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Author Topic: Rest & Relax Thai Massage - Rosie - Birmingham  (Read 3059 times)

First ever review!

Location - Central Birmingham
Parking - Outside the apartments (chargeable)

Service - Massage with HE - £65

Merting - Mid March 2020

Girl - Looks better in pictures, however, she's nice. Something classy about her. Late 30's early 40's, Slim, Dresses well.
She had a skirt on as per the image on link, it looked good.

Place - Very Clean and modern

Service - Massage was very good, it reminded me of thailand.

I walked in and was asked to get naked and lie on the bed facing down. She covered me partially with a towel and started the massage with warm oil on the legs, moving up the body, taking things slow.

After the back, about 30 mins in, i'm asked to turn around. I have a semi, which is still covered by towel. She completes the massage on front of the upper body and legs and gets a few cracks out.

Then she removes the towel and plays with me a little, gets some warm oil and starts to work her magic. She allows me to touch her ass and tits on her clothes. The technique is nice and consistent and I finish everywhere. It was goooooodd.

Will I visit again? Defienately, really looking forward to it.

Thank you
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Online Goldfinch

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Online lee1

Thank you for a great review, realplaya1990!  :hi:

The lady does indeed look classy. I will definitely visit her!

Did you find out if anything else was on offer e.g B2B?

I don't punt regularly, so getting this for me was enough but I think for the right money she would.

Nothing else on offer I’ve been seen her on and off for a couple of years, nice and friendly girl.

Offline shed

Also seen her a couple of times years ago. Enjoyed the massage but the HE was too rough and Jack hammerish for me. Thought she was going to pull it off   :scare:Told her to slow down and explained how I liked it, but she does it her way. Maybe she has changed.
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Offline dopamin

Great review. I got a funny feeling rosie is a TS.
Hope im wrong.

Offline bonham

I got her on a bad day text for a appointment about a year ago reply was something like what nationality or colour are you. cant remember exactly what else was seid but ended up telling me go go away with a few other words but she has good reviews but I think there is a other side to her which can emerge  :unknown:

Offline shed

Great review. I got a funny feeling rosie is a TS.
Hope im wrong.

What makes you say that?

Offline getalife

You are certainly wrong dopamine.
She has been in Brum for some years now, used to do escort work under another name based in Ryland st.
She then disappeared for a while, and when she came back 3 or 4 years ago was just offering massage, but with B2B and bj as well as hr.... she was a bit more raunchy then.
More recently it seems just massage and hr are on offer, as ronthebrummie says.
I’ve always had a very enjoyable hour with her and find her very pleasant as well as attractive and a really good masseuse. ‘Classy’ is a good description.