes to get Nipa.

Now nippa is a mini whirlwhind. She comes running in and gets her lips around my cock while Nina climbs on my face as im tasting her soft wet pussy.

After that it gets into a bit of a blur with a few positions swapping positions and satisfying each other until I am fucking Nina from behind while Nipa is playing with my ass and I shoot my load inside Nina (condom on of course). Damn id cum!!!!!!! I wanted to be standing over the 2 of them as I cum but oh well maybe next time.

Into the shower all 3 of us go while drying off Nippa heads back down while Nina decides she fancies abit of my spunk on her face so starts sucking again (I tell her iv got no money left and times up) she says it doesent matter lets call this a reward! Well of course I oblige as she is on her knees I get rock hard again and eventualy spunk all over that beautiful face and body of hers.

Safe to say yes I enjoyed myself & hell yes I will go back! Question is do I go back for the absolutely amazing Nina (she hasent been on much recently or do I go and try more of the menu?


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The link given by Markwillo is an old one
Current AW link for the place, now called Thai Massage Wirral, is

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The jacuzzi now has hot water  :D :D  I can confirm - just takes time to fill so you have to amuse yourself for 15 mins while it does so, or ring and tell the housekeeper when you will be there (and if you are lucky and she understands the jacuzzi will be ready when you arrive)