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Author Topic: King Hing Russian- Marina- Good punt  (Read 2785 times)

Date & Time of Session: 23rd Dec 2019, 4:00pm-ish
Location:  King King, 12th Floor, 5A I think
Web site: N/A
Name:  Marina
Nationality & Language: Russian, English
Age: 20's
Face:  4/5
Body:  3.5/5
Skill: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Price & Session Length:  $700+100HKD
Repeat: Oh Yes- Time spend ~45mins so good VFM (YMMV)

Finally back in HK after being back in the UK. Been waiting to find some fine Russian/EE tail for a while.
Pretty busy in KH what with it being around 16:00/16:30, and one lift working. Went up and down between the many floors searching for the elusive  "Russian/$700" signs. Previously took a gander at Pilkem St but the Rus girls were either occupied, or the one who did have her door open looked bored AF- so steered clear. Might've been a good shot...oh well who knows.
Found Marina with her door open with other bro's having a quick look-see, she was casually watching some Russian video on her phone. Knocked and entered.

Nice looking girl IMO, Jet Black hair, shapely and peachy bum, tiny bit of a tummy but in no way off putting- kinda like a girl next door vibe/body.
Put her age at around late 20's, pretty face even with no make up on. Wearing a nice black lace up, pretty smile.

In the door, usual pre fuck chit chat. Though I always find breaking the Ice goes a loooong way in setting the mood and making the girl feel comfortable etc etc.
Chit chat lasted about 5 mins or so whilst we both stripped off and I had a quick shower. Watched her slowely stip off, to show her really nice bum and pierced nipples. Lovely.
Sat on the edge of the bed post drying off and she stood infront of me- had a quick playful fondle of those nice B/C cup perky, pierced tits and her arse.

On my back and she started with nice and slow BBBJ on me- good technique and soft little moans/noises- not too over the top so was real hot.
After a while on with the Dom, and her in cowgirl. Slipped on nice and slow- she's nice and tight so felt great, and her cowgirl had me wriggling- good mix of technique, speed and grinding to boot. She got SOAKING WET real quick so must have been doing something right (Reference my comment on Ice Breaking and Setting the Mood)
Flipped her over and into Mish- her making all the right noises, moans etc, deffo made her cum.
Then to my surprise whilst in Mish she grabs my back and starts DFK. Lots of Tongue and heavy breathing.

Flipped back into Doggy and just lost myself in the fun to be honest- started with her ass up, knees and legs together- then legs apart, then her arched back. Fucking excellent view and feeling.
Kept going for a while longer and then decided to stand up to stretch my legs- she rolled over happily and started to give BJ again- dom off and into BBBJ again with me standing and her on all fours on the bed, her head bobbing up and down. I reached over to her ass and started to play, fingers on the outside of her Super wet Pussy and then progressing into 1, then 2 fingers in.

Finally decided to lie on the bed again, with her happily giving me head and me fingering her puss. Exploded in her skilled hands   
Cleaned up a little bit and she then rejoined me on the bed, and snuggled up beside me GFE style, gently caressing my leg and torso- me doing the same. 
Happy Days.

Usual chit chat- she's smart. Good command of english so conversation was easy. Had a chat over a cig and exchanged whatsapp. Said she's leaving back for the MotherLand on the 27th so will aim to return before then.
Looks even better with make up on on her Whatsapp pic
Go see her. Or don't. I'm not your mother.

Offline Amluthar

So do you just walk around with other punters? It isn't worth the risk for me.

I just tried this for first time ever. Mid afternoon, not many guys around and all of the there for the same reason as you. If you're not working in the area very unlikely anyone would recognise you.

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Hi where is king king is it an area district or club, can you please shed some more light on how to get to area or establishment....any info please...thanks

Hi where is king king is it an area district or club, can you please shed some more light on how to get to area or

establishment....any info please...thanks

Find and go from there. It's the guide to working gals in HK

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King Hing building is on Fa Yuen st, near Mong Kok station. Looks like you’re going up stairs into a sports equipment shop, but carry on up the staircase.. No lift if I remember right . No problems remembering an excellent mainland Chinese girl. Very beautiful, zero English
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What made Russian women choose hong kong to work there? Are chinese men more fun than white men? I'm curious.

I would take a guess the vast financial industry and the money swashing around it and its employees attracted the Russian WG's to HK.
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