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Author Topic: Weston girls?  (Read 1049 times)


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Just wondering if anyone had had the pleasure, or otherwise, of either of these girls?

Heading to the area an not sure if it's worth a chance?

Crystalxxx1985.... External Link/Members Only

Hot babe Katie... External Link/Members Only

Thanks in advance :)

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Fuck me sideways.  They are definitely NOT 'weston super nightmare'.  WTF are they doing there of all places ??


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I saw Hot Babe Kate a few moths back. Lovely girl. Naughty and a very nice likeable pussy and arse.

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I've not seen Katie but her reviews look good. I really wouldn't bother with Crystal though. Maybe I caught her on an off day but she was cold with me and a number of her services weren't available for a variety of reasons. Even though she has generally good feedback I wouldn't waste my time and money on her again.

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I agree about Crystal - no lighting on and service a bit rushed. She was attractive but service was vanilla certainly not a filthy stripper as advertised.

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Saw Katie last year a couple of times, and would visit again if I had the opportunity - sadly I don't get to head that direction very often, and it's not been possible so far this year.


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This one in Clevedon looks good - External Link/Members Only

She does indeed, I've toyed with the idea but profile is a bit reserved. Anyone here got any feedback?


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Ok cheers guys, Katie looks the way to go. She was kind of the front runner, but it's nice to get some reviews to back up the hunches :)