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Offline CallumTT

All bars are closed.  Restaurants are open (those that have survived) but can't serve alcohol and close 8pm.  Heard anecdotal evidence that some clubs in Samui are open and serving alcohol but can't confirm.  It will be very quiet.

Thanks for the information Clive.  Heck, that sounds dull.  BKK is off the cards then, at least for now.  Is this the case in Phuket as well, does anyone know?  I was hoping more would be open there with the sandbox etc.   But if the bars are closed there too, and restaurants closing early then I may just not go there either.

Bars closed in Phuket and Bangkok.

Only place they appear to be open is Chaweng in Samui, which are fairly busy on the weekend.  I'm not sure how legal this is, and Samui has always seemed to operate with it's own set of rules but you can't rely on these staying open

I'm hoping things have improved by October to coincide with the great reopening they've announced to the double jabbed.  I saw something about a Pattaya sandbox, where they were drawing up a map with areas of places you can go and can't go.  Sounds fun!

Offline wtfb

Phuket made the decision to close the bars and shut the restaurants early.... This seems to be a decision made by Phuket itself not by national government so it seems likely that Samui as another sandbox can make it's own decisions.

With another 13k cases and more Government criticism today it is getting worse in Thailand.

Offline tony22

It's getting worse in the villages as well, where people are yet to be vaccinated, and cases are going up so people are scared to leave their home. The fabric of the country is falling apart. The government need to be bold and go all out to vaccinate, but that's a tough ask from where they are now. Personally, I'm not expecting to be there this year....

Offline CallumTT

Thanks for the info everyone. 

That BKKpost article was a joke.  They want to encourage tourists to go there but note that "partying and drinking alcohol on the beaches" is a 1-2 year prison sentence!