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Author Topic: Janthip Newcastle under Lyme  (Read 992 times)

Hi guys, had my first massage since everything opened up last week at janthip.

Janthip, the mall, Newcastle under lyme

01782 627477

Paid £40 for 1hr massage + £30 he

I was going to have a go at tingles in fenton but tried twice last week but seems to be closed, i do tend to go more for the massage shops with extras so thought i’d give janthip a try.

Phoned in the morning think it was Thursday , answered straight away and booked for an hour in the afternoon.

The shop is the same as when i have reviewed previously, its nice and clean with shower facilities, only drawback is that its on a busy street with no backdoor but masks help with anonymity!

There were two girls working, one was apple who i have seen before and the other seemed to be operating the phone. I had the phone girl but when i asked her name she pretended she didn’t understand, had that before where the girls arnt easy about giving a name??!! Maybe it’s because of reviews like this lol, girl was probably 30s, nice face and shape, didn’t really say much but thats fine.

Went in, paid £40 for the hour, had a shower and lay down, no towel. Massage started fine, asked if i wanted hard or soft, said soft and was told i can have it anyway i like. Massage was fine, no issues but nothing to shout about, about halfway in the cc swipes started, finally got to the turn over, a couple of ‘accidental ’ brushed of the old chap and then it seemed like it was all over. I asked if there was any chance of extras, she said just he for £30, said it’s usually £20 but she seemed pretty set on £30, didn’t really want to leave with a full sack so agreed. H/e was fine, nice and oily and did the trick. Had another shower and left.

It was all good, don’t think the extra tenner was worth it but at least i got what i went in for.

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