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Due to Covid, it's been near impossible to get a chance to indulge in my fantasies with Mistress Amanda (posted previously about). Add the fact that now her availability is limited, I've had to look at an alternative - Enter Madame Tara ( (she does not have an official website).

Comms: Very quick comms, told her my interests (including pussy/arse/nipple worship) which she was ok with and was told to pay a HKD200 deposit out of the HKD1500 for the hour. She arrived 5 minutes late which was no big deal.

Location: Again, only outcalls so chose an hourly hotel near Central.

The girl: dark skinned mature-ish lady with big frizzy hair and stands at 5 foot without heels. Wore perfume so smelt great. She speaks with a foreign accent. Allegedly she is Malaysian, but I could not make out the accent. She could have been Filipino for all I know. But when she spoke to me sometimes, I could not make out what she was asking me and I was duly punished for my lack of attention.

The meeting: Before Mistress came to the room, I was told to fold the money into a tissue and to hold it in my mouth, kneel on the floor looking down and leave the door unlocked. Mistress came in and spent about 10-15 minutes getting herself ready into the outfit I had asked for (leather look catsuit and heels). She ordered me to get naked, she put a collar on me, cuffs on my wrists and a hood over my face. She then tied up my cock and balls. I was not ready for this as I had not included CBT as one of my interests but I went with it just to see where it would go. My head was then shoved in between her legs and Mistress then started caning my behind 20 times, teasing me with the stick in between each lash. Mistress then wore her strapon and ordered me to suck. She continued to gag me and choke me with her strapon when I lay on the bed. As she did this she kept teasing my cock until I came, which she was not pleased with.

After I cleaned myself up, I was ordered to make Mistress a coffee and to worship her feet. I kissed, sucked and massaged her feet for a good 10-15 minutes while she teased my cock with her feet over some small talk. I was ordered to get on all fours and she sat on my back while spanking me 20 times, scratching my body in between each lash. Mistress then ordered me to lie on the bed and she flogged me again 20 times. She ordered me to flip around, she unzipped her catsuit at the crotch area slightly, allowing me to sniff her aroma and sat on my face for a couple of minutes. She then released her buttocks from my face, gave me a ruined orgasm and released me from my shackles.

Would I go back?

Probably not... I'm not sure why I came out of that meeting unsatisfied. But I've nailed it down to one of or all of the following:
- It could have been the amount of preparation time? (Although she took this time into account - She arrived at 2:05pm and I left at 2.25pm).
- It could have been that I could not really understand her accent sometimes?
- Maybe it was that she did things that I did not expect (e.g. CBT).
- Maybe it was that she did not do things that I had asked for (pussy/arse/nipple worship)
- Maybe I just was not that attracted to a woman in her young 40s?

Ultimately, I hope I can find a time to see Mistress Amanda again as I preferred my last 2 sessions with her a lot more. Or fingers crossed, this shit show of a pandemic subsides ASAP so the options open up a bit more... Sigh...

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