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Well, in a couple of weeks I'm off to Tunisia. I'm staying in Mahdia, about an hour and a half from Sousse by train.

Information on punting in the area is pretty sparse. I know the Jasmine Revolution in 2011 resulted in most of the legal red light districts being burned down, leaving only one in Tunis and one in Sfax. Tons of other mentions of getting it on outside those areas, so presumably possible, if risky. I haven't come across anything laying out exactly how risky it's likely to be, but there's a recent case with a Frenchman being given jailtime for "public indecency".

Massages sound generally promising, chinafan's experience of being blue-balled twice in a row aside. General indication seems to be to leave an appropriate tip on the side at the start, but I haven't found anything indicating what, exactly, constitutes "appropriate." I don't want to splash cash about unnecessarily, but I also don't want to be a tightwad. Civilian sources seem to agree that tipping for ordinary good service is 5-15%. Prices mentioned for out-and-out punting vary wildly from €10 to €70/hr. Aside from agreeing on the back of La Presse being the place to find WGs advertising, there's not a lot of solid info out there. Certainly nothing I'd consider trustworthy.

Anyone with some experience of the place able to clear things up for me?

Regardless, I'll report back on what I find — successful or not.

Alas, all for nought.  :(

I suspect most of the failure is down to me being a scrub, rather than an actual lack of local opportunities. Language barrier didn't help -- I should definitely have put more effort into brushing up on my French. That said, it's damn hard to talk to the locals when every single one I came across seemed to immediately angle to part me from my cash. Perhaps that part might be easier outside of a tourist zone, I don't know.

Still, lots of lessons learned -- just not the ones I was hoping for.

Keeping it very short and sweet.
I've just come back from two weeks in Hammamet.

Wife and I stayed at a fairly posh 4* hotel complete with it's own wellness/spa/beauty/sauna/steambath/waterpod/massage centre.

Wife booked several treatments spread over 3 days. All usually lasting about 2 hours.

After I took my wife down, for her third day, I asked if the girl on the desk if they  also did men, but only for a massage, as I didn't want any other treatments
Yes, and I could choose to have a man or woman massage me.
I said "sorry, but I couldn't have a man massage me.
The receptionist laughed and said she understand.
She asked if I wanted to book for another day.
I pointed to where my wife had gone' and said   "ssshhh", shook my head and sort of suggested no booking, and "don't tell my wife". I did all the keep it secret mimes I could think of.  :D

She laughed and said OK, so did I want to go now.
I said OK, and pointed to her asking if it was her to massage me. 
She was OK to look at, quite tidy in fact, plain and simple, hair in a bun, little bit too much make up.
I reminded her that we need to be quick before wife comes out. Again, making ssshh sounds and signs, pointing at my watch and making don't tell my wife actions.
She laughed again, and said ok and took me down to a massage room.

Once in the room she said it would be 140 Dinah (about £45) I'm sure the price in reception was 90 Dinah for a massage.

Anyway, to be quick and simple, Rhiandria (or similar) told me to shower in the room, and she would come back.
She came back before I was dry, and helped me dry my back.
She pointed to me to lie down.
She didn't place any towel over me.  :)
Hardly any conversation, language barrier etc
She gave me a really excellent full body massage that lasted about 25 minutes, including lots of high leg massage, before she wiped off the excess oil.

She told me to turn over, and almost immediately started to massage oil into my lower stomach and my inner thighs.  :)

I never said anything, she never spoke. But she simply continued for about 5 minutes on my stomach and thighs, getting closer and closer to my groin from both directions.

Hell, it didn't take me long to start to get stiff, and as soon as I was in an obviously semi erect state, she started massage my cock.  :) :)

Not the best action, not the worst. She did keep motioning for me to be quiet.  :(

Took me about 5 minutes before I shot my load.  :yahoo:

Never attempted to touch her, she was dressed in a purple two piece trouser and full sleeved top overall set. A bit like a medics outfit.  :unknown:

Got in the shower to clean off, and she gave me a little help to wash the oil off my back and then helped me dry.

I gave her 140 Dinah. I have no idea if she pocketed it all, or just the 50 difference.

All in all I was about 40 minutes from desk to exit, and I was back in reception to withdraw some more Dinah, before heading off to the beach for some swimming.

Stayed in the water ages, so when wife returned she could reapply the sunblock.  :)

I did see the woman four or five days later, trying to drum up business around the pool and beach area.
She did look at me, but never came near enough to speak. I'd like to think she knew not to put me in an awkward sutuation

My guess it's possibly a bit more common than we may care to think.

One more thing, while walking from the hotel into Old Hammamet, we did pass a "massage" parlour type shop.

It had all the same sort of posters we see in the UK.

Not sure though if I could venture into such a shop as a foreigner, with a pocket full of Dinah.  :scare:

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Good effort - takes some balls to do that  :hi:


If possible do you have hotel name?

£600-£900 per week per person all inclusive.

Flights from all major UK airports.
Transfer time approx 1hour.

Hell of a way to got for a wank!!  :D

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 :lol: I'll stick to the travelodge. :-D

What was the name of the hotel? I'm on holiday there in October.

What was the name of the hotel? I'm on holiday there in October.

see reply no 5 ...

dude that was one hell of a story tho, naughty stuff always gets the hormones raging. sometimes cheek get you along way, i enjoyed the read.  :thumbsup:

Never been to Tunisia, wonder if it still cheap since that beach shooting
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dude that was one hell of a story tho, naughty stuff always gets the hormones raging. sometimes cheek get you along way, i enjoyed the read.  :thumbsup:

Never been to Tunisia, wonder if it still cheap since that beach shooting

Tunisia was generally cheaper than any of the other holiday destinations. Though comparisons are somewhat hard to be specific.
Wife and I spent £1492 for two weeks all inclusive Jun5-19. Hotel was advertised as a 4*.
Comparable places like Cyprus, Balearics, Egypt, and some Greek Islands were around £2000 for same dates and times.

I don't think the shooting made it any cheaper as such. I seem to remember those sort of price differences several years ago when we first started going to Tunisia.

Just booked again for next year.  :)

Actually cheaper this year than last by £30.

I wonder if I'll be able to make use of the £30 elsewhere on the holiday  :D

Just got back from this years holiday.

Nothing happened this time, although I did visit the health spa for a massage.
Woman who did the massage was very specific that I keep my swim shorts on.  :(

Just as a further comment though.

I did venture out further into a different area, more Nabeul than Hammamet.
There are several places offering massage. All look a bit like our Chinese/Thai establishments, and all have similar style street posters and hoardings.

Just not sure if I could venture into such a place, with a pocket full of Dinar and no local knowledge.  :unknown: