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Finishing up trip report from last weekend.

Sharks report

Palace 8/14

Got to palace around 6:30 on Saturday since it was closer. 50 eur entry. Easy to get there on U bahn. Showed vaccination card to get in.


Smaller than Mainhattan or Sharks with no outdoor area. Large dim bar area where most of the girls are. There is a raised section around one side of the bar with couches that wasn’t used that much. I think this set up hurts the experience because I like to sit down with a girl first and they’ll usually rub my back or chest. Girls at palace did not seem to want to go to the couches and none of them went for a fondle.


Lineup was pretty good, around 20 girls. Maybe 25 later in the night. Most sat around the bar looking bored though. At one point 3 of the hotter blondes had their own dance party to the Romanian(?) music.

Michelle – brunette with big tits
Ingrid – blonde with glasses and nice tits. 29 yo
Lara – 24 yo, slim figure with nice shaped small boobs. I wish I’d gone with her when I first saw her. She was busy the other times I tried to find her.
Thin Ukrainian blonde with small tits
19 yo Lebanese girl on the thicker side with sagging boobs. 

First went with Vanessa. 30 yo brunette with tits that looked bigger than they were. Agreed to 50 eur for bbbj and sex. Bj was ok then doggy. She kept her hips back in doggy which prevented me from fucking her well. Switched to mish briefly then standing doggy. She tried to finish me off with more bj but I stopped her and chalked it up to being tired. Her skin was kind of rough which was a turn off as well as the blocking in doggy. After going with her I made a point to ask girls how old they were. Most seemed to be late 20s, a few 30 but not like Sharks where most seem to be 22-23.

After eating I was approached by Tina, who I’d read good things about and was hoping to find. 24 Bulgarian with partially dyed blonde hair. Agreed to 100 for bbbj and sex. Bj was good but she also kept her hips back in doggy. Briefly switched to cowgirl but I couldn’t feel anything in the condom. She offered more bj to revive me but to no avail. She was very friendly in the room and I’d probably repeat if I go back. I asked if I could use my own condom next time and she said no problem.

Two days later, decided to go to RLD last night after spending enough at FKKs. I'd spent an afternoon climbing the stairs on my last trip before going to an FKK and wrote off the RLD. This time I was curious how it'd be vs an FKK. Found Alessya (sp) first floor T36 that I read about on lustscout. Tall slender dyed blonde hair, boobs on the smaller side. Said she was from Poland. 50 eur for ow and sex, didn't try to negotiate. She seemed popular and her door was usually closed. Good covered bj after she put it on with her mouth then doggy. Pussy felt good but she kept one hand covering her ass which was weird, seemingly to prevent me from fully entering. Wasn't an issue though and I finished.

For 50 eur, which is less than price of entry for FKK I couldn't really complain. Obviously ambiance in the room and in RLD is not the same and very seedy but it got the job done. She was not as friendly as some of the FKK girls and I'm not a big tattoo fan but for what I wanted (bj and sex, usually just doggy) I wonder if I should've tried RLD more. Given Covid I didn't push for kissing at fkks, though sounds like it's usually included.