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Price: £140
Location: Leeds (incall in LS9)


I came across the profile on Awank, i read it and knew i had to remember the keyword when calling up. A bit of a farce but i can understand why she does it. Anyway i call up and after the first exchange, came the question have you read my profile and i replied yes and gave the magic word which unlocked the next phase of the conversation. I told Stephanie what i wanted and we agreed a time about 2 hours later.


An apartment in the LS9 area, no real opinion on, apart from i felt safe enough. I called Stephanie when i arrived and managed to source some parking. I will say parking is not the most easiest, not because there is a shortage of spaces but more to do with the fact there are a lot of bloody cars there. Once i called Stephanie she said she was popping down and she would meet me downstairs. I waited near the entrance that she advised and within a couple of minutes she was down. Let me in and we went up the stairs as there was only 2-3 floors that we needed to go up and the lift was busy.

Once in i removed my shoes and was led into the bed room. She was clearly prepared as the bed had a full plastic sheet over it to protect it from the nuru massage which i had booked in. Money exchanged and we began kissing. Plenty of tongue action, once things progressed we were both out of our clothes and fully naked. She has got a bloody awesome rack on her, one of her most underrated features i would say. I was then told i need to shower for the nuru massage to work i needed to be 'wet', i was led to the shower which we both shared and quickly back into the bedroom.

This was my first experience of real nuru and Steph was great plenty of sliding around with mirrors strategically placed giving me a bloody good view. When i flipped over she had her fine assets placed around my cock. Once all the sliding was done and there was plenty of it, Steph asked if she should put the condom on and who was i to refuse?
On with the rubber and she began riding me for a bit after a few minutes we switched over to missionary and i popped in the bag and that was me done. I went straight in for a shower and got dressed. Came back in had a brief chat and told her it was a bloody good experience and it was time for me to shoot.

Overall good punt, she's a nice friendly lady, no bullshit advertising and i enjoyed the nuru plenty of funny noises were made.

Would i recommend?

Yes and i'll be going back too. You don't have to go for the nuru, you can have the standard service too and i may take that up and have a proper go on those tities.

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Offline stevedave

Your experience sounds pretty similar to mine, and I will certainly second what you say about her tits - they are magnificent!!

Offline anonyorks

Your experience sounds pretty similar to mine, and I will certainly second what you say about her tits - they are magnificent!!

And me. Wrong side of Leeds for me as I would have loved to go back

Offline Ali Katt

Tempting. Prices are prohibitive, I like her body shape and I've never done Nuru.

Offline yorkie99

Had her on my list for a while not tried a nuru massage before so may give it a try