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Author Topic: Domina Bianca Lawless (BDSM Webcam) - Los Angeles  (Read 202 times)

Still being trapped in Asia right now means the quality of punting/domination is still terrible which also means it's not happening. So the next best thing? Webcam sessions. I don't like webcamming with pure camgirls because for me there has to be an intention behind it. As in, if I am doing a webcam session with someone, it has to be because I am looking to eventually meet them for a real, live session. Luckily for me, I'll be finally going to Los Angeles next month so I got ahead of the game and did some research as to what I could expect. seems to be the equivalent of backpage/adultwork in the US so I checked out the BDSM page and came across this pocket rocket Domina Bianca Lawless.

Services: Webcam (rope bondage, foot worship, tits worship, arse worship, showed me her gag, sensory deprivation mask, spanking using a paddle and A LOT of teasing)

Price: USD75 for 20 minutes (she went over by 10 minutes)

Comm’s: After applying on her website ( she got back to me in 2 days time and we started to nail down a time and a date.

Location: Los Angeles for her / Hong Kong for me

Pictures: Latina, under 5 foot bombshell with luscious black locks who looked like she was ready to turn any man's world upside down (literally). She has beautifully shot, professional photos of her wearing lingerie and latex, with her tits ready to burst out and an arse big enough to smother my face with. This immediately caught my eye.

The girl: She is incredibly chatty and bubbly and knows how to hold a man's attention. She has a smile that will could light any room but those eyes make me think that when she means business, she could make things very serious for the worst behaving slaves. I've already spoken about her gorgeous figure which was definitely on show and looked as accurate on webcam as they do in her photos. She wore a sexy black leotard lingerie with lipstick - I believe she has a couple of photos on her Instagram page showing this. As much as I love latex, I figured I'd not request this as I'm sure it would've taken a lot of work to put on and for 20 minutes of her time, where I cannot even enjoy it in real life, it would have been wasted effort.

The session:

Domina Bianca was very welcoming and she knew how to break the ice immediately. It was refreshing for me, because the connection she built with me straightaway was far better than any connection I've had with any "in real life" domme I've seen in Hong Kong. What was also impressive was that she was also able to maintain this connection while I was typing because I couldn't talk to her/participate as I was at work - usually reacting to typing or silence can lead to some awkwardness but she was brilliant at dispelling any signs of that.

Another great point to make was that she received a call in the middle of the session (delivery) and due to the disruption, she made the special effort of going over time to make up for it.

The activities of what happened during the session have been covered above which she delivered to perfection. I can't wait to visit her in real life to experience it in the flesh. Her beauty really cannot be emphasised enough and I am really looking forward to being intoxicated by her mere presence when I arrive.

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As far as I can gather, this is not a review of a punt. Nor are you in Los Angeles. Maybe the off-topic section?