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Where to start?

After yet another great session with the delectable LucieBee yesterday, I was getting randy just thinking about it and decided I needed to get my rocks off today so decided to drive up the M1 to the Directors Lodge in Pinxton.

I've been there a couple of times but have so far only seen Paige who generally only works on a Friday. She is absolutely beautiful facially, is very well spoken has a very nice pert little bod and gives a very good service. I rate her very highly and only due to my current preference for a certain other lady, I'd definitely see her again.

On a Saturday the only choice appears to be Lucy who from her piccies looks quite appealing and has several positive reviews elsewhere, so I booked in for half an hour and drove up with high expectations.

I arrived slightly early so had a short wait before Lucy was told I was was waiting, I heard quite an unenthusiastic "Okay" in a Derbyshire accent, which didn't bode well for a start (the lack of enthusiasm not the accent). Absolutely nothing wrong with Derbyshire girls, I married one!

When she appeared I was slightly disappointed. Facially she didn't do it for me, blonde hair but not a stunner. I'd give 5 or 6,  but she was pleasant enough and appeared to have a pretty nice body with large shapely breasts and a very nice rear, so I thought okay let's go for it!

She took me upstairs to the the darkened room, disappeared for a few minutes to the loo then she reappeared and offered a massage which although I had declined at first I ended up getting one anyway. It wasn't great, so I starting to manoeuvre into a better position so I could take control.

As I touched her leg it was then that she sort of apologised and tried to make a joke that she was getting a wax, but the fact of the matter was she had hairier legs than me. I'd say a good three weeks worth of growth. To say this was off putting is an understatement. Nevertheless I persevered and went downstairs only to find the same problem down there. My freshly shaved smooth face was now being torn apart by her 3 week old fanny stubble.

Now I know what it's like for a girl kissing an unshaven bloke. It's not pleasant!

Her OW was actually pretty good, but didn't last too long, before she was on top. Again not bad but it became clear she had a routine that she kept to. It was very mechanical. The kissing was a mere peck on the lips but by this stage I honestly wasn't really fussed, and so all I wanted to do was bang her and get out.

She changed position to doggy then to mish, got her legs up, but I wasn't coming and I could tell she wasn't happy, so I suggested she jerked me off, which she did. When I finally came, she cleaned up then got up and started getting dressed. I thought to myself we hadn't been at it very long, so checked my phone and we'd had precisely 22 minutes. I queried this and she mumbled something about me not having a very long massage, so I didn't bother pursuing it but thought WTF.

I'd paid £12 for the room and a further £70 for the so called GFE service, which you can see I clearly didn't get, so a total of £82 for 22 minutes of which only a couple were anywhere near enjoyable. This works out at a pretty horrendous hourly rate of over £223!

I could hardly describe my experience as value for money and would defy anyone to find a similar level of service at such an extortionate price.

Anyway needless to say I definitely won't be seeing Lucy ever again, waxed or not waxed. Paige is another matter however.

Live and learn as they say.

Happy Punting!



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2nd Picture is fake. Its a picture of ex-hollyoaks girl Gemma Atkinson

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Good spot sir  :hi:

That's unusual tho. I've seen Lisa and he pics appear genuine as do most of the others.

Her body isn't far off that, so I'll assume that's why they lifted it. But clearly not good that they have done so.