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Author Topic: Happy everyday oriental massage - Belfast  (Read 2425 times)

Offline Greg05

Been a few times now both with what seemed to be relatively new girls.

£45 per hour massage

First visit was a girl who didn’t look all that Asian. May have been from Middle East but was absolutely stunning. Bit scientific with her approach. Massage was average and HE only was offered but informed me others offered touching and B2B.

Second was also new but massage was a bit better. Asked for B2B. She was quite average looking but only one available. B2B was closer to a tit wank than what I’d call B2B.

Had initially marked this as positive but the below average massages brought it down to neutral for me. Seems a sure thing for HE but I don’t see enough for me to go here over PH/AT.

Thanks for review, is this a massage shop or residential address?

Offline Greg05

Thanks for review, is this a massage shop or residential address?

Proper massage shop

Thanks for review, is this a massage shop or residential address?

Called lotus

Offline Mac 1966

I was there last week and it must have been the girl mentioned first. £45 for the hour and £20 for a nice slow HE. ( Very good ) Lady stayed fully clothed and said I could touch the outside of her jumper lol Said her name was Ciara. ( Very sexy looking)  I travelled a bit to check this place out but think I will go elsewhere next time. Jury is out ! To its credit the room I was in had a shower and toilet off the room.

Offline John570

hi was ciara a local girl who worked for a while at AT

Offline Mac 1966

She spoke with half American English. Didn’t see her at AT so can’t say.

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This outlet must be owned or operated by same people as Sakuru. Identical website with identical pages and the same strange English sentences.

interested to see that 1 hr massage has creeped up to £45

I thought about a massage today and was in the area of this place. Knowing how cr@p they are with appts I phoned from the car. Anyone available now? Yes come on in.

So 30 seconds later I danders in. There's a Chinese lady in one of the waiting room chairs, a gent is sitting with his foot up on her knee with trousers pulled up over his knee and she is massaging his leg. She says to sit down and pointed at the chair in between the two of them!

Not sure what to say, and she says the girl will be free in a few minutes. Needless to say I walked out.

Surreal to say the least