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 Here is a very special young lady....

Normally this beautiful girl works from her house in Southampton, sometimes goes on tour to Swindon or Bournemouth over the weekend...What can I say she really is top notch tottie...

I have seen this girl several times and she never lets me down,if I want to chat she chats, if I just want to get on with it then she keeps quiet,happy days!

Definately not a clock watcher,really friendly and submissive,I like to look and leer over her,suck her toes and give her lots of oral that she always seems to love,she gives sensuous uncovered oral and is a fantastic lay,she is 100% woman, I really can't fault her
I also like to film our meetings and she seems happy with this,however she has known me a long time and knows they are for only my viewing.

If you like a girl with stunning model looks,that is kind and views nothing as to much trouble then this is the lady for you.

Strangely If you pay this lady a compliment she thinks you are just flattering her, how rare is that, a really beautiful girl that does not know just how very special she really is!

If I was younger, good looking,with a big cock and rich, this lady would indeed be my choice forever.
I honestly believe that had she been in the right place at the right time,she would have been the next Kelly Brook...well sort of.....she is better looking than Kelly!!

The legs and feet on this girl are unbelievable,as are her breasts and such a beautiful,sophisticated face,WOW WOW WOW..
I take a pair of high heeled Mules and seamed vintage stockings for her to wear and I film all in high definition that she really does not mind..I have filmed her 16 times now and still love every second of it.

Well worth the journey to Southampton

Right now the cons...
Tattoos, she would be better without them but so can put some off

Can suddenly cancel on you has done so to me 3 or 4 times over as many years..
Won't do Anal or CIM
Won't french kiss

Offline starman555

Well I guess Sophie has seen the review I did on her and taken exception to the  "Cons" because I had arranged to see her again today and got mucked around terribley...
I drove all the way to her house in Southampton from Poole only to be told by text on arrival a house inspecter was I waited and waited...
Then I presume she blocked me on Whatsapp and phone etc..haven't heard a word since...when I contacted her from a different phone she blocked that as well!
I have not been threatening or nasty only showed her concern.....thats my reward for lending her £200 a couple of months ago that she never repaid me



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looks like she is taking advantage of your good nature and treating you like a sucker, here the poor treatment based on your neg report on her.
maybe she thinks your too clingy now, so best to just forget and move on.
pppppplenty more like her ;)