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I have an Indo friend who lives in Bali tells me, Bali never went into full isolation like the UK & rest of the world. Bars reaturants & cafe's are open & have been most of the time.

Bali cases
Updated 7 Dec at 22:32
local Confirmed 14,845 +102

Deaths 446 +2

Recovered 13,455 +313

Venture at your own risk.


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I know 2 people in Bali, 1 is a local other is an American tourist who’s been there since this all started. The local was isolating / quiet but has started going out in the last few months... the American on the other hand has been partying like normal throughout although the places he’s went has looked pretty quiet and all the bar staff always had masks on.

Online Asianfcuker

I took the following from a Country by Country guide.

Editor’s note: This post was last updated on Dec. 24, 2020, with new information. Indonesia had been reopening, but it cancelled plans to reopen Bali to tourists until at least 2021.

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